NL · Naked Tour in Kunsthal Rotterdam: Guided tour through exhibition “I’m Your Mirror” [7 October 2019]

Since 2017, Kunsthal in Rotterdam has been organising its “Naked Tour” every year with great success.

Kunsthal Rotterdam, “Naked Tour”: “I'm your mirror”

The museum offers from time to time, to walk nude through the exhibition. Each time, the guided “Naked Tour” attracts more and more naturists.

This year, it took place on 28 September. By looking at herself in the mirrors of this Venetian mask, the naked visitor turns herself into part of the artwork …The previously registered, approx. 60 visitors could visit the works of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos undressed. Four museum guides explained the individual artworks to groups of younger and older nude visitors including a grandmother and her two granddaughters.

The exhibited works this time had no relation to the nude person or body, unlike so often on naturist guided tours through museums. They were oversized objects, with which the artist satirically mocked the “roles” of men and women in society – for example in a pair of high heels made of chrome kitchen pots or by transforming a helicopter, i.e. a typical “male” object, Different perspective, new insights?into an extremely feminine “lilicopter” with feminine attributes.

In the Netherlands, too, The discrepancy between the hard metal of the artwork and the soft construction of the human body renders visitors themselves part of the exhibition. A tram of line 23, which passes the museum just outside on Westzeedijk Straat, also gives the impression, that it is one of the artworks …media interest in events, where you can be nude, is growing. This is already evident from the fact, that a photographer and a cameraman accompanied the naturists and Algemeen Dagblad, second largest newspaper of the Netherlands, reported about it in an article “In je blootje door de Kunsthal: kijken naar de expositie en een beetje naar elkaar” ( on 29 September 2019. Already in 2018, the countrywide known presenter Lauren Verster informed about the Naked Tour in the Kunsthal at that time in her TV show “Lauren!”.

We learned during our visit, that there shall be another “Naked Tour” in 2020 – natury will inform you.

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L · Naturist visit of the Villa Vauban Museum on Thu 3 Oct 2019 [6 October 2019]

Elena Brotherus' work exhibited in Villa Vauban …

… in Luxembourg City. It was a trigger to Guido, to initiate a naturist tour on 3 October 2019. Ten naturists took part in a guided visit of photographs by the Finnish artist. They took part in a guided visit in the nude watching an exhibition of her photographs.

Villa Vauban – Photo Story

Information about:
Villa Vauban · Elina Brotherus

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D · Nude museum visit: “Nackt und bloß” in Landesmuseum Hannover [5 May 2017]

23 naturists joined the exhibition's curator Dr Barbara Martin on a guided tour through the special exposition “Nackt und bloß” [en: Naked and bare] in Hanover State Museum.

Two couples
Two couples

She informed about the development of nude painting and the changing attitudes to nudity and gender roles in the society of about 100 years ago, as well as paintings and graphics of Lovis Corinth and his underlying motivation.

The tour created better understanding among those participating. For natury personally, the picture “Die Nacktheit” [en: Nudity] of a lying woman and two playing children triggered most intense feelings, as it remembered him of his birthdays as a child (on hot July days celebrated nude in the garden) and of very similar photos of these days, showing children concentrated on playing their games just as deeply as those on the picture at the exhibition and waving as cheerfully as the depicted child.

After the guided tour, the naturists had the opportunity to visit “KunstWelten” [en: Art Worlds], one of the standard exhibitions in the State Museum, where visitors can step through art back to the 13th century.

There is an almost 200-year-old statue, showing a modern and young looking couple, who demonstrate, what is still happening now and then today: He is quite naturally in the nude, but she does not dare. And there is the living couple of nowadays, holding hands behind the stony one, 200 years after the creation of the statue.

Although we had already explored a part of the museum before the tour – where natury also saw the bog body of the Man from “Neu-Versen”, which shuddered him with fear 60 years ago, when he was a pupil. Time was too short, to cover all the treasures of the multi-thematic state museum (country, coast, and air worlds, human worlds = evolution and ethnology, art worlds, etc.): We will definitely come back, even in clothes if absolutely necessary!


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D · 61 nude visitors to the exhibition “Das nackte Leben” in Münster (Westf.) [7 February 2015]

Additional opening hours of the LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur [en: LWL Museum for Art and Culture] in Münster (Westf.), Germany

On request of a naturist group, the museum had opened the exhibition "Das nackte Leben" [original title in UK: "Bare life"] on Saturday for visitors, who wanted to leave their clothes completely at the cloakroom. The theme was almost to visit the exhibition in the nude, because many of the paintings show people in nude life situations. So why should the observers of these works of art be clothed? That would be voyeurism!

Since the museum entrance area on the ground floor was still open to the general public for passage, the naturists withdrew to the entrance area of the special exhibition upstairs, which shows paintings from London between 1950 and 1980, after the welcome address by the museum director Dr Arnhold.

In the entrance area of the exhibition, coat racks with hangers were waiting for the visitors, who did not hesitate for long and took off their clothes without further ado. Some even wanted to experience the museum floor barefoot, but most of them kept their shoes or socks on.

The guided tour began on the perron …

… with the presentation of the artists and their different painting techniques.

Soon, three groups were arranged for seperately guided tours. Art historians were responsible for presenting the pictures and explaining their special features to the nude visitors. Only a few of the nude visitors had renounced a guided tour and dedicated themselves to the appreciation of art calmly contemplating the works of art on their own.

For most of the naturists, it was the first time they had been nude in a museum, but some of the participants had already visited the exhibition "Nude Men in Art" in the nude two years ago in the Leopold Museum in Vienna – at that time even 300 nude visitors had come, after the museum had announced the hours for nude visits in the press. Now, the LWL Museum in Münster has proven, that here, too, a cosmopolitan understanding of naturist appreciation of art does exist.

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