D · Sächsische Naturisten-Tage (SNT) 2020: Mon 27 Jul: Paddling in the nude on the Elbe River [29 July 2020]

During the SNT 2020, on Mon 27 July, we could enjoy the day riding an inflated boat or a kayak in Saxon Switzerland:

Already in 2018 and 2019, the opportunity to explore the Elbe valley from the water by paddling nude was gladly accepted. This time, 25 naturists were interested and travelled from the hut by public bus to Bad Schandau. 24 of them were distributed to three inflatable boats, one preferred a kayak.

We experienced a hot day with many breaks for swimming and thoroughly nice encounters with numerous groups, families, or couples in boats on the Elbe and many more on the banks and on ships. Shortly before the reaction ferry at Kurort Rathen, the excitement rose, if the ice cream booth with “the best ice cream on the way from here to Italy” (that's their advertising slogan) there at the Elbe cycle path would have opened. We were lucky and could enjoy the cold goodies there again in the nude.

Shortly before Stadt Wehlen, we landed on the right, put on some clothes and bought refreshments at a kiosk. Then, we returned to the boats and undressed again for the last, short stage. After landing on the left side of the Elbe, we returned the boats and sunbathed on the meadow until the train left for Pirna and on to Pirna-Copitz.

We enjoyed the evening after a short walk in the micro-brewery Zum Giesser in Pirna-Copitz. A chartered bus later brought us back to Ottendorf. Thanks for the wonderful day!

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Martin

D · Week of nude hikes in Saxon Switzerland: paddle or hike [7 August 2018]

During the SNT 2018, on Tue 7 August, there was an option to enjoy the day either riding an inflated boat or by hiking through sandstone formations in Saxon Switzerland:

20180807 Boat tour on the river Elbe: Low waterOn Tuesday, we had the choice between 20180807 Lick an icecream in  the town Kurort Rathena hike in the nude or to ride an inflatable boat on the Elbe. 10 naturists rode the boat from Königstein to Pirna. In between, we took a rest near the ferry at the town Kurort Rathen [en: Spa Town Rathen], to refresh ourselves in the nude together with textile-wearing people – mostly families – by licking icecream or drinking cool buttermilk-elderberry beverages.

20180807 Hockstein: Look-out in direction of Hohnstein Castle17 participants opted for a classical 20180807 Nude rest in a beer gardenhike in the nude, which we started at a car park near the Hockstein. Later, we had a impressive look-out to Hohnstein Castle. The following descent led over ladders worked adventurously into narrow stone gaps. Due to the sunshine, the temperature went up to over 30°C, only in the caves and the Gautschhöhle [en: Gautsch Grotto], the air was clearly cooler. In the beer garden at Waltersdorfer Mühle [en: Waltersdorf Mill], we could rest in the buff to enjoy coffee, ice, sausages, and beer. Other dressed guests were very interested in our way of hiking and started detailed conversations. Finally we went up the Polenztal Valley and arrived after a difficult final climb at the Hockstein.

SNW 2018 photo album

D · TNT – Fri 20 July: Nude paddling day – canoeing on the Hohenwarte Dam [21 July 2018]

During the TNT 2018, on Wed 18 July, there was an option to enjoy the day either on bike or on foot:

About 30°C air temperature and only a few clouds were the pleasant conditions – but this caused also a challenge for the water sports fans with regard to sun protection. To cool down, they could spray each other with water or jump into the floods occasionally. Since not everyone is able to climb back into the canoe on the high seas, however, most of the sudden falls into the water took place close to the shore.

20180720 All are ready  20180720 Last greetings towards the camera  20180720 Well stowed, nearly save  20180720 Life vest: Stylish Highlight

 – Photos: natfree

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