NZ · Report by Milt (USA): Nude Zealand (intro) [17 May 2019]

“Nude Zealand” is more than a pun: It expresses our experience as naturists in NZ, that inhabitants and tourists took our lifestyle as naturally normal. Milt (USA) reports from his point of view. He was one of the very early birds at NEWT. Since 2009, he joined several NEWT groups for naturist hiking weeks in Austria. In 2019, Nude Zealand was on the agenda. We could simply participate and enjoy the NZ tour, because Milt did a great preparation work. Now, we have got his report about our nude exploring of New Zealand Let me be part of naturein 2019:

Hello friends,

I’ve been meaning for weeks to put together a brief report for you about Dan, John, Rainer and Milt’s Excellent Adventure looking for naturist opportunities in New Zealand.  I would have to rate our efforts a grand success.  We were nude more often than we might have reasonably expected.

South island

 ► 6 to 10 Feb 2019: Te Anau

After Dan, John and Rainer arrived in Auckland early in February, we soon flew down to the South Island, where the Southern Alps in Fiordland National Park are famous for stunning scenery.  Our first day out from our base at Te Anau, we crossed a river on a walk wire, a kind of minimalist suspension bridge, guaranteed to keep the average out-of-shape textile tourist away.  Later we hiked nude up a stream looking for an elusive waterfall.  All in all a good start.

The next day was cool and rainy, but we climbed up to a gorgeous alpine lake in a hanging valley and went for a skinny dip in its chilly waters.

On the third day we made a special arrangement with a water taxi to take us across a river to a beautiful circuit hike to a high lookout.  Our special arrangement gave us an hour’s head start over others who came on the regular ferry schedule, so we were able to do essentially the whole circuit nude.  Late in the day we managed a skinny-dip in nearby Lake Manapouri.  And since it was late in the day, we walked nude back to the car along part of the famous Kepler Track (one of New Zealand’s “Great Walks”) while running into very few late walkers.

On the fourth day we took the textile boat tour of Milford Sound in the morning, but in the afternoon we climbed up to Key Summit east of the Sound, and then had a great nude adventure following the ridge to the south of the Summit.  The weird “Hobbit trees” of the patchy forest and the expansive views of several alpine lakes made that one of the most memorable of our excursions.  Once again, thanks to our late-in-the-day timing, we (or at least the less cold-averse among us) were able to hike nude back to the car following part of another of the “Great Walks”, this one the Routeburn Track.

Gallery: Te Anau


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NZ · Discover New Zealand during 4 weeks – also in the nude [28 April 2019]

How do you get Could you be tempted to turn to the naturist way of life? It's your turn now.the idea, to travel from Germany about 20,000 km around almost half the planet for a nude holiday?

Quite simple: To see friends from the USA again and to do something together with them, to get to know new things, to meet people and to speak with them, to finally report about it. New Zealand is famous for being a world of its own on Earth, offering a lot of different landscapes and many options to enjoy nature. A German experienced that together with naturists from USA.

And that's how it turned out:

 ► 01: From Austria via Florida …

In 2017, 48 naturists from 10 countries got NEWT 2017to know each other during NEWT. One evening, Milt presented nude hiking in the USA. Afterwards he informed us, that he would be in Florida in February and March and that interested naturists could visit him there. That was a great offer. Horst and I visited him in the naturist club "Sunsport Gardens" in Florida, met other naturists there and explored the quite wide surroundings.

During our visit we learned, that Milt wanted to explore New Zealand nude in February 2019 with Dan and John (also USA). That was the next temptation.

 ► 02: … to Aotearoa

From 6 February to 5 March 2019, Dan, John and I were able to explore New Zealand with Milt – well prepared and relaxed thanks to his precisely elaborated planning. We travelled 10 days on the South Island, then on the North Island.

The size of the islands, the diversity and uniqueness of the landscapes, Becoming one with Mother Natureflora and fauna were impressive.

The Southern Alps, Fiords – "Fjord" is written "Fiord" here – and Sounds, an extensive network of well-marked hiking routes, water-rich rivers, numerous waterfalls, lonely beaches and much more are to be emphasised. Particularly impressive were Giant ferns, trunk height up to 8 m; leaf length up to 3 mgiant ferns (trunk height up to 8 m; leaf length up to 3 m), cold rain forests with lush vegetation, columnar Kauri trees and redwoods, which need a group of several people to embrace on of them, geothermal energy around Roturua, boiling lakes and bubbling hot mud holes even in the middle of the city park, thermal bathing opportunities in approx. 39 to – in the "Hot and Cold Water Pool" next to a country road – approx. 46°C hot streams. The "Hot and Cold Water Pool" was very special – especially hot from an inflowing stream, cool in the main current. So it was very easy, to create a pleasant mixing temperature by gently moving back and forth or to feel two temperatures at the same time.

Our experiences

We travelled between Auckland on the north island and Queenstown on the south island.

Our activities are associated with many memories:


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