CH · Body and Freedom Festival 2018 [23 August 2018]

“The first edition of Body and Freedom Flyer Body and Freedom Festival 2018 Fotooccured in the small city of Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), August 2015, with authorisation and financial support from the city: The high interest of artists and a wide international and national media echo has shown the importance of a festival presenting artistic statements with the naked body in public space and confronting it with its architecture, passers-by, rules, laws and medias.
The second edition will take place in Zurich and invites 18 performance projects. […] In addition, an evening program inside will offer talks and lectures giving insights in practices and meanings of the naked body in past and present, looking back several centuries as well as widening the scope of our interpretations of the effects of naked performing in public today.”
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 ► Financing

“The city and the canton of Zurich, as potential major sponsors, do not support the Body and Freedom Festival, they prioritise in a different manner. The financing of the festival is therefore dependent on donations and generous privately granted benefits.
Your support to reduce the deficit:
Postkonto IBAN CH22 0900 0000 2500 3247 9, POFICHBEXXX, Thomas Zollinger Ritual Theater
Thank you very much!”
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CH · The Dragon of Macun [10 February 2018]

Piz Macun rises high above the valleys. A secret place with 23 glacial lakes. The glacier is hidden under huge masses of basement. And for as long as there have been people here, they have told each other the saga of Dragun, the dragon, who sleeps here under the ice in a secret cave. What does he look like? No one has seen him until …

There, he appears, he approaches a woman. Don't worry, dragons have a good soul.

She is not afraid. Soon, he is carrying her heavy bag. Together, they set off on the long descent into the valley.

“Aren't you cold?” she asks him. “Why? I have fire in my blood!” When I feel like it, I melt some ice in my cave. Down on Zeznina, he wants to go back, but she wants him to keep coming, all the way to the alp, please. Dragons are shy, don't want to be seen. Dragons are curious. There is not a soul on the alp either. He quickly empties her bag onto the ground, looks at everything and goes back to Macun in the sun, pondering. In the evening he disappears into his cave.

I can still hear him. Breathing heavily after his climb through the shadow valley, he lies exhausted in his cave, boulders of amphibolite everywhere. Colour grey to grey-green, greenish-black he reads in his little book as he breathes some fire. Density 2.75 to 3.15, it says. The main constituents are hornblende and plagioclase feldspar, it continues. Biotite, chlorite, garnets, epidote. That sounds dangerous. Amphibolite has great strength and is weather-resistant. That reassures Dragun, and it will probably also be fireproof. But he lacks the strength to try it out. He prefers to sleep until summer comes again. It was pleasant to hike with him.

He lives on the Lais d' Immez under the glacier. But: Please don't tell anyone!

 – Text and photos: Peter, 16 October 2017; “Macun-Seen” (

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