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D · WNT 2020 – Hike in the buff in and at Venner Moor: Impressions by Thomas [13 July 2020]

We got a report by Thomas concerning his impressions of this day's nudevent:

Country house"From 10 o'clock on, first hikers arrived at the car park to start the hike from. Mic and Rainer had again prepared the tour very well. As more than 20 participants had registered, several groups were formed in accordance with Corona protection measures, which started seperately one after another.

In the beginning, it was still a bit fresh and our brave "girls" were still a bit "hidden". This was subject to change during the day, which is why the sun was smiling more and more.

Past large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits and juicy meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed, that farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours …"

Farmer's alibi
Farmer's alibi

BreakPast large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits, and lush meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed that, farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours. The bathing opportunity was used by some very brave people during the break. During the whole hike, this time we could only observe a heron at the opposite shore of a lake apart from many birds, some butterflies and lots of insects buzzing around, what a pity. Because of Corona, Mic and Rainer had not provided a break car, instead everyone could carry his snack in the rucksack. However, this was not a problem either, as the temperature prevented us from sweating on our backs under the rucksack.Construction work in progress: New bridge still to be moved into its final position

CountrysideOn the detour because of a bridge construction site, we had an interesting conversation with a carpenter at the gate to his beautifully renovated farm. So far, we had met few people, but at the canal there was already a lot going on. From the boats they were waving diligently, which we gladly answered. A father, who was travelling with his wife, two children and a handcart, asked us on behalf of his little son, why we were all undressed. We gladly explained this to the two children. Whereupon the mother said, that the children could also walk in the nude, they were already barefoot. Later, in the Venner Moor, three women and their children were also interested in our “unusual” way of hiking. Throughout, we had benevolent, tolerant, and interested encounters, except for one senior farmer, who stormed off his farm and wildly called us names. He almost burst with excitement, while his son calmly sat on the riding lawnmower and went about his work.

After the hike, a convivial meal was served in the elegant restaurant of the Hotel Clemens August in Ascheberg-Davensberg. The food was very tasty, we did not have to wait long, the service and the ambience were very good. With entertaining conversations and the one or other fun we let this really successful WNT day come to an end. Hereby, I would like to thank Mic and Rainer once again for the diligent, certainly exhausting preparation. Keep up the good work, we count on you …

HeronArriving at the Dortmund-Ems Canal

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D · Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT) 2020 [6-13 July 2020]

 ► Sat 4 Jul: Short hike in the buff after breakfast brunch and skittles in the nude [6 Jul 2020]

The Westphalian Naturist Days traditionally began on Saturday with a breakfast brunch and skittles in the nude. Afterwards, the assembled naturists started their short hike. It led over the Way of St. James through the Boltenmoor to the canal crossing of the Dortmund-Ems Canal over the Ems River. Although the construction site there has made noticeable progress, it is still a large construction site.

On the way, the naturists met a large group of children, which the accompanying father of the birthday child declared a birthday hiking group. "Ha, ha, ha, they're completely nude!" and similar shouts rang out from children's mouths across the canal. Some time later, after crossing the horse farm Nahrup, the children's group and the hikers in the buff met again and exchanged some funny sayings. Well, they have something to tell, when they come home!

 ► Sun 5 Jul: 10-person groups compliant to current regulation concerning Corona for hiking or biking [6 Jul 2020]

On Sunday, two groups of 10 naturists each – due to corona regulations – met on a parking lot northeast of Münster (Westf.) near Gimbte. One group had planned a hike at the Dortmund-Ems Canal, the second group took a 41 km long circular route by bicycle.

Two policewomen came to us in the parking lot. "You don't look like it was you who called us. But we had to come here because of a phone call and check up on you. Of course, you're allowed to hike or cycle nude, and you all seem to know how to conduct yourself nude in public." We explained that we had split into two groups of 10 people each and that we would comply with the corona regulation. At the end of the short conversation, the policewomen wished us a nice day – we gladly returned this wish.

For the cyclists, the strong wind, which at times was accompanied by drizzle and some rain, and the air temperature of around 20°C was so inviting, that only some participants completed the tour without any clothing at all. The highlights were the visit of wooden sculptures at Coerde and the observation of storks, which didn't let themselves be disturbed by the numerous Canadian geese scurrying around, looking for food in a meadow.

The hikers were amazed at the food offerings of the Oeding Restaurant, which were provided with current keywords (species-appropriate, sustainable, …). They then shortened the hiking break "Track swimming in the Ems" to 150 m, because they too had to wait until late afternoon for warm sunshine.

 ► Tue 6 Jul: Hike in the buff in the 'Metelener Heide' [8 Jul 2020]

Metelener Heide [en: Metelen Heath]'Metelener Heide' [en: Metelen Heath], a landscape characterised by light heather sand west of Steinfurt, is a destination most visitors head for a visit to the so-called dinosaur zoo, which was built on the site of a former bird park. However, directly around the zoo entrance, there is a largely primeval natural landscape, in which you may hike on marked hiking trails or along unmarked paths.

The naturist hiking group started their Tuesday tour with a closed cloud cover, strong wind, and drizzle, so that only some of the participants did not want to wear clothes at all, others needed some protective clothing.

Just in time before reaching a bathing lake, summer sunshine provided by sufficiently large cloud holes turned the stay at the lake into a pleasant hiking break. But in the afternoon, some heavy rain started again, so that some of us chose a direct shortcut back to the car park.

The remaining naked hikers could then enjoy sunshine once again. On the way on the sandy heathland paths, they honoured among other things the monument of a place of execution from the Middle Ages. They let end the varied day in nature together in the Leuters Inn in Metelen.

 ► Fri 10 Jul: Hike in the buff or bike in the nude, then a nude visit to the Dülmen Ponies [13 July 2020]

After a weather-related break on Wednesday and Thursday, the naturist days were resumed on Friday. The day began optionally with a hike or a bicycle tour in the Merfeld area, whereby the hiking route ran partly in a stream bed of a creek. During the creek section wading in the Kannebrocksbach Creek, it started to dribble slightly again. So, we got special memories like “Naturist barefoot in the brook with umbrella”. The last part of the hike through the forest was pleasantly warm.

The end of the day was – as in 2019 – a nude visit to the enclosure of the Dülmen Ponies, for which there was again a great demand. Instead of sun and warmth, a strong, cool wind were the constraints.

Even some tough naturists have put on a windbreaker at times. What a contrast to the ponies, that are outside all year round without a stable and of course without clothes. They might only change from open pasture to the next piece of woodland, because they don't like rain. There it is of course neither dry nor windless, but less wet and windy than on open pasture.

One mare had apparently completely forgotten the shyness inherent in these wild animals and curiously approached one of the visitors almost to the point of physical contact. Between the tips of the tactile hair on her nostrils and the human hand, there was only a few centimetres distance. The movement of a finger was then sufficient to trigger a shying, jumping and running away.

In addition to the informative lecture by the forester Friederike Rövekamp, which turned into a lively question and answer session, the direct encounters with the untamed ponies were an impressive experience.

 ► Fri 10 Jul: Cycle in the nude, then a nude visit to the Dülmen Ponies: Impressions by Georg [13 July 2020]

Georg has summarised his impressions concerning the options to cycle instead of hiking and to visit the Dülmen Ponies in a report with photos:

"On Friday, Mic and Rainer led us to the Dülmen Ponies in Merfeld near Dülmen. Our start was shortly after 11 o'clock, 7 cyclists and about 12 women and men made their way through the park landscape around Coesfeld, Lette, and Dülmen.

Only 1 participant of the cyclists was in the nude from the start. In the beginning, it was cold and humid. During the second break at a creek, we all could let the sun shine on our bodies! Then, the cyclists exchanged their clothes for almost a windbreaker. We were filled with a wonderful feeling of freedom! It was the pure pleasure! The paths were very close to nature and perfectly selected!

After 48 km, we cyclists came back to our starting point at about 3:30 pm. We all, cyclists and hikers, were at the parking lot of the Dülmen Ponies at 5 pm, where Ms Röwekamp, a forester in the service of the Duke of Croÿ, warmly welcomed and then guided us to the Dülmen Ponies in an amiable manner with great sensitivity. Filled with lots of information, a great day with the group of naturists full of good conversations and silence concluded. I happily rode my bike back to Dülmen and from there by train to Münster. Arrived at home, I was on the road for a total of 88.5 km. I slept very well! Thanks to Mic and Rainer for the great preparation and all the effort!"

 ► Sat 11 Jul: Hike in the buff in and at “Venner Moor” [13 July 2020]

On the eighth day of WNT 2020, after a few hikes with rain showers and two cancelled nude activities, because it rained heavily, the wind blew cold, and a closed cloud cover did not let warming sunrays through to us, we had hiking weather again: cheerful, a few clouds, low wind, at the beginning still a bit cool, later warm, so that most of us gradually took off our clothes and hiked relaxed in the buff.

We accepted the rain of the last days as a gift of nature. Water is life! Klaus from Rhineland-Palatinate said: “Send the rain to us. Where we live, it's totally dried out.” We saw intact trees full of green leaves, green fields and meadows. A pond, which we had found completely dried out in 2018/19, was full of water again. A heron had found its pantry there. Also the boggy-wet areas in Venner Moor: Brown and dried-out in 2018, now green, damp, and full of life again, so that the log paved path in the Venner Moor fulfilled its purpose again.

In between, we had to change our hiking route along the Dortmund-Ems Canal, because construction work is taking place there for a long time: A bridge over the canal, over which the country road L884 'Kappenberger Damm' is led, was newly built and will still be moved to its intended position. In preparation, the footpaths and cycle paths on both sides are closed for about 1 km. Some people don't mind: They bypass the barriers and continue walking and cycling there, which is possible at the weekend because construction work is then suspended.

We preferred to stick to the rules, walked a bit along the country road on a foot- and bicycle path, then turned north at the next opportunity for a detour of about 500 m, enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature, friendly encounters and a long conversation with a local carpenter, who was very interested in our lifestyle. Then again streets and bridge to return to the south side of the canal. Also on the bridge, we had friendly encounters with families who obviously enjoyed it, when they saw us. Afterwards at the canal and in the moor again calm and nice conversations, with families who were interested in our lifestyle. One family told us, that they were going on a nude holiday to 'Euronat Centre naturist' in France the next day.

 ► Sat 11 Jul: Hike in the buff in and at “Venner Moor”: Impressions by Thomas [13 July 2020]

We got a report by Thomas concerning his impressions of this day's nudevent:

Country house"From 10 o'clock on, first hikers arrived at the car park to start the hike from. Mic and Rainer had again prepared the tour very well. As more than 20 participants had registered, several groups were formed in accordance with Corona protection measures, which started seperately one after another.

In the beginning, it was still a bit fresh and our brave "girls" were still a bit "hidden". This was subject to change during the day, which is why the sun was smiling more and more.

Past large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits and juicy meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed, that farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours …"

Farmer's alibi
Farmer's alibi

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 ► Sun 12 Jul: Hohe Mark – Hike in the buff [13 July 2020]

The final day of the WNT led the naturists to the Hohe Mark, a forest area west of the city called Haltern am See. Summer had returned with sunshine and temperatures pleasant for hiking. The area is a popular walking area, so the two nude hiking groups often had encounters with couples, families, or groups, often accompanied by cheerful encouragement or interestnext Westped questions.

We also got in touch with a police patrol interested to know, if everything was alright and when the next Westphalian Naturist Days will take place. We could not yet give a fixed date, but at least inform those police officers about the URL [en:].

Since 1989, the Tree of the Year has been awarded, and a tree of the respective species has been planted every year in the Hohe Mark along the path “In der Brake”, so that this path has become an avenue of Trees of the Year.

Height profileThat day's Panorama photo: ascent to the Galgenberghiking in the west of the Münsterland region included – quite unusually – a climb and after the ascent to Galgenberg Height, where a fire watchtower provides a lookout above the treetops, often through narrow paths framed by ferns and finally past the Waldschenke, a tavern in the middle of the forest, back to the starting car park. The day and the WNT 2020 as a whole concluded at the restaurant Haus Waldfrieden in Börnste near the city Dülmen, where delicious food and refreshing drinks awaited the hikers.

 ► Official group photos of WNT 2020 [13 July 2020]

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D · Season of nude cycling opened in southern Münsterland [11 April 2020]

Cycling along a forest pathNude cyclists are like fresh green: After the long, barren winter, they jump out of their clothes on the very first warm day of the year – directly onto the saddle. As a cyclist, you always generate your own wind, the headwind. That's why it's good to cycle in the nude, if it' s a few degrees warmer. Last Monday, the time had come: The thermometer at the handlebar showed more than 25°C air temperature, so that the first nude cycling tour of the year could start under a cloudless sky.

There were only a few other cyclists on the paths in the southern Münsterland region, with whom I could exchange Resting on a bench by the waysidea friendly greeting. Cars were even rarer. I did not meet any pedestrians at all. A few times, I stopped by the side of the road to let a tractor pass by – the farmers are at work, while I was only out on the road for recreational fun. No working man should have to wait for me there. Remarkably many of the tractor drivers became noticeably slower as they drove past, turned their heads towards me, and waved back intensively.

In front of a farm, a group of children with all kinds of playground equipment played on the property. The boy on the climbing tower had the best view and shouted: “Look, a nude cyclist!”. And a moment later, there was a many-voiced, happy childrens' laughter, which sounded behind me for a while. That must have been a successful child amusement in times of Corona-related restrictions!

After a good 25 km, I reached the town again, after chaffinch, skylark, titmice, and other spring singers had accompanied my tour through woods and fields. However, numerous wagtails came much closer to me in the country, which was criss-crossed by ditches and brooks. A successful start to the season! videoplay16hd videoplay16hd

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D · Ordnungsamt: “We wish you a nice hike in the buff.” [11 April 2020]

While trying out a nude hiking route of the WNT, I encountered a patrol of German Ordnungsamt, wanting to stop me because of nudity. To be more precise, it is not completely new, but a alreay used one, which has been modified with new sections.

Hiking in the buff in western Westphalia – Archive photo 2019

I passed a parking lot, which is situated at a barbecue area and a children's playground with sandbox and swings. A few cars parked there – among them a vehicle of the Ordnungsamt of Kreis Coesfeld [en: Coesfeld District]. Two employees apparently took care, that because of COVID-19 people do not form groups.

“Stop, what are you doing?”, one of the gentlemen said to me. “I'm caring, to keep me in good health status: Therefore, I'm hiking”, I replied. “But not like that. That is not allowed.”, he replied.

“Yes, it is. I've been doing this for many years. In October 2018, daily newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten interviewed a spokesman for the police in Münster (Westf.) and a department head of the citizens' office in Senden about this.”, I explained.

During the conversation, I fetched a small folded printout of the WN article “Freie Körperkultur im Venner Moor: ‘Nacktwandern is keine Belästigung’” [en: “Naturism in Venner Moor: ‘Nude hiking is not a nuisance’”] out of the linen bag, which I carried on a shoulder, and offered it to the gentlemen at a distance compliant with COVID-19 for reading.

One of the gentlemen of the Ordnungsamt took the printout, folded it up, and both read the article.

“We didn't know that. Please excuse the interruption. We wish you a nice hike in the buff.” was their reaction, they returned the printout neatly folded up. My hike was saved!

Hint: Maybe, it can also help you, if you have a printout of the WN article with you, when you are nude in Germany! Link to the article (PDF).

 – Report and archive photo: Rainer

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D · Opening the season of hiking in the buff in Westphalia [6 April 2020]

Bright sunshine invited on Palm Sunday, Longer barefoot stretches are part of the new WNT hiking routeto open the nude hiking season 2020. Aim was the first hike of a newly explored path for WNT with long barefoot stretches, a bathing opportunity and a rest area with one of our cars previously parked there, to have water and food without the need, to carry it with us. At 15°C and strong wind at the start of the hike, the hikers started barefoot and with short trousers causing astonishment among other hikers, who wore long trousers, shoes, and coats.

Temperature rose, the wind decreased, so that after we were warm enough 5 km to take off our clothes. At the rest area after 10 km, a couple came biking, stopped, and asked: “We probably got lost – can you tell us how to get to Ladbergen?” We talked for a while at a COVID-19-compliant distance, which didn't make it easy to show screen content on the smartphone. As farewell, both wished us a good appetite. Then, another couple cycled by, he shouted to her: “Look, nudists!”, then turned to us and waved us happily.

Field mustard grows like weeds, white mustard is used in agriculture for green manureThe nude second part of this hike was really fun: The air temperature rose to 20°C, the wind decreased, all encounters were very friendly. I learned something about green manuring with mustard plants and the difference to rape. We met numerous families, young people, and adults. Looking at their faces, we saw, how much fun they obviously had encountering us.

3 km before the end of the hike, we arrived at the Dortmund-Ems Canal, which invites you to take a bath. The water temperature of 8°C was quite refreshing, but compared to ice bathing at 4°C or less, it already felt like spring. Besides, there is no wind under water – the wind dried up the body quite fast afterwards in common work with the warm sunshine. It was a wonderful, happy spring excursion!

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D · WNT 2019 – Westfälische Naturisten-Tage [17 to 25 August 2019]

Also in 2019, the Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT) [en: Westphalian Naturist Days] will again be the largest naturist event, Su 25 – This family was on its way to the Sunday family excursionwhich lasts several days, in western Münsterland and its surroundings up to the Teutoburger Wald Forest is the destination of 9 consecutive days of hikes in the buff, nude cycling tours and other naturist activities such as a nude visit to the Dülmen Ponies. Regional daily newspaper Halterner Zeitung had already prepared its readers in advance for the fact, that again more nude hikers and other active naturists will be on their way in the surroundings. In Westphalia, naturist days are meanwhile commonplace. Encounters with dressed people are as normal, as it would be, when we would be dressed. We get a lot of thumbs up!

From now on, it's going upwards: A little warmer every day!The weather initially welcomed the naturists with violent gusts of wind, drizzle and showers as well as cool temperatures. Some tested their physical robustness in the rain, others the protective effect of their rain jackets. Results: The tolerance of the unclad human body against the cooling effect of wind and rain can be astonishingly high, but is quite different in individual cases. One was content with an umbrella and remained undressed until the end, but with shoes, another went barefoot and undressed, then dried himself under the last bridge with a t-shirt and put on a warming jacket. Two of us walked barefoot, while another, who otherwise likes to walk barefoot, stayed in shoes due to concern to get cold feet on the soaked floor – only to find out later, that he now had cold feet, because his shoes and socks were soaked from rain in the meantime.

Don’t worry: From now on, it's improving: A little warmer every day!

WNT 2019 Photo Reportage

Weather during 2019's WNT: 2nd half of the weekIn fact, the late summer weather increased to the announced 32°C on the final Sunday, after the previous days had already offered midsummer weather conditions with blue skies. So, the initial clouds and cool winds were quickly forgotten.

The increased appearance of naturists in forests and fields triggered a benevolent interest of the population in Münsterland – the naturist sports enthusiasts had numerous encounters with locals and were able to answer many frequently asked questions: "Is that really allowed? – Of course! Nature is not forbidden anywhere. | Aren't you cold – Nope, not at all! Twice, however, uninformed fellow citizens, who obviously couldn't classify hiking in the buff properly, called the police. The police officers stated briefly and succinctly, that we are just nude hikers and wished us to still have a nice hike. It is a pity, that there are still people suffering from their own bad fantasies, who distract the police with their unnecessary calls from more important police operations.

The local gastronomy offered good Münsterland cuisine to the hungry naturists after their ventures, which the hikers got as reward for hikes from 15 to 19 km long, the cyclists for tours about 50 km long. The active naturists went from many German states, the Netherlands, and France. They stayed partly on camping sites, partly in hotels, guesthouses, or holiday apartments. On some of the WNT days, more than 30 participants gathered for nudevents, i.e. activities in the nude. They hope, that WNT will remain a permanent institution in the naturist annual calendar of naktivitities.

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D · Westphalian Beginning of May [5 May 2019]

The Westphalian Beginning of May is a small spring preview of the “Westfälische Naturisten Tage” [en: “Westphalian Naturist Days”] in summer, which usually takes place during 9 consecutive days. Hiking in the buff is always a substantial part ot these naktivities. Also, nude cycling, swimming in the nude, and other naktivities are often on schedule.

 ► 1 May: Hiking or biking near Lintel

The Westphalian beginning of May 2019 began cool at 9°C, light wind around 10 km/h and closed cloud cover. Nevertheless, 17 naturists wanted to move in nature. So, 8 started by bike and 9 on foot.

While we waited dressed at the starting place due to these weather conditions, about 50 people passed by on bicycles. Since everyone had to pass through a bottleneck provided by a small gate in a fence, there was a traffic jam due to the size of this group. A female cyclist approached us and asked, if we were the nude hikers. When we confirmed this, she reacted happily – she and some of the group then shouted on their leave: “Have a good one!”. This was further evidence that our naturist lifestyle has arrived in society as a normal aspect of everyday life.

After approx. hiking 3 km on foot resp. Hike on 1 May10 km on bycicle, we all were warm enough, to get rid of our clothes. In keeping with this, the wind had calmed down and the clouds had made way for the sun's rays – a beautiful beginning of May with sunshine and about 16°C air temperature.

Residents, car drivers, and excursionists on foot and often by bicycle returned our greetings, were pleased, or greeted us themselves at first. The most frequent remarks were: “Aren't you cold?” and “Oops! Barefoot, too!”. Two ladies, who went for a walk in the woods with their wheeled walkers on this beautiful afternoon returned our greetings. Then, one of them shouted to the other: “I used to do naturism, too". Maybe, we should initiate a nude wheeled walk?

When the hikers passed the restaurant Lintels Kotten, where we sat down afterwards, in the buff about 1 km before their destination, many guests had their experience of the day and reacted joyfully active: Souvenir photos taken by some of the guests are a gladly accepted tool to make our nude life-style further known.

 ► 2 May: Nude hiking in the water catchment area Hohe Ward

The weather forecast – a bit cooler, windier, and cloudier than the day before – had deterred some of the hikers. The 10 remaining naturists were not discouraged, started with winds of 15 km/h, closed cloud cover and 11°C air. Soon, they were rewarded with sun and rising temperatures, got rid of their clothes and could enjoy the day.

Shortly before the announced arrival of a rain front, the group reached their hiking destination – instead of rain, however, the front delivered only dark clouds and a few drops.

The encounters with clothed people were relaxed and friendly as usual. We were able to answer the witty question “Are motto days just taking place?” with a smile: “Yes, living active and as naturists is our style of life.”

Later, when sitting down in the restaurant Zur Prinzenbrücke with attentive service and a good offer of food and drinks, we could let the beautiful day end.

Meanwhile, a light rain shower actually fell – but far too little to compensate significantly for the precipitation deficit since 2018 and to save the currently fresh, strong green in the water catchment area Hohe Ward over the summer.

 ► 3 May: Clothed hike in the Baumberge Mountains

Today, the announced flow of polar cold air was serious: A nasty wind blew persistently, and the measured 9°C air temperature was felt to be 4°C cold. Dressed, we still hiked 17 km and about 400 meters difference in altitude in the Baumberge Mountains near Nottuln.

The Baumberge Mountains […] a kind of wedge, especially between the rivers Rhine and Ems. Due to their proximity to the sea, the mountain range contributes to the catchment areas of some rivers. The Hagenbach Creek and the Stever River flowing to the south are tributaries of the Lippe River, which in turn belongs to the Rhine River. The Münstersche Aa flowing to the east belongs to the Ems River system. The Vechte Creek, which rises near Darfeld at the foot of the Baumberge and flows northwest in direction to the Netherlands, forms its own small river system with the Dinkel Creek. The westbound Berkel Creek flows into the Dutch IJssel.
 – Translated cit. from:

Single sunbeams cheered up our mood and even warmed us physically for a short time. Nevertheless, the wind remained impressive. In the beer garden at the Longinus Tower, a few climate testers sat outside in front of a cold beer. We preferred to walk on quickly and warmed up afterwards with hot drinks and food at the Hotel-Gasthaus Stevertal.

 ► 4 May: Breakfast buffet and ninepins in the nude

20 naturists met at the restaurant Zum neuen Herd for breakfast buffet, for chatting and afterwards for a sporting event on a ninepins alley.

It was still cold outside. Through the windows, we could see bushes, trees, and garden umbrellas moved by the cold wind, rain showers enriched the weather spectrum. Even the dog of the house, who was on the way in the yard before, got too much and hid himself.

We gave up our plan to do a short hike of about 10 km afterwards and preferred to continue our conversation with an improvised coffee gossip at a warm oven.

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D · Daily newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten informs about hiking in the buff [18 October 2018]

Image from our archive: 20180914 Dortmund-Ems Canal near SendenMidsummery days of up to 29°C on 15 October prompted some naturists, to use the golden autumn for nude hikes or biking tours. So did R., who encountered at the weekend hundreds of weekend promenaders in the area of the Dortmund-Ems Canal and Venner Moor, Münsterland.

One of them reported about his encounter with the nude hiker to the daily newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten, Münster (Westf.), which – after consulting police officers – published an informative article “Freie Körperkultur im Venner Moor, ‘Nacktwandern ist keine Belästigung’*) ( for the readers.


*) Explanatory notes by the translator regarding this article in the daily newspaper:

    • The German title “Freie Körperkultur im Venner Moor, ‘Nacktwandern ist keine Belästigung’” can be translated to: “Naturism in the Venne Moor, ‘Hiking in the buff is not a disturbance’”.
      Background information: Disturbance of the public.
    • The article explains, that a journalist has contacted the spokesman of the police in Münster (Westf.) as well as a managing officer “Citizen service and order” of the town-hall in Senden. The bottom line of the information stated in this article is, that hiking in the buff is neither a criminal, nor – in general – a regulatory offence in Germany.

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D · Westphalian Naturist Days (WNT) 2018 [16 September 2018]

During 9 days from 8 to 16 Sep, we hike and bike nude in the Münsterland – the extraordinary summer of 2018 still continues in September.

Open the WNT photo album 2018.

 ► Sat 8: Warm-up hike near Lintel in the northern Münsterland [9 September 2018]

As a warm-up for the Westphalian Naturist Days, 15 participants Some remaining barriers for climbing on a circuit training pathhiked 15 km in the nude. The sky was mostly cloudy, made way for a sunbeam every now and then. The storm loss caused by storm front Friederike, which was well known from a hike in April, were removed in the meantime except for some climbing obstacles. Shortly before the end of the hike we could swim in the warm water of a forest lake, get rid of Clothing optional is accepteddust and sweat, before we went to the restaurant Parkhotel Nordwalde for dinner.

One of the participants hiked with us for her first time and stayed dressed, after her husband had told her, that whoever does not want, of course, does not have to undress, but is still welcome. She liked the tour so much among all the nude people, that she wants to repeat.

Open the WNT photo album 2018

 ► Sun 9 Sep: Sunday hike in the northeastern Münsterland, optional swimming along the Ems River [10 September 2018]

Nude hikers in the MünsterlandThe temperature roseDistance swimming in the Ems River up to 23°C, 5°C above yesterday's maximum. Right from the beginning, the 15 nude hikers could enjoy bright sunshine. So, some of us opted to replace a part of the 20 km hike by distance swimming in the Ems River. Also, a bath in the Dortmund-Ems Canal was available.

A woman, who was walking her dog at the Ems, asked many curious questions about the hobby of hiking in the buff. She gladly accepted our informational brochure to read more about that.

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 ► Mon 10: Hiking of 22 km around the Dortmund-Ems Canal or biking of 41 km [10 September 2018]

14 naturists gathered. 11 opted for a bike tour, although the temperature did not rose above 18 °C in the morning Two long-distance hikers and a collie on tourand evwn later, the airstream at 21 °C cooled down the bikers significantly. The two long-distance hikers enjoyed the special situation, where they could speed up as they could. The third hiker opted for a shorter hike.

At the evening, bikers and hikers gathered for a refreshment at the restaurant Zum neuen Herd.

Open the WNT photo album 2018 incl. GoPro video "Acht Minuten mitradeln" [en: Accompany them yourself; 8 min]

 ► Tue 11: Meadows at the Ems River near Telgte – 20 km of hiking or 50 km of biking [11September 2018]

We gathered directly at the Ems River. 7 hikers, two women and five man, and an American Collie stayed near the river: They hiked along renatured meadows at the Ems River in the Warendorf district. In the course of the day, the weather turned into a real summer day with 25 °C and lots of sunshine. Their hike of 20 km took place completely in the meadows at the river. Several times, you could take a refreshing bath. The bikers, due to a distance of 50 km, also drove through surrounding fields, meadows, and small forests. We enjoyed to be warmed by the sun, because although the thermometer already showed 20 °C at the start time, the wind blew unpleasantly violently. Soon, however, the sun had accomplished its work: Air temperature rose to 25 °C, so that we did no longer perceive the strong breeze as cold.

For the first rest, the biking and hiking groups met on a piece of meadow in the sunshine. Afterwards, we followed different paths anew. Finally together again, we enjoyed the end of the day at the restaurant 'Alter Gasthof Seiling' in Telgte having hearty, local dishes.

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 ► Wed 12: Ems Meadows near Warendorf – Hiking into a cold front [12 September 2018]

20180912 113458 We look onto the HesselSporadic sunshine and an air temperature of 21 °C invited the 11 naturists to hike 15 km through the Emsauen towards Warendorf. Farmsteads with countless paddocks and alternating fields lay along our path, but also nature trails along the Ems and Hessel rivers offered numerous opportunities for nature studies. 20180912 135600 At the find spot Neandertal Man at NeuwarendorfAt the find spot of the Neandertal Man at Neuwarendorf at the Kottrup Lakes, we had a rest break, where a parked car served as a food and beverage station for the group. Here, we could use a table with benches – as built especially for us.

After the lunch break, we went back downstream along the river Ems. An announced cold front, which had arrived in the meantime, became noticable with strong adverse winds and sinking temperatures. So, it was good to be able to dive into the ind shadow within a small forest several times. Back at the parking lot, the thermometer showed 16.8 °C: Time for a hot coffee.

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 ► Thu 13: Hiking 17 km through the drinking water production area Hohe Ward [14 September 2018]

Due to a dense blanket of clouds, 20180913 Hiking through the Hohe Wardwind and 14 °C, the 10 naturists started clothed. During the hike it got better and, little by little, we reached our personal sense of well-being, so that we got rid of our clothes, before they were in danger of absorbing sweat.

It became even warmer (up to 19°C at the end of the hike) and sunnier, so that the participants had a successful hiking day. At the end of the day, we enjoyed a wide range of food and drinks and an amiable service in the hotel and restaurant Zur Prinzenbrücke.

 ► Fri 14: To the Dortmund-Ems Canal and the Venner Moor near Senden [14 September 2018]

16 hikers had gathered at the start-parking lot 20180914 Senden Münsterlandand were pleased about bright sunshine and blue sky. The warming rays made us completely forget, that the air temperature was only 17 to 18°C in the morning, but exceeded 20°C after lunch. After 3 km, another naturist joined the group. The total distance of 18 km was too long for him and he had planned his 10 km short hike in such a way, that he could hike the highlights Dortmund-Ems Canal and Venne Moor with the group.

20180914 Dortmund Ems Canal near SendenAt the Dortmund-Ems Canal, our group encountered a biking naturist, who could not make in time to the starting place: He undressed, joined the group – and left his bike attached to a fence. At the end of the sunny hike, we were tempted to have a stop for refreshment in the restaurant Gasthaus Eickholt in Davensberg. Mmmh, delicious!

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 ► Sat 15: Skittles, morning pint, mountain hike, check construction progress [15 September 2018]

20180915 152000 Hiking in the Bockholt MountainsAfter nude breakfast buffet 20180915 155000 You have a good overview from the canal bridgeand skittles in the restaurant Zum neuen Herd near Nordwalde, we enjoyed nature in the Bockholter Berge [en: Bockholt Mountains] during a short hike of approx. 10 km and then toured the construction site at the bridge, that leads the Dortmund-Ems Canal over the Ems River. The construction progress compared to our visit at the end of April was clear.

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 ► Sun 16: Sun, hike, optionally wade a creek, or bike [16 September 2018]

On the final Sunday of the WNT 2018, we could enjoy sunshine and temperatures up 24°C. 24 participants splitted into groups of 13 bikers und 11 hikers. As part of the 15 km hiking trail, the hikers had the option to wade a creek. Those, who did not want to take advantage of this refreshment or were afraid of wet feet, could alternatively continue their hike on dry paths with a short detour.

The bikers did a circuit of 49 km through the Dülmener Münsterland. For lunch, both groups met again at the rest break, for which a car was parked near the enclosure of the Dülmener Wildpferde [en: Dülmen Ponies]. Afterwards, we went again on different paths until the return to the start-parking lot. Then, the restaurant Haus Waldfrieden fulfilled all wishes regarding coffee and cake, ice cream, cold drinks and hot meals. Finally, participants thanked the intiators, Mic and Rainer, and then bid farewell – until the next WNT at the latest.

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Hint: Videos about cycling in the nude during WNT 2018


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D · Nearly weightless in the nude [2 June 2018]

Helmut “natury” made use of hot days up to 33°C at end of May, to bike in the nude several times through southern Münsterland. Before turning into a paved path, however, he hesitated and briefly considered, whether he might have to remove his luggage bag and hide it in the ditch for weight reasons. But then he realised: The restriction of the total weight is not applicable to cyclists: Helmut could continue with his bike's luggage bag.

2020  ·  2019  ·  2018  ·  2017  ·  2016

D · Westphalian beginning of May [30 April 2018]

Weather prediction for beginning of MayThe WNT initiators Mic and Rainer made use of the extended weekend from 28 Apr to 1 May (Sat to Tue) to begin the naturist season 2018, as in 2017. Although the high midsummer temperatures of mid-April had given way to normal air temperatures again, there was still an opportunity, to try out how refreshing a swim in a lake or the Ems River currently is, when you hike or bike. Of course, Julia, our photographer of naturist life, was also present again.

The hike and bike tour planned for May Day (bank holiday in Germany) were cancelled as a precaution due to the predicted maximum temperatures of 11 °C and gusts of up to 75 km/h.

 ► Sat 28: Breakfast buffet and skittles followed by a short hike [30 April 2018]

With a nude morning pint regulars' table, an extensive breakfast buffet, and skittles for a total of 5 hours, 20 naturists started these naturist days towards the beginning of May. Ms and Mr Echterhoff had again proven the skills of their kitchen at their restaurant ‘Zum Neuen Herd’. In fact, a partial delivery of the ordered sunshine was actually given from time to time, so that some continued their conversations in the garden of the restaurant. Afterwards, the participants explored the progress of the construction work at the bridge that leads the Dortmund-Ems Canal over the Ems River.

 – Photos: Thomas

 – Photos of construction work (archive 2017): Horst

 ► Sun 29: Hiking and biking [30 April 2018]

Sunday offered the warmest temperatures of the naturist days with temperatures of up to 22°C, which, however, felt together with the airstream cool when biking. 5 nude bikers also needed a certain start-up time, until they got bright sunshine onto their bodies. The circuit through the Münster parkland had a length of 50 km.

Without headwind, 8 hikers could enjoy the friendly spring weather faster, so that the group managed its 15 km circuit under best conditions. After approx. 9 km, the hiking group arrived at the depot car for a break.

WNT 2018-04-29 Hiking in the buff
WNT 2018-04-29 Hiking in the buff
 – Photo (hiking): Thomas

They had a nice experience crossing country road L592 near restaurant Lintels Kotten: Half of the hikers in the buff had just crossed the country road, when the others had to wait because of a vehicle approaching. It was a police patrol car. The officers drove on without taking any interest in us. Hiking in the buff is meanwhile so normal, commonplace, and well known.

The warning “Friederike obstructs nude hikes” by natury on 15 April 2018 became unexpectedly topical: The naturists had to overcome some fallen trees, that storm Friederike had thrown onto the track – the hikers at the beginning and at the end, the bikers fortunately only at the end of their tour. Climbing over fallen trees and, at the same time, even hoisting an e-bike over the bulky and pricking obstacle was only possible with a joint effort. Thanks for the help!

For the final dinner, hikers and bikers met again in the restaurant Lintels Kotten.

 ► Mon 30: Nude hike in the eastern 'Münsterland' [30 April 2018]

At the start of the hike around 11 o'clock the thermometer still displayed 14°C, , but the promised 17 °C were finally reached around 3 pm. In addition, however, there was a strong wind with gusts of up to 50 km/h. Since this combination would not have been so much fun even dressed, we used the opportunity, that Birgit and Thomas spontaneously invited to card games in their obile home.

Een gezellig alternatief
Een gezellig alternatief
 – Foto: Rainer

So, we had fun and a nice time together, which we ended with a stop in Telgte. The host of the restaurant Alter Gasthof Seiling [en: Old Inn Seiling] was kind enough, to welcome us as guests and serve food and drinks shortly before the kitchen closed at 2:30 pm. For dessert, we had coffee specialities and fruitcake at Marktcafé [en: Market Café].

 – Photo: Rainer

D · Midsummer in April – Biking nude amongst cherry blossoms [30 April 2018]

Midsummer in AprilApril brought us an almost one-week period of high summer temperatures and bright sunshine. Of course, this situation also encouraged non-botanists to cycle between cherry, apple, and plum blossoms along the biking tracks lined with such trees in southern 'Münsterland' and accompanied by the diverse singing of various bird species. 3D VideoThe result was a short documentation video in 3D "Biking in the nude amongst cherry blossom". There are some tips how to view videos and photos in 3D (PDF in German).

Farmers were on the road with their tractors and fertilised the fields. No, not really? This is a sign of a new era: In the past, the scent of "country air" used to be all over, when you moved between the fields. Today, the slightly sweet, carcinogenic scent of glyphosate enters your nose. Our thanks go to our former Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt (CSU), who made sure, that this environmental toxin will be applied for several more years to come. But his successor, our recently elected minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), also rejects a ban. The severe deformities of newborns, which have been documented for years in areas, where 'Roundup'*) is applied, especially in Argentina, do not interest Ms Klöckner – health is not a responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture. [*) 'Roundup' is the trade name of the most widely used environmental destroyer, of which the main ingredient is Glyphosate]. Recommendation to a German collection of public TV emission MediathekView: "Natur Nah - Glyphosat unter Verdacht" (NDR); "Global 3000 - Argentinien Soja-Plantagen machen krank" (Deutsche Welle). presents, that pure glyphosate is "probably not carcinogenic" according to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), but it can be "pesticide formulations" (i.e. formulations such as 'Roundup'). But exactly these recipes are sprayed onto the fields and not pure 'Glyphosate'. However, EFSA has not examined Roundup, to see, whether it is carcinogenic – that is not its task: EFSA has only thr task, to examine 'pure' chemicals and not the formulations, that make us sick. Who comes up with something like this???

D · Our nude performance on the footbridge on Saturday night in pictures [29 August 2017]

Those nudevents in the 'Münsterland' region in Germany in June / July, which had to be abandoned or cancelled, are now put onto the agenda again at end of August expecting more stable weather conditions. We were not only lucky having pretty good summer weather, but also could enjoy our nude performance as a gift to inhabitants of Münster (Westf.) and visitors, who were attracted by 'Sculpture Projects Münster 2017'.

 – Photos: Thomas

D · German newspapers report about our nude performance on the waterway [29 August 2017]

German newspapers 'Westfälischen Nachrichten' and 'Münstersche Volkszeitung' report on our nude performance on Saturday evening and promote this action as part of the Sculpture Projects Münster 2017.

Bericht in der Zeitung Westfälische Nachrichten

'Münstersche Volkszeitung' translated [29 August 2017]:

'The nude conquer the art
29 August 12:47 – Naturist intervention on Ayşe Erkmens waterway

Some of the visitors to that sculpture might have rubbed the eyes or cleaned the glasses that Saturday evening. The currently most visited sculpture of Münster, Ayşe Erkmens »On water«, was captured by eleven nudes, who had painted the sequence of the letters »lebenswert« [en: worth living] and »natürlich« [en: natural(ly)] on the front and the back of their nude bodies. And now they were holding hands solidarily without any clothes on Münster's iconic footbridge »On Water«. Notable resistance to the nude takeover did not happen. The whole action was not, as you might believe, planned by long hand, emphasised the participants, nine men and two women, who during the morning had met at the Westphalian Naturists Days. The focus of that days was hiking, swimming, or cycling, all of which carried out in the nude and in harmony with nature. The combination of natural nudity and art evoke a particular interest. And so, amongst the participants the idea emerged, to reflect the artwork »On Water« by Ayşe Erkmens in »their naturist way of life and to add another experienceable facet by means of a combination of body painting and spontaneous nude performance (…) a half-new look to what is known«, as it is stated in an academic press release.

The courageous eleven nudists were curious about the resonance, which of course did not fail to appear: »Reactions from other visitors did take place«, reports Helmut Schultze, who participated lively: »Others left space to us and watched our performance attentively. Also from the footbridge, you could read the words »Natürlich« and »Lebenswert«. Many visitors interviewed us. Also, reaction from the audience on the waterside, which was estimated to about 3,000 visitors, took place: Applause! Some of the security staff reacted irritated and asked us to leave the bridge. Otherwise the police would be called. Our explanation »This is an art project« helped us to to gain some extra time without disturbance and thus helped us to finish our performance. In any case, photos and probably some video material should have been recorded.«

The public action of the naturists is not motivated politically. Helmut Schultze: »Our approach is not political, but rather social: We live naturism and recognise this mental attitude as deeply human and natural – as against consumption-centric orientation, wasting resources, and environmental destruction, with which the present humanity is going to turn our planet uninhabitable soon.«

The organising team of the SculptureProjects took the action, which they could not change any more, calmly. »The dock at the port is freely accessible to all visitors. Since the group has not pushed or harassed anybody, they are free to walk on the footbridge like any other visitor«, the press office of the #sp_muenster from Domplatz said.

The arts-minded naturists took their inspiration, among others, out of a nude visit to the exhibition »The bare life« and a spontaneous performance »How little abstraction does art tolerate?« by the psychologist and nude artist Milo Moiré on the final day of that exhibition in the LWL-Museum, Münster (Westf.) in February 2015. All official art, so to speak.

The naturists, used to the jargon of art, managed to »add another new aspect« to Ayşe Erkmens' site-specific intervention, as the press release of the artful nudes calls it.

The Initiative of Active Naturists, which communicates by Internet, is active for the promotion of tourism in the Münsterland region in Germany since 2016. (Fb)

The Initiative of Active Naturists carried out a spontaneous nude performance on the artwork »On Water« by Ayşe Erkmen. Photo: Initiative of Active Naturists'

Source in German with the photo: 'Die Nackten erorbern die Kunst – Naturistische Intervention auf Ayşe Erkmens Steg'' (

D · Catch-up days from 24 to 27 August of the Westphalian Naturist Days [27 August 2017]

Those nudevents in the 'Münsterland' region in Germany in June / July, which had to be abandoned or cancelled, are now put onto the agenda again at end of August expecting more stable weather conditions.

 ► Thu 24 Aug: Nude hike tour in the 'Hohe Ward' [24 August 2017]

The thermometer showed 20 °C, as 20 nude hikers undressed at the car park and started their hike. The sun peered through the clouds only from time to time and so it took some time to warm the air up to 24 °C in the afternoon. Soon, the participants gained an impression of how intensively the area is used for water catchment. Everywhere, you encountered fountains and place of sampling, i.e. to measure the quality of the water. At the water works, constructed in 1908, you could taste a dram.

The Hohe Ward is a woodland to the south of MünsterIt is traditionally used as a water catchment areaWarning of the oak processionary mothOn the way to a bath in the canal

But the city of Münster also considers the health of hikers and walkers in the forest and warns that the oak procession moth can cause allergies and health problems. A creepy story is also told by the bronze plaque on the 'Freistuhl', a former court place, where 13 skulls were found, which, in the truest sense of the word, were literally muzzled by a nail driven downwards through the skull, which was than bent below the chin – someday at the end of the Middle Ages.

Bronze plaque on the Freistuhl

Finally,the group reached the 'Dortmund-Ems' Canal near of the railway bridge of the 'Hamm-Münster' train line, where some of the participants enjoyed a cooling in the water. At the end of the day, the restaurant 'Prinzenbrücke' had an adequate, delicious refreshment after the hike of 17 km.

 ► Thu 24 Aug: A nude hiker encounters a clothed cell phone in the 'Hohe Ward' and feels happy to be able to return it to the woman who lost it [25 August 2017]

On Thursday evening, an e-mail arrived at natury: "We have probably met a group of you in Hiltruper Wald this morning. My friend lost his cell phone during our walk and hopes that one of the hikers might have found the cell phone.".

The mail survey to all migrant participants yielded the answer of Jens: "… then it is probably the cell phone of your friend, which I found. As I passed the place as the third of our group, I have asked only the two people in front of, if they missed the phone. So, I am glad to be able to return the mobile to the owner." Everything will be fine!

 ► Fri 25 Aug: Nude hike or bike tour near 'Altenberge' [25 August 2017]

Today, from the same starting point, there was a nude hike over 26 km for 9 pedestrians and a 52 km nude bike tour for 12 cyclists. The weather offered for both activities sunny and warm conditions up to 25 °C, which again invited some to a bath in a lake.

The cycling group had numerous encounters of different kinds: with people, with horses, and with police officers – the latter had received several calls and spent more than 2 hours of their service to search for the nude cyclists. That prompted them, to ask the cyclists to be informed in advance about similar events in the future – then they could calm down callers right on the phone: 'We know that they are not doing anything bad'. In addition, we noticed, that the bike path is in some places as narrow as an one-way road – but possible contraflow needs to be taken into account.

 ► Participant's report regarding a nude hike on Friday, 25 August [29 August 2017]

"Thanks again for another very pleasant day.

Having hiked now the same trail for the third time, it was nevertheless nice, not least because of the co-hikers.

Nude people apparently do not have high inhibitions, because we were en route quite familiar and friendly with each other.

I also felt the stop after the hike in the 'Das kleine Kartoffelhaus' inn very lovely, especially due to the chance to be there in the nude. Many thanks to the landlady and the service staff, such a welcome is certainly not commonplace."*)

 – Report: Thomas

*) Maybe not commonplace, but also not unique: In the same inn in 2016, in the 'Zum Ziegenhainer' inn in Jena, Germany, in 2016, and others.

 ► Sat 26 Aug: Nude hike near 'Venne' Moor [26 August 2017]

On Saturday, a nude hike through the 'Venner Moor' was on schedule. 24 naturists gathered under a bright and cloudy sky, whereupon the temperature rising to 26 °C during the course of the hike.

We hiked across the Woermann farm again – in 2012, the farmer had searched the Internet as to nude hikes and contacted us. Then we went on to the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal and through the Venner Moor to the place for a rest. Many of the hikers approaching us asked us questions as to hiking in the nude, which we willingly answered in detail.

The hike trail crosses the Woermann farmBotany in the Moor of im Venne

After the rest, we met an excursion carriage with a group of young women, who usually form a roup of regulars, but today made their annual trip. Their laughter and shouts awoke a whole pack of deer in the neighboring forest, which we could still observe on a forest glade. Then, just arriving on the car park to start and finish our nude hike, we met the excursion carriage with the group of young women again, who – probably animated by us nude hikers – agreed on the game "Which team lays the longest chain of clothes?" and therefore undressed (almost completely).

 ► Sat 26 Aug: Nude performance on the inner harbour of Münster [26 August 2017]

On Saturday evening, eleven women and men entered the platform 'On Water' by the artist Ayse Erkmens, who had been installed in the old harbor basin during the 'Sculpture Projects Münster 2017'. With the the feet pacing on the platform in the water, letters were to be seen on chests and backs of the performance artists, displaying the letters '"NATÜRLICH.'" [en: '"NATURAL.'"] and the logo of the city of Münster on one hand and on the other the letters "'LEBENSWERT.'" [en: '"WORTH_LIVING.'"] – the motto of the city of Münster.

Münster is worth livingNaturism is Natural

With a few twists and turns, the words could be read alternately from all sides, and at the end of the performance, the performers were acknowledged a little with applause from the estimated 3,000 people of Münster present.

 ► Sun 27 Aug: Nude hike near Merfeld [27 August 2017]

Sunday was the last day of the catch-up days, offering as good conditions for nudevents, as the days before. 16 nude hikers, aged between 30 and 80 years, covered a distance of about 15 km in the Merfeld area. As part of the track, you had the choice to wade a brook, while others continued on dry paths. Those, who waded, realized, that there are also ascents in the Münsterland: the brook has three (artificial) waterfalls with a drop height of about 30 cm each on a distance of 1 km.

Along the alley towards the enclosure of the Dülmen Pony

Also as part of the hike, a side trip to the Dülmen Pony and finally a refreshment in the restaurant Waldfrieden took place. This year's series of naturists' weeks drew to a close.

D · WNT 2017 - Westphalian Naturist Days [2 July 2017]

The Westphalian Naturist Days took place for the second time in 2017: 9 days end of June / beginning of July.

 ► Sat 24 June: Nude walk along the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal [24 June 2017]

The first hike of WNT 2017 took place in Münster’s northeast. The 16 male and female naturists found the 21 ° C air temperature cool because their skin had had to cope with 35 ° C ambient temperature only a few days ago. The fresh wind with gusts up to magnitude 7 meant there was definite wind chill.


Nevertheless, the hikers had a lot of fun. They saw and experienced much variety along the canal, the marina, the 'Ems', a section of the canal no longer navigable, the aqueduct construction site, and in the forests and fields of the 'Bockholt' Mountains.

 ► Sun 25 June: Hiking or swimming from the track in the Ems [25 June 2017]

On day two of the WNT the participants were able to replace part of the hike by swimming from the track along the Ems. However, the low water level in the river meant it was only a satisfactory swimming pleasure for those with the lowest draft!

Along the canal we went towards Ems At the edge of the asparagus fields the cover tarpaulins are stored for next year Today was not entirely clear of rain

Along the canal we went towards Ems. At the edge of the asparagus fields the cover tarpaulins are stored for next year. Today was not entirely clear of rain.

– Report: Rainer, photos: Tanja

 ► Mon 26 June: Nude hiking for 15 to 24 km in northwest Münsterland [26 June 2017]

The 15 participants could walk a full 24 km route or choose a shortened 15 km circuit. The rain from the west had stopped one to two hours before the start of the hike, and the rising sun soon heated the air up to 25 ° C. The landscape alternated between agricultural and forestry use. The tranquillity of nature was disturbed only by birdsong and human voices.

Nude walking in the northwestern 'Münsterland' 'Manneken' in the garden of the restaurant 'Lintels Kotten'

Dinner in 'Lintels Kotten' was a welcome and necessary refreshment after the long hike. The Manneken fountain statue in the restaurant garden was an amusing and lively connection to real life.

 ► Tue 27 June: Nude walk through former 'Rieselfelder'  [27 June 2017]

Sixteen hikers arrived to hike through the open countryside in Münster's northeast under cloudy skies, but with temperatures of up to 23 ° C. Our plan was to hike through the former 'Rieselfelder', which has today become a retreat for various waterfowl and regenerated plant life. The area has hundreds of species of shrubs, grasses, aquatic plants and wild herbs. From various observation stations we could observe the colourful activity of the animals and birds on water and in the air.

The asparagus posters were still hanging, but the asparagus season was now over. The water provides a habitat for all – from the proud swan to the duck, water fowl and other birds. There were informative signs and posters along the reed trail./p>

 ► Wed 28 June: Drinking water production area at 'Hiltrup' Lake [28 June 2017]

Yesterday, we had been at the former Rieselfelder northeast of 'Münster (Westf.)'. Today 21 naturists, male and female, met at the car park near the 'Hiltrup' Lake and planned to hike the local water catchment area of the 'Hohe Ward' [en: the higher ground overlooking the plain]. However, the old Germanic weather god Thor had instructed his apprentice Peter to demonstrate to the naked naturists that drinking water does not come from the earth but rains down from the sky! In view of this clear lesson the planned walking tour was shortened from 16 to 6 km. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Café 7 at the port of Münster where salad, lasagne and apple pies were eaten indoors, and in comfort, instead of at a snack car.

Assembling in the car park Teaching demonstration on drinking water production

 ► Thu 29 June: Nude hiking or cycling at Warendorf [29 June 2017]

The hiking and cycling groups both started a 18 km hike and a 50 km bike tour along the bank of the Ems and planned to meet again further on for a first rest together. There were overcast skies and a light breeze with occasional drizzle – not ideal conditions. The cyclists needed courage and concentration against the headwinds and their cooling effects. The air temperature rose from 19 ° C at the beginning to 21 ° C later. Despite this, at the first break, the numbers in the hiking group reduced from 4 to 3, and the cyclists from 6 to 5!

Two of the hikers let themselves float about 800 m down river on the Ems. Besides water energy, wind energy was the main topic of this nudevent. And, of course the naturists could see the progress being made in developing wind power in the Ems riverside fields region.


 ► Fri 30 June: Playing nude Kubb instead of hiking and cycling [30 June 2017]

Shortly before the planned start the weather was changeable and threatening. Therefore instead of their nude hiking and cycling the 9 naturists chose an alternative programme. In the garden they set up a Kubb pitch. This allowed them to come into the house if rain came, or to play a game called “Viking Chess” in the garden.

Translation: John. Report: Rainer; photo: Friedhelm

Playing Kubb 

Link: (in English)
Link: Link:
Link: YouTube: Kubb   

 ► Sun 2 July: Naked walking and naked wading in the western 'Münsterland' [2 July 2017]

After the activities for Saturday were cancelled due to cool, rainy and windy weather conditions, 9 naturists, men and women, came to the gathering point for the closing event on Sunday. In the late morning some heavy clouds were threatening to dump down cool drizzle. Therefore the day began as it would normally end – with a stop at the restaurant 'Haus Waldfrieden'. With soused herring or ice cream with hot cherries, the group’s calorie supply was supplemented until it could begin hiking a little later than planned. The drizzle eventually stopped and a warm breeze came up. This loosened the clouds and a walk under favourable weather conditions was possible.

After 5 km the group split into two smaller groups. One of these sub groups continued on and waded through the 'Kannebrock' creek. Those who wanted to keep their feet dry, the majority, continued on dirt roads. Soon everyone’s feet were either dusty from the paths or muddy after emerging from the creek.


In the Waldfrieden House there was a delicious dinner at the end of the hike. At the close of the WNT the initiators, mic + Rainer, announced a small four-day programme to catch up on some of the events that were shortened or cancelled.

Statistics of the programme: At this year's WNT in June / July 101 naturists, men and women, hiked 1,695 person-kilometres in 7 days, there were 97 person-stops in local inns and restaurants, and 58 overnight stays. – Source: Mic + Rainer

 – Translation: John

D · Nude search for orchids on the 'Mackenberg' [26 May 2017]

The Mackenberg nature reserve is one of the few in Westphalia, whose soil quality is so sparse, that several autochthonous orchid species have been preserved here. It is a remnant of the limestone mining in earlier centuries and today in the spring a mecca for orchid friends. At 28°C, the full sunshine heated up the air on Friday – reason enough, to head to the nearby nature reserve and to search for orchids. Lady orchid (orchis purpurea) were numerous, as were the white helleborine (cephalanthera damasonium) and the lesser butterfly-orchid (platanthera bifolia) not to be overlooked – but no bird's-nest orchid (neottia nidus-avis), which is also autochthonous to the location.

D · A weekend of nudevents in 'Münsterland' [1 May 2017]

On Saturday 29 April at 10 a.m., 28 naturists met in a restaurant in the North-western Münsterland to have a pleasant chat, to exchange memories and to play skittles. In the afternoon a number of them closed the day with a short walk. Because temperatures were low, not all naturists walked in the nude that day.
We hiked on country paths and field roads through natural areas to the bridge that leads the Dortmund Ems Canal over the Ems River. The bridge is a good thing for the environment, since larger transport capacities in the inland waterway transport reduce the need for freight mobility on the road.

For more information on the canal bridge, you may read an article "Neue Kanalüberführung in Gelmer wird gebaut: Der Kanal wird umgeleitet" ( of regional newspaper 'Westfäliche Nachrichten'.

Thomas has sent us a participant's report concerning his experience of the nudevent on 29 April 2017.

"Once again, I want to thank you for the beautiful day and for all your efforts to make the joint nudevents possible. The restaurant, the bowling alley and the service – it was all very pleasant. It has been a very positive experience to me, that the staff showed no fear of contact at all and that the socialising among us was absolutely uncomplicated. But the most important thing I got aware of is, that once again I got to know a number of very nice people. Right from the beginning, the atmosphere was relaxed, making me feel very well and at ease.

This was true for the nude hike as well. The route was very well chosen and the canal bridge, being the little highlight, was interesting and informative. Nice conversations with all participants offered optimum variety. Moreover being in the buff at temperatures that were rather low in spite of the season, appeared to be one of my new perceptions, even if the chilliness let my knees shaking from time to time. And I will even remember the reaction of those coming across us, who mainly did not had any trouble at all to encounter nude people, as a quite pleasant experience.

So when on Sunday my thoughts went out to your hike that day and the weather was so fine and sunny, it made me envy you. I wish the Saturday hike had met such circumstances as well. I will definitely be present at some of your WNT events in June this year, and I will register for them at the natury website."

 ► 30 April: 'Lintel'

On Sunday 30 April, it took an hour and a half for all 10 hikers to take off their clothes, since the event started at 14 degrees C and in spite of the bright sun it felt quite cold because of the windchill. And even a few hours later, when temperatures were at 18 degrees, the wind kept on blowing. It was only after the lunch break that conditions for the second half of the hike made the hikers feel really comfortable, as the temperature had then risen to 21 degrees.

At the countryside
At the countryside

 ► 1 May: 'Altenberge'

Monday 1 May showed up with cloudy weather and temperatures that remained below 15 °C all day. This meant: no nude biking, as the wind left no other option than to wear warm clothes. Even among the hikers were only a few who took off their clothes. Those who did, though, lightened the mood of most day trippers who encountered us.

 – Report and photos: Rainer and Horst

D · Nude hiking and biking weekend in 'Münsterland' [25 September 2016]

 ► Nude biking and hiking weekend in Münsterland [24 September 2016]

Nude biking
Nude biking

The last weekend of September should again spend a nice and warm weather, so the initiators of the WNT offered a continuation: 17 naturists splitted into a hiking and a biking group and started their tour with sunshine at 19 °C.

For the bikers, the airstream was still a bit cool, but the temperature arose quickly and reached over 25 °C. 58 km made the biking group on their tour, the hikers needed an hour and a half longer for their 24 km.

Nude cyclists encounter hikers in the buff
Nude cyclists encounter hikers in the buff

Bikers and hikers in the north-western Münsterland were greeted with funny comments or questions. The hiking group frequently passed farms along their trail, where they were often waved and greeted by joyous groups of children and their adult companions, while the men and elder youngsters of the farm worked on the corn harvest in 12-hour shifts.

Towards the end of the hike, a group of nude bikers met the group halfway. A sportive biker, who passed them at the same time, said: 'And I always thought, I was clothed slightly, but you do it right!'

At the end of the day, we stopped again for a bite to eat at the inn 'Das kleine Kartoffelhaus' [en: The Small Potato-House] in 'Altenberge', where the naturists were served again exquisitely. Because a dinner in the nude in August in Altenberge has been well around, we also left here some informative brochures about nude life for information for interested restaurant guests.

 ► Nude hiking in south-west Münsterland [25 September 2016]

Hiking in the buff – sometimes also barefoot on rough ground
Hiking in the buff – sometimes also barefoot on rough ground

Barefoot On crushed stones? Brrrrr!

The last Sunday in September once again offered a high summer day with temperatures of up to 28 °C and dep-blue sky. Nude hikers in Münsterland, nearby Hamburg, nearby Marburg and in Swabia felt attracted by nature, in order not to miss this splendid day.

Of course, many groups, who prefer to hike or cycle in sweated clothes, had also made their way into nature, and so many encounters between nude and clothed nature lovers happened on this day, all of which were in friendly, mutual understanding. Particularly noteworthy were the farmers active in 12 to 13 hours of work, who wanted to use the dry weather and bring their corn harvest before the next rainfall.

In the south-western part of Münsterland, an international group of hikers had gathered. We had the option to walk through a meadow or through a neighboring brook, the latter also offered an occasional whole body cooling.

The final visit at the restaurant 'Haus Waldfrieden' was dominated by a Bavarian-style 'Oktoberfest', whose original is celebrated each year 600 km away. The most popular dish was Bavarian 'Sauerbraten', which shows a much more distinct taste compared to the dish with that name in the Rhineland. We were very satisfied!

 ► 27 September 2016: Thank you very much indeed for your liberal acquiescence! [supplemented on 13 Febrar 2017]

The hike on Saturday, 24 September 2016, started several times surprising: Despite the directions given, two fellow travelers were not sure, at which wind power station we would meet. "You're funny, there are so many wind power station here," one of them said. It is actually pleasing, that the turn to regenerative energy supply already shows so many visible results, that the hint "Meeting at the wind power station" can confuse foreign visitors despite accurate directions.

The two triggered the biggest surprise by asking at a farm nearby, at which of the many wind power stations we naturists would meet. This prompted the senior farmer to drive to our meeting point and inquire, why there were so many vehicles parked at the wind power station nearby.

He smiled, as he asked, if we were the ones, who had hiked and cycled nude in the area a few weeks earlier, and if we were the ones, who had dinner in the nude in the restaurant "'Das kleine Kartoffelhaus'" [en: The Little Potato House]. We confirmed that. He informed us, that the parking lot at the wind power station is actually reserved for the operator of the wind power station, who occasionally has to bring large-scale equipment there, to carry out maintenance or emergency work. He allowed us to park on his private property for the day. Our tour was rescued!

At the beginning of the following week, two of us visited the farm, to say thank you with a bottle of good regional, wood-barreled corn schnapps and a "Thank you!" card. They were lucky, met senior and junior farmer, and a conversation begun. Therefore, we now know, that farmers have to lease the land needed for a wind power station to the respective operator and in return have to contractually commit to keep the spaces at the wind wheels clear. In the future, of course, we will take this into account and will no longer park at wind power stations.

 – Report: Rainer

D · 'tanzhaus nrw': "More than naked" – Choreography by Doris Uhlich [9 September 2016]

Season opening Doris Uhlich 'more than naked' 2016 logowith 20 nude dancers on 8 and 9 Sep

tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf presents 20 nude dancers on stage for the season opening. "The staging becomes a good-humoured exploration of the human body, better: a still life of the flesh, in which the dancers wiggle, click, wobble, sweat, and clap their bodies together …". is the notice in avance. The trailer gives a first impression of it.

YouTube Video: More than naked (Hebrew version)

Doris Uhlich: "more than naked" – Photo: Theresa Rauter

At our request, tanzhaus nrw gave us the freedom to move around the premises of the tanzhaus as we wished – even in the buff. Not only will 20 artists dance in the nude, but we will also – at least Friday evening – watch in the nude.

7 of the approx. 400 spectators were nude on Friday.

Nobody was surprised, when we took off all our clothes and left them in the cloak room. When we sat in the main hall as nude spectators between clothed ones, we were asked by many aside: "Why are you nude?" My most common answer was, "If I want to understand and empathise with the work of a nude artist, that's only possible, if I'm nude myself. You feel with them so much more intensely!"

The dance performance was very body oriented: Bobbing muscles of buttocks, arms, legs, and abdominals, penises and women's breasts following the centrifugal force, when jumping and jumping, bodies clashingly bouncing against another, athletic jumps and skilful falls onto the floor characterised the impression next to sensitively detailed studies of the human body: The performance was worth the trip!

D · Nude bike tour through the 'Davert' [3 September 2016]

53 km and some local highlights along the route

The 'Davert' is the largest contiguous forest area in 'Münsterland', which until approx. 1800 was nearly always wet and foggy and was considered scary and dangerous. Only then did they start digging ditches for drainage.

Nude biking
Nude biking

The start of the bike ride along the 'Dortmund-Ems-Kanal' [en: Dortmund-Ems Canal] was a little bit cool at 19°C, and occasionally even some drizzle. After lunch, however, as promised, we had sunshine and the temperature rose to more than 25°C.

Among the highlights along the route were objects as diverse as a beautifully designed private chapel at a manor, the 200-year-old 'Teufelseiche' [en: Devil's oak], the ammunition dump, that caused the British Air Force to bombard the area in World War II, and a tower house with loopholes (an old knight's seat) or a fortified house with brick walls 1.5 m thick.

At the end of the tour, we strolled in the nude through the 'Venner Moor' and then had dinner with delicious Westphalian broad bean (bot.: 'Vicia faba') in the restaurant 'Zur Davert' in 'Davensberg'.

D · Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days in 'Münsterland' [28 August 2016]

We could enjoy a bright blue sky and temperature up to 34°C for the first hike of the Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days, i.e. those nudevents, which we had to cancel last June due to bad weather conditions. And during the next days, it is going to be quite similar!

 ► Thu 25 Aug: Participant's report by Bruno [25 February 2017]

A short distance along the road
A short distance along the road …

… and then continuing between forests and fields
… and then continuing through forests and fields

Bruno, one of the participants of the hike, gave us two more photos and remembers:

"25 August 2016 was a hot day. We had a happy get-together in the altogether. 15 km were enough for me. With the current high temperature weather conditions, the track on Friday (26 August 2016) would have been too long for me, especially since there were still height differences to tackle with."

 ► Fri 26 Aug: Option to hike or to bike [26 August 2016]

'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' [en: Little Potato-House]
Nude in the restaurant 'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' [en: Little Potato-House]

Same starting point, same destination – only the length of the route is different for the cyclists and hikers in the nude. Where the 5 hikers could shorten from 25 to 17 km – which all of them did. In fact, up to 34°C and plenty of sun caused, that moving outdoors was exhausting, even if a lake offered an opportunity for refreshment in between. The 16 cyclists completed their planned route of 54 km with many breaks.

At the end of the day, we met in the 'Kleines Kartoffelhaus' in 'Altenberge'. Of course, it was also quite warm in the reserved room, so one of the female hikers came up with the idea to ask: "We are a nude hiking group, it is so warm – may we take our clothes off and have dinner in the nude?" We were allowed! And tasted the exquisite dishes without clothes: quite like at home!

Nude bike tour in the Münsterland
Nude bike tour in the 'Münsterland'

 ► Fri 26 Aug: Participant's report by Thomas [24 January 2017]

Addendum 24 January 2017: Thomas has sent a participant's report to us as to his first hike in the nude on 26 August 2016:

"I am one of those people, who only feel comfortable, when they are nude. I can practise this mainly during vacation, in a sauna and, of course mainly, at home.

In the course of time, the desire, to leave the domestic area and to experience the environment in the nude as you do quite naturally like a clothed human being, grew.

However, this is not possible in the densely populated area, where I live. On the website, One day, I got the information about nude hiking in public space.

With the so-called 'Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT)' [en: Westphalian Naturist Days], nude hikes and bicycle tours were offered on several consecutive days, e.g.:

Fr 2016-08-26 - Northern Münsterland - Hiking | bike tour
Small tracks through fields, meadows, short forest passages, farmland.
Either Hiking:
In total about 26 km, approx. 120 m cumulated difference in altitude. 2 cars for food and beverage supplies after about 8 and 17 km in total. Option for a shorted hike (about 17 km in total)
Or biking

To take part in a nude hike did interest me very much. I expected a new impression of nature, as I had never known it before. I wanted to let the forces of nature like wind and sun act on me. As part of a group hike, I also felt safe enough. I would not have done such a hike on my own alone.

So, I registered myself at short notice and received after a few days detailed information. A very professionally designed PDF file (from the WNT initiators Mic and Rainer) provided me with all the necessary information and gave me an absolutely serious impression.

My questions about the event were always answered promptly and precisely.

The hike should have a length of about 26 km and be accompanied by two refreshment breaks. Northern Münsterland was announced as the region. In terms of a rural character, it has a rather loose settlement, often farmhouses, fields, forest, and the like.

This looked perfectly, because encounters with clothed people could certainly not be avoided, but should not happen too often from my point of view.

I wanted to approach the topic of 'nude hiking' carefully, preferably through positive reactions and experiences."

Read the entire report by Thomas: "Meine erste Nacktwanderung" as PDF.

 ► Sat 27 Aug: 16 or 23 km hiking in the nude [27 August 2016]

Hinking in the buff
Hiking in the buff

14 naturists met at 'Westerwinkel' Castle and hiked at up to 30 °C and sunshine mainly on shady – and gravelly – forest trails to 'Nordkirchen' Castle and then back to the starting point.

Several people, who probably did not know or could not classify nude hiking activities, called the police, so we had a visit of a police patrol in between. After the policeman first spoke a bit confusing of possibly "perceived insult", he finally only asked us to take care for older ladies on traffic roads. Of course we will do that! We have rejected all other allegations as unfounded.

After 16 km, the hiking group reached the recreation place for the second time, and after the break, 4 hikers decided to take care of their tired feet or calves. They drove back by car, while the others continued their hike as planed for another 7 km.

 ► Sun 28 Aug: Nude hiking and track swimming [28 August 2016]

At the last of WNT 2016 logothe Westphalian Naturist Catch-up Days, 16 participants hiked through the area of the Bockholter Berge [en: Bockholt Mountains]. 40 m above sea level, the highest peaks have an altitude of 13 m, thus leading to 53 m above sea level. But the uphill sections were good to handle for everyone.

At the 'Bockholter Berge'
At the 'Bockholter Berge'

A slope-free part of the hike ran over a few km along the 'Dortmund-Ems-Kanal', whose floods were also used for swimming. The thunderstorm of the previous night had made the up to 32 °C warm air much wetter than on the previous days, so that you already started to sweat in the morning.

The 6 track swimmers among the participants covered 3 km in the 'Ems' River and enjoyed the cool water for more than an hour, while the others continued the hike. At the boat dock of 'Gimbte', we met again.

Before driving home, we went in 'Gimbte' to the restaurant 'Deutscher Herd' [en: German Kitchen Stove] and enjoyed classic German dishes – and also some of delicious ice cream cups.

D · WNT – Westphalian Naturist Days in the 'Münsterland' [27 June 2016]

After having experienced the first “Thüringer Naturisten-Tage (TNT)” spanning nine days in 2015, Westphalian naturists developed the idea, to implement “Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT)” as well. Looking for appropiate tracks was successful. We were even more lucky, to achieve further personal goals:

  • Offer hiking tours and – on some days – also cycling tours in parallel
  • Find mostly barefoot-friendly trails
  • Find places for refreshing skinny-dips
  • Swim along a river
  • Have one or two cars at the trail at places for a break – so-called “break cars“ – for optional hiking without the need to take personal belongings, food, or even water with you.

Nearly everything was fine, well prepared, the weather during the week before the start summerly, bright sky, temperature above 30°C – at the beginning of the Westphalian Naturist Days, weather turned out to be moderate and partly rainy. Bad luck for the planed naktivities, but good luck for our existence, because water is the basis of life – no water, no life. Full stop.

Puddles after heavy rain already days earlier
Puddles after heavy rain already days earlier

Explanation of German names of mentioned nudevents spanning several days:

  • “Thüringer Naturisten-Tage (TNT)“: Thuringian Naturist Days
  • “Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (TNT)“: Westphalian Naturist Days

 ► Sat 18: Start with lasting rain – hike of 18 km discontinued [18 June 2016]

The first day of the Westphalian Naturist Days 2016 started a little bit humid: 18 participants started on a hike planned for 18 km, so that was no need, to drag food and drinks along.

Nevertheless, those few of the hikers, who carried rucksack and umbrella along, were at an advantage: an abundant rain, lasting one-and-a-half hour at moderate 15°C and the tumble of a participant to the ground after slipping on wet asphalt eventually led to a strong shortening of the route. So we arrived at the restaurant hours early than planned. The most beautiful pleasure of the day was the warm shower afterwards …

 ► Sun 19: (Optionally shortened) Hike [19 June 2016]

Rain was over, but we still forewent the puddles of the day before. The temperature arose up to approx. 19&°C, cloudy sky changing with some sunshine in between. Some, who had to start their work early on Monday morning, graded the total distance of 24 km as a little long for them and therefore formed a small group of short-distance hikers, satisfied with 15 km of hiking.

 ► Mon 20: “Osnabrücker Land” [20 June 2016]

Saturday's rain was still in the puddles, but with 22°C and alternating cloudy weather with occasional clearing ups, the hiking conditions in the Osnabrücker Land were not so bad. Between “Mittellandkanal', forest and arable land, we made our way between insights and views.

 ► Tue 21: “Teutoburg” Forest [21 June 2016]

12 naturists enjoyed rain-sodden routes, thus particularly suitable for barefoot hiking, through the “Teutoburg” Forest – or short: “Teuto” – in increasingly sunny weather and with views of some beautiful nature pictures.

A course of 17 km, slightly changed due to some too slippery parts of hte planned route, finally led us to a bathing pond and ended in a basin for hydrotherapy according to Sebastian Kneipp. On a bench for dangling your feet, we could get the feet, which we just had cleaned in the basin, dry again by dangling them in the sunshine, while patiently unwinding ourselfes.

 ► Wed 22: “Paderborner Land” / “Eggegebirge” [22 June 2016]

Finally sun and warmth: up to 25&°C rose the thermometer, and a lot of sunshine accompanied the 16 hikers through the Paderborn Land – well, that a large part of the hike led through forest. In the Eggegebirge, a cumulative increase of 570 m in altitude had to be made.

Part of the 18 km long hike led along the viaduct path from which we could look at the large and the small railway viaduct at “Altenbeken' from varying perspectives. After such a lot of physical exercise, we enjoyed finally a tasty dinner, to relax and to replenish our energy.

 ► Thu 23: At the Ems River between Warendorf and Telgte [23 June 2016

On the hottest day of the Westphalian Naturist Days with 34&°C and 14 hours of sunshine, 2 groups formed: 10 participants used the flat land for bike tour of 50 km, which i.a. led to the lookout tower on the green banks of the Ems River. Later, a blowout caused the cyclists to shorten the tour by a few km. While we were busy with the repair, two police officers, who passed us on a bike patrol [Yes, that is part of normal business in Germany!], greeted us very nicely.

The members of the other group opted instead for a combination of hiking and track swimming: It was a deeply impressive, almost dreamlike experience, to be carried in the backstroke of the flow of the Ems through the romantic natural world of the watercourse!

 ► Fri 24: Heavy rain – Climate change very closely to the skin [24 June 2016]

Naturists fell the climate change directly: Heavy rain in the morning turned the hiking and biking paths around “Altenberge” into a dangerous course, so that we had to cancel at short notice the nudevents on Friday due to real danger of tumbling onto the ground.

The forecast for Saturday announced heavy rain again all day, which let us to the decision, to cancel that nudevent as well. Wheather forecasts announce 100% probability for rain absolutely seldom – it's quite uncommon, to be able to commit so clearly in the weather. But now!

Rain means life

 ► Regional newspaper “Westfälische Nachrichten” reports about our “Westfälische Naturisten-Tage” [27 June 2016]

Regional newspaper “Westfälische Nachrichten” reports in an article in the rubric “Münsterland” with the headline “Westfälische Naturisten-Tage 2016: ‘Nackt durch die Pampa’” (

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Friedhelm.

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D · 61 nude visitors to the exhibition 'Das nackte Leben' in Münster (Westf.) [7 February 2015]

Additional opening hours of the LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur [en: LWL Museum for Art and Culture] in Münster (Westf.), Germany

On request of a naturist group, the museum had opened the exhibition "Das nackte Leben" [original title in UK: "Bare life"] on Saturday for visitors, who wanted to leave their clothes completely at the cloakroom. The theme was almost to visit the exhibition naked, because many of the paintings show people in nude life situations. So why should the observers of these works of art be clothed? That would be voyeurism!

Since the museum entrance area on the ground floor was still open to the general public for passage, the naturists withdrew to the entrance area of the special exhibition upstairs, which shows paintings from London between 1950 and 1980, after the welcome address by the museum director Dr Arnhold.

In the entrance area of the exhibition, coat racks with hangers were waiting for the visitors, who did not hesitate for long and took off their clothes without further ado. Some even wanted to experience the museum floor barefoot, but most of them kept their shoes or socks on.

The guided tour began on the perron …

… with the presentation of the artists and their different painting techniques.

Soon, three groups were arranged for seperately guided tours. Art historians were responsible for presenting the pictures and explaining their special features to the nude visitors. Only a few of the nude visitors had renounced a guided tour and dedicated themselves to the appreciation of art calmly contemplating the works of art on their own.

For most of the naturists, it was the first time they had been nude in a museum, but some of the participants had already visited the exhibition "Naked Men in Art" in the nude two years ago in the Leopold Museum in Vienna – at that time even 300 nude visitors had come, after the museum had announced the hours for nude visits in the press. Now, the LWL Museum in Münster has proven, that here, too, a cosmopolitan understanding of naturist appreciation of art does exist.

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