D · Naked audience in Theaterhaus Jena [21 February 2020]

Jena's landmarks: the tower ruin “Anatomieturm” and the “JenTower”On Saturday, 15 February 2020, Art city Jena: Exposition “Nowinka” in the “Kunstsammlung”Theaterhaus Jena provided the opportunity to its audience, to attend that day’s performance of the play “Nackt” [en: “Naked”] naturally, i.e. without clothes.

‘Six people are on stage. Six people with six bodies whose mission it is to become visible as such. […] Today, we offer a special audience zone to naturists!”

Naked audience in Theaterhaus Jena:
Partly unclothed audience members watched the play “Nackt”,
where actors and actresses are partly nude.
We all together – also in the altogether!

Most of the over 50 naturists (roughly half of the total audience of the evening) from Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland took the visit to the theatre in the nude as an occasion to get acquainted with the city of Jena and to combine it with a short holiday in Thuringia.

At night in the Theaterhaus, those, who liked to be nude, had the opportunity to drop their clothes in a separated room. Before the performance began, unclothed and clothed visitors met in the lobby and had some colourful conversations and discussions about being nude and about art.

The undressed spectators were the first to be allowed access to the hall. Theaterhaus had reserved front chair rows for them as “FKK Bereich” [en: “Naturist area”]. Naked audience in the TheaterhausBefore the performance started, an employee of the theatre took a picture of those nude spectators, for whom being in pictures was not a problem. After this photo session, those spectators, who had not laid off their clothes, were allowed to seek their chairs.

Five actresses, among them the play’s director Lizzy Timmers, and one actor, Scene from “Nackt” – Photo by Joachim Dette (by courtesy of Theaterhaus Jena'acted, stood, walked, jumped, and ran on stage – depending on the topic of the scene – sometimes clothed, sometimes half-clothed, and often totally unclothed. Between the various scenes, the cast gave short explanations of the social and historic relations and backgrounds. Mimicry, posture and choice of words of the cast are determined by the played emotions and reactions – e.g. in a scene in which two women, who only wore walking boots, made a short break of their nude hike during which a couple of clothed hikers walked by.

It was an exciting evening, with a play rich in variety and addressing a wide variety of aspects of being in the nude. The performance took two hour – however, it was past before the audience was aware.

After the performance, the visitors of the theatre had the opportunity, to discuss their impressions with members of the cast and with other spectators in the Theatercafé next to Theaterhaus Jena.

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D · “Pieces and Elements” in PACT Zollverein, Essen [12 May 2017]

Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart during 9 years. Afterwards she danced classical ballet for 6 years. In 1999, she made a radical shift: Since then, she created her own choreographic works and projects, in which the human body serves in a totally new way as integrated part of an ensemble of corpses.

Isabelle Schad – photo Bettina Stöss – Wikimedia Common License

"Pieces and Elements" is part II of a trilogy (after “Collective Jumps”), in which the physical moves of each individual participant on stage is merged into those of all others to a harmonic overall move or in which the different impulse of the individual is taken over by the others, thus eventually forming new harmony from inconsistent moves, that were initially carried out side by side.

For example, it is fascinating to see, how the arms of 6 dancers coalesce to two dancing snakes, that seem to move freely through the room, while the bodies of the dancers, all covered in black, practically disappear in front of the dark background (hint: last part of the trailer from [0:00:57] on).

Isabelle Schad – Solo for Lea – Wikimedia Common License

Also spectacular are collective contortions by the nude dancers: part of them being artistic arm and leg positions, partly acrobatic motion sequences. Most imposing, however, is the harmony of the moving action, disappearing again and again in order to be developed once more in renewed collectivity


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D · “tanzhaus nrw”: “More than naked” – Choreography by Doris Uhlich [9 September 2016]

Theatre season opening with 20 nude dancers on 8 and 9 Sep

tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf presented 20 nude dancers on stage for the season opening. “The staging becomes a good-humoured exploration of the human body, better: a still life of the flesh, in which the dancers wiggle, click, wobble, sweat, and clap their bodies together …” was the notice in avance. A trailer gives a first impression of it.

Trailer: “More than naked” (youtube.com), Jerusalem 2016

Doris Uhlich: “more than naked” – Photo: Theresa Rauter

7 of the approx. 400 spectators were nude on Friday.

At our request, tanzhaus nrw gave us the freedom to be in the buff in the main hall and its entrance area . Not only 20 artists danced in the nude, but we were alsoon Friday evening watching in the nude.

Nobody was surprised, when we took off all our clothes and left them in the cloak room.

When we sat in the main hall as nude spectators between clothed ones, we were asked by many aside: “Why are you nude?” Most common answer was, “If I want to understand and empathise with the work of a nude artist, that's only possible, if I'm nude myself. You feel with them so much more intensely!”

The dance performance was very body oriented: Bobbing muscles of buttocks, arms, legs, and abdominals, penises and women's breasts following the centrifugal force, when jumping and jumping, bodies clashingly bouncing against another, athletic jumps and skilful falls onto the floor characterised the impression next to sensitively detailed studies of the human body

After the piece shown, Doris Uhlich – now dressed again – stayed in the entrance area to answer questions by interested vistors. We naturists participated in this Q&A session too, of course stil naturally in the nude. It developed naturally into a very normal “All together in the altogether” situation – everybody relaxed and accepting all others without thinking about being dressed or nude.

The performance was worth the trip!

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