A · YouTube videos concerning weeks of naked walking in the Austrian Alps during NEWT [12 December 2017]

In summer 2017, the Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) took place again in the Austrian Alps.

NEWT 2017

Two videos on YouTube about naked wandering during NEWT 2017, part 1 and 2 (HD, approx. 15 min each), may give you an idea of how exciting the nude hikes were.

Another video on YouTube (HD, 60 min) describes the course of events during a week of hikes in the nude during NEWT 2013.

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D · Hike of the BjN-youth in Vogtland [6 December 2017]

Young naturists, organised in the German “Bund junger Naturisten (BjN) e. V.” [en: Asociation of young naturists], did a hike in Vogtland (Saxony) hiked in the buff. In between, they visited Pöhl Dam, Triebtal Valley, Weiße Elster River, as well as Mosenturm Tower on the Eisenberg Mountain. Unfortunately, no time was left to visit the biggest naturist beach within Germany near Helmsgrün, but from the lookout on the Mosenturm, we got a positive impression.

Our hike of young naturists did not only lead along official hiking trails, but we had some fun hiking sondern gerne auch cross-country through meadows and fields, forests and canyons as well as along raging rivers (Weiße Elster). We did a large part of the hike in natural areas, where rarely other people are.

This also made it possible, to experience nature in a special way for a while. Barefoot and only dressed with the rucksack, we could cover a small part of the way. All the young participants found the barefoot experience very pleasant. It was also possible for us, to have an undisturbed naturist picnic halfway along the route. With summery 20°C and direct sunlight, this rest was one of the highlights of this section of the route and urgently necessary for the growling stomachs. Late in the evening, we arrived back in Berlin and are sure: We will come back!

Hint: For the protection of our youthful members, we unfortunately cannot show photos of our members. Besides the photos in the blog on our website www.bund-junger-naturisten.de we can only show naturist photos of our national leader, who also guided the youth group during the hike.
German Text and photos: © Bund junger Naturisten (BjN) e.V.
– Courtesy of BjN –

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D · Golden October for the photo hike the Venne Moor [19 October 2017]

Nude hiking for the practice of photographic art was once again a motive for a 12 km long hike in and in Venner Moor.

Nude photo hike in Venner Moor
Nude photo hike in Venner Moor

Autumn-colored foliage shone intensely in the warm-coloured rays of the sun, and the summery residual tan on the bodies of the hikers mirrored a similar hue. There were few trees in bog and, therefore, little shelter from the elements, especially the sun which was able to contribute powerful heat radiation. We started at noon when the air temperatures were still slightly below 20°C. In these conditions we easily captured the photos we wanted and, as a small reward, had coffee and cake in the late afternoon at the end of the hike. The following day had rain and cool temperatures – so we had probably used the last day of the year with summer temperatures.

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D · Tue 3 October: Hike through Fairy Tale Forest in Burgwald Mountains [7 October 2017]

On 3 October at the initiative of Horst K., one woman and six men met for a Märchenwald [en: Fairy Tale Forest] hike on the Panoramaweg [en: Panorama Trail] in Burgwald Mountains around Rauschenberg near Marburg. All enjoyed the day, and the weather appeared much better than at home.

On the way to the castle ruin, we passed through the Fairy Tale Forest, which had been planted some 20 years earlier. At the ruin, we met a few youngsters, who had bounced up the mountain on bicycles. They had chosen this terrain as their adventure playground for the day.

Several hikers on the way were all wrapped in thick clothes. They often asked us, in amazement, if it were not cold. We explained, that this was not the case for us. When human skin acting as a temperature sensor receives uniform information, the body adapts – within reasonable limits – to the ambient temperature without feeling cold. When the body is provided with contradictory information – warm under clothing and cool on unclothed skin – then body temperature regulation does not work so well.

After 16 km we followed the example of peacefully grazing sheep and ended our day at a restaurant in Rauschenberg.

 – Report: Rainer (Westphalia); photos: Rainer (Odenwald).

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D · Catch-up days from 24 to 27 August of the Westphalian Naturist Days [27 August 2017]

Those naktivites in Münsterland in June / July, which had to be abandoned or cancelled, are now put onto the agenda again at end of August expecting more stable weather conditions.

 ► Thu 24 Aug: Nude hike tour in the Hohe Ward [24 August 2017]

The thermometer showed 20°C, as 20 nude hikers undressed at the car park and started their hike. The sun peered through the clouds only from time to time and so it took some time to warm the air up to 24°C in the afternoon. The participants got an impression of how intensively the area is used for water catchment. Everywhere, you encountered fountains and place of sampling, i.e. to measure the quality of the water. At the water works, constructed in 1908, you could taste a dram.

The Hohe Ward is a woodland to the south of MünsterIt is traditionally used as a water catchment areaWarning of the oak processionary mothOn the way to a bath in the canal

But the city of Münster also considers the health of hikers and walkers in the forest and warns that the oak procession moth can cause allergies and health problems. A creepy story is also told by the bronze plaque on the Freistuhl, a former court place, where 13 skulls were found, which, in the truest sense of the word, were literally muzzled by a nail driven downwards through the skull, which was than bent below the chin – someday at the end of the Middle Ages.

Bronze plaque on the Freistuhl

Finally,the group reached the Dortmund-Ems Canal near of the railway bridge of the Hamm-Münster train line, where some of the participants enjoyed a cooling in the water. At the end of the day, the restaurant Prinzenbrücke had an adequate, delicious refreshment after the hike of 17 km.

 ► Thu 24 Aug: A nude hiker encounters a clothed cell phone in the Hohe Ward and feels happy to be able to return it to the woman who lost it [25 August 2017]

On Thursday evening, an e-mail arrived at natury: "We have probably met a group of you in Hiltruper Wald this morning. My friend lost his cell phone during our walk and hopes that one of the hikers might have found the cell phone.".

The mail survey to all migrant participants yielded the answer of Jens: "… then it is probably the cell phone of your friend, which I found. As I passed the place as the third of our group, I have asked only the two people in front of, if they missed the phone. So, I am glad to be able to return the mobile to the owner." Everything will be fine!

 ► Fri 25 Aug: Nude hike or bike tour near Altenberge [25 August 2017]

Today, from the same starting point, there was a nude hike over 26 km for 9 pedestrians and a 52 km nude bike tour for 12 cyclists. The weather offered for both activities sunny and warm conditions up to 25°C, which again invited some to a bath in a lake.

The cycling group had numerous encounters of different kinds: with people, with horses, and with police officers – the latter had received several calls and spent more than 2 hours of their service to search for the nude cyclists. That prompted them, to ask the cyclists to be informed in advance about similar events in the future – then they could calm down callers right on the phone: “We know, that they are not doing anything bad.”. In addition, we noticed, that the bike path is in some places as narrow as an one-way road – but possible contraflow needs to be taken into account.

 ► Participant's report regarding a nude hike on Friday, 25 August [29 August 2017]

"Thanks again for another very pleasant day.

Having hiked now the same trail for the third time, it was nevertheless nice, not least because of the co-hikers.

Nude people apparently do not have high inhibitions, because we were en route quite familiar and friendly with each other.

I also felt the stop after the hike in the restaurant Das kleine Kartoffelhaus very lovely, especially due to the chance to be there in the nude. Many thanks to the landlady and the service staff, such a welcome is certainly not commonplace.*)

 – Report: Thomas


*) Maybe not commonplace, but also not unique: In the same inn in 2016, in the beergarden of the restaurant “Zum Ziegenhainer” in Jena, Germany, in 2016, and others.

 ► Sat 26 Aug: Nude hike near Venner Moor [26 August 2017]

On Saturday, a nude hike through Venner Moor was on schedule. 24 naturists gathered under a bright and cloudy sky, whereupon the temperature rising to 26°C during the course of the hike.

We hiked across the Woermann farm again – in 2012, the farmer had searched the Internet as to nude hikes and contacted us. Then we went on to the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal and through the Venner Moor to the place for a rest. Many of the hikers approaching us asked us questions as to hiking in the nude, which we willingly answered in detail.

The hike trail crosses the Woermann farmBotany in the Moor of im Venne

After the rest, we met an excursion carriage with a group of young women, who usually form a roup of regulars, but today made their annual trip. Their laughter and shouts awoke a whole pack of deer in the neighboring forest, which we could still observe on a forest glade. Then, just arriving on the car park to start and finish our nude hike, we met the excursion carriage with the group of young women again, who – probably animated by us nude hikers – agreed on the game "Which team lays the longest chain of clothes?" and therefore undressed (almost completely).

 ► Sat 26 Aug: Nude performance on the inner harbour of Münster [26 August 2017]

On Saturday evening, eleven women and men entered the platform “On Water” by the artist Ayse Erkmens, who had been installed in the old harbor basin during the “Sculpture Projects Münster 2017”. With the the feet pacing on the platform in the water, letters were to be seen on chests and backs of the performance artists, displaying the letters “NATÜRLICH.” [en: “NATURAL.”] and the logo of the city of Münster on one hand and on the other the letters “LEBENSWERT.” [en: “WORTH_LIVING.”] – the motto of the city of Münster.

“Münster is worth living”“Naturism is Natural”

With a few twists and turns, the words could be read alternately from all sides, and at the end of the performance, the performers were acknowledged a little with applause from the estimated 3,000 people of Münster present.

 ► Sun 27 Aug: Nude hike near Merfeld [27 August 2017]

Sunday was the last day of the catch-up days, offering as good conditions for nudevents, as the days before. 16 nude hikers, aged between 30 and 80 years, covered a distance of about 15 km in the Merfeld area. As part of the track, you had the choice to wade a brook, while others continued on dry paths. Those, who waded, realized, that there are also ascents in the Münsterland: the brook has three (artificial) waterfalls with a drop height of about 30 cm each on a distance of 1 km.

Along the alley towards the enclosure of the Dülmen Pony

Also as part of the hike, a side trip to the Dülmen Pony and finally a refreshment in the restaurant Waldfrieden took place. This year's series of naturist weeks drew to a close.

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D · Hike in Lahn-Dill Mountains on Sunday, 20 August [22 August 2017]

At the meeting point of the hike, a rather fresh wind was blowing in the late morning. However, an air temperature of about 17°C made a textile-free hike possible on the varied route, which offered far-reaching views into the hilly landscape of the Lahn-Dill Mountains. Cloudy skies alternated with diffuse sunlight and bright sunshine. A short rain shower, which surprised the hiking group during a rest, could not disturb the mood for hiking on the route of approximately 15 km. The end of the nice day was spent together in a pizzeria with delicious food.

 – Report and photos: Horst K.; Translation: John

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D · Nude hiking days in Saxon Switzerland – 7 to 18 August 2017 [19 August 2017]

Also in 2017, Wolfgang and Andreas, tireless initiators of nude hikes, invited to participate in their tours in Saxon Switzerland.

 ► Mon 7 Aug: Hike around and on the Bielatal [08 August 2017]

The Bielatal and its surrounding sights were the aim for 24 naturists who started out on a cloudless summery day with air temperatures of up to 26°C.

Hike at the edge of a hay fieldSunshine all day

Regional daily newpaper Dresdner Morgenpost had sent a photographer and a reporter to collect information about our nude hikes and to write an article for the Sunday newspaper. The two journalists accompanied us onto the Sachsenstein [en: Saxonian Stone] and to a few other viewing points. They often took the opportunity to ask clothed hikers their opinions on nude hiking.

The highlight of the day were the Herkulessäulen [en: Pillars of Hercules], which we saw were conquered by some climbers. We had long talks with some of them, but the topic of nudist climbing was (still) foreign to them.

View on the outlook pointDown below you walk in the nude, on the top you wear a helmet

At the end of the day we explored passages through the maze, which seemed to be a significant test of skill, before we went to either the barbecue in Albert's garden or the chanterelle dinner at a restaurant.

 ► Tue 8 Aug: Nude hike over the Schrammsteine to the Falkenstein [10 August 2017]

The Tuesday hike started with the ascent, and later the descent, to the Schrammsteine. Thirty one nude hikers and many other visitors were there and, consequently, there were longer waiting times for the ladders. The temperature was 21°C with quite a strong wind blowing.

To ascend to higher levelsTo ascend on laddersOr even to hike

It turned out that a large part of our hike was actually a step-up and ladder exercise. Conservative estimates of some climbers thought there were at least 1000 steps.

Then we went across the Gratweg to the Breitenfurt, and later to the Falkenstein, where we met other climbing groups who looked at us with curiosity, puzzlement and amusement from their lofty position.

Panorama with view of the ElbeClimbing stones

In the meantime, the air had reached a temperature of 28°C, and on the ascent to the car park hikers could even get a sweat. For the evening, a few groups arranged for a joint dinner and a chat, which we enjoyed outdoors in the warm summer evening.

 ► Wed 9 Aug: Nude hiking along the Czech border [10 August 2017]

The Wednesday walk started at the car park in Hinterhermsdorf, a small town just a 20 minute walk from the Czech border. During the night it had rained, and now in the sunshine, the 21°C air temperature with humidity of 80%, the 30 participants were soon sweating.

Between sunflower fieldsSpeedy textile hikers ferry us acrossView tower on the Weifberg

First, the path through sunflower fields led to the viewing tower on the Weifberg. This gave a panoramic view far into the country. Then we followed the Folgenweg and the Bammelweg to the Weißbachtal, where the small stream marks the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. On this route we were accompanied by a gentleman, who had read a lot about nude walks at natury.de. But, he said, in the prevailing weather conditions it was not something for him!

The mill wheel is missing, but gears and belt still exist

Since we were denied the boat trip on the upper Kirnitzsch watergate due to our natural lack of attire, we walked on foot to the dam and then climbed the steep route to the Hermannseck. We then continued over the Königsplatz viewpoint and, after a stop (clothed) in the Buchenpark inn, walked back to the car park

 ► Thu 10 Aug: Nude hiking on Gohrisch and Papststein [en: The Pope's Stone] [10 August 2017]

In the night, there was a prolonged thunderstorm with very heavy rain. The temperature was almost 18°C with 99% relative humidity (almost total rain!). The moist atmosphere remained throughout the day. The drops on the display are not rain but condensing mist.

Weather informationNude cavemen

We decided to ascend the Gohrisch first. The view from the highest point showed us billions of tiny nebula droplets with a visibility of about 10 m. Nevertheless, the 24 nude hikers quite frequently met other hiking groups, which were not deterred by the weather as much as we were.

At the excursion area on the Pope's Stone most of the hiking group took the opportunity to enjoy a pot of coffee or a soup. Afterwards we went on to the Hempelhöhle, Lichterhöhle and Eishöhle before some of us went to the farm shop in Gohrisch to get more coffee and to buy a few products.

At the fallow deer park quietness is asked for. This request, however, our nude dog owner could not quite comply with.Passage on the outskirtsBresaola et Fromage [en: Bresaola and Cheese]

In the evening some of us had a Greek style dinner in Pirna, while others preferred Tagliatelle with ham and broccoli in cream sauce, Italian Bresaola and a selection of cheeses.

 ► Fri 11 Aug: Saxon newspaper reported, hiking in the rain on the Lilienstein [en: Lily Stone] [11 August 2017]

On Friday, the newspaper Sächsische Zeitung published a report on the Nude hiking in the Saxon Switzerland. The article contains a photo as to nude hiking and an interview with Wolfgang. The subjects were: "The naturists are on their way again, and what is so exciting about nude hikes is explained by an enthusiast."

The day was not really inviting for nude walking, since it began to drizzle in the morning, and the temperature was only 17°C. The group, which was smaller this time, made its way to the Lily Stone. But it did not get colder until afternoon. Then, one of our hiking eccentrics preferred to go to the thermal baths of Tuscany in Bad Schandau, in order to have a really freezing shower after his visit to the sauna.

Raindrops on the surface of the car parkIn the afternoon the temperature became colder

After 16:00 a few bolts of lightning were added to the rain which was now much heavier. The rain did not cease until after 18:00.

 ► Sat 12 Aug: Rauenstein and Bärensteine [en: Bear Stones] [12 August 2017]

The sun was shining again, but only intermittently, and at around 16°C it was quite cool at the start of the hike. Also there were sharp gusts of wind up to 40 km/h! Overall weather conditions were quite chilly. We started from the village of Pützscha anyway, but few of the 20 naturists were in the nude. Most of the hiking group remembered old stories about the warming effect of clothing, and did not seek to be heroes!

We made an early stop in the Berggaststätte Felsrauenstein (clothed) and had hot coffee and hot soup. Afterwards, during our descent into the valley, the air temperature rose to 18°C. We reached the second pull-out point after a longer walk which included a short textile interlude.

Walk stage, non nude, our textile migrationWalk stage, partly nudeNude rest in front of the Königstein

We first climbed the Little Bear Stone and rested at its viewing platform. It was not practical to go through the narrow entrance to the Great Bear Stone because the stones were still very wet. Some of our group took advantage of the comfortable forest path and approached the climbers. We had a pleasant weather surprise towards the end of the day: around 18:00 the air temperature rose to approx 22°C.

 ► Sun 13 Aug: Excursion and walks in the maze of the senses [13 August 2017]

Fifteen naturists, men and women, made an excursion from the Saxon Switzerland to Kohren-Salis, in the area of Leipzig, to have a naturist day in the »Maze of Senses«. This is a facility where visitors can experiment, play and explore in an unfamiliar environment.

Author and Photographer inform us about their books on the nude lifeSparrows on the table spread the bread crumbs

On our arrival in the morning there was still rain over the whole the region, so we were greeted with sparkling wine and a warm camp fire. The rain continued until lunch time when we had kettle goulash, coffee and apricot cake. Soon, a team from the MDR [MittelDeutscher Rundfunk, a German regional TV and radio station] also came in, and they took video recordings for the TV reportage series Sachsenspiegel [en: Saxony's Mirror]. When the rain had gone, the sun warmed us up during our 3 km long walk through the maze, where we tried some stations to experience ones senses.

Exercise your senses with your eyes closedA view into the mouse house

In parallel, a second group made a climbing tour, which was not afffected by the hyetal region, which moved over Leipzig.

 ► Mon 14 Aug: Nude bicycle ride on the Elberadweg to the Czech Republic [14 August 2017]

The traditional cycling trip to the Czech Republic started in quite cool temperatures of less than 17°C. The cold was particularly noticeable in the shade and the strong wind. But the sun eventually appeared in the blue sky and quickly warmed the cyclists.

Of course, we could not bike through the town named Kurort Rathen without a stop at the railway crossing gate. At the exit of the village, we already announced to the mobile ice-maker our return in the afternoon. However, he did not have enough patience to wait for us: on the way back we had to do it without ice cream.

We crossed the bike path construction site (blocked for pedestrians and cyclists: “Lebensgefahr!” [en: “Danger to life!”] between Königstein and Bad Schandau during our forward run with some difficulty, but decided for our way back to cross the Elbe over Bad Schandauer Brücke [en: Bad Schandau Bridge] to continue the journey on the north bank of the Elbe. In 'önigstein, the ferry brought us back to the south side.

The rest of the trip to the Czech Republic and back went as planned. We had lunch of goulash and Bohemian dumplings and other food. At the end of the day we assembled at a restaurant in the Pirna market square and enjoyed the warm summer evening and cheerful socializing.

 ► Tue 15 Aug: Nude walk between the town of Stadt Wehlen and Bastei [16 August 2017]

The 23 hikers had a sunny day with air temperatures up to 28°C. We started (initially clothed) from the parking lot in the town, which is called Stadt Wehlen. From the edge of the forest we ascended on the Schanzenweg which had picturesque viewpoints to the west and the east, and over the Elbe valley.

View over the Elbe valleyView looking westView looking east

After a short descent to the Tümpelgrund we had a demanding climb in the Griesgrund, a steep valley formed by the fall of the river. It can be climbed in the summer and – like five other trails – leads to the to the Steinerner Tisch [en: Stony Table]. Here we had lunch and a rest from climbing.

For a while it goes steeply downhillThe stairs go up againBeside picturesque stone formationsIn front of the Uttewalder Tor [en: The Gate of Uttewald]

After hiking through beautiful valleys with their greatly varied mossy stone formations, we reached the Uttewalder Tor [en: The Gate of Uttewald]. Here, a teacher of Muslim children spoke to us and asked if she could take a picture of our wandering group in order to show the Muslim children what the natural human body looks like. 16 men and 2 women presented themselves for this educationally valuable photo!

Finally we reached the Teufelsgrund [en: Devil's Ground] and explored its cave system. Even the Heringshöhle [en: Herring's Cave] gave its secrets, to some observers at least. The final attraction was the panoramic view from the Wehlen castle ruins. And here too, at the Café Eierschecke, we enjoyed ice cream and coffee before our descent to the Wehlener Marktplatz [en: Marketplace of Stadt Wehlen].

Diurnal butterflyDiurnal butterfly< /p>

Those who were unable to hike spent a splendid summer day at Albert. In the garden they met fluttering and jumping visitors.

 ► Wed 16 Aug: Nude hike at the Pfaffenstein [19 August 2017]

On Wednesday we hiked from Pfaffendorf [en: Priest's Village] via the Quirl [en: Beater] to the Pfaffenstein [en: Priest's Stone]. On the way, a torrent of drinking water poured down from the sky on us.

Our mood did not become depressed: On the contrary, some of us had great fun with the old hit song "… Singin’ in the rain …" from the 1952 film with Gene Kelly.

Link: Film scene
Link: Song text
Link: Wikipedia: Gene Kelly

At lunch, we had food and drink at the Priest's Stone.

Stony turret at the Priest's StoneDance with the umbrella

On the descent the skies opened and poured on us again. We felt like acrobats on ladders and stairs like in the middle of a wild water torrent. Some of the hiking bag covers were not waterproof, so there was a lot to dry again. Luckily, we found a restaurant with an open garage at the parking lot so that we could dry out and put on dry clothes. Others jumped nude and wet into their cars – we did not want to expect that of our driver and his car.

On the last night of our stay our landlord gave us a liquor and invited us to stay with them again very soon. The landlady, who is still lively in retirement age and happy to help students, was pleased to take some of our brochures and said that she wanted to inform her students about naturism. She also told us that she had seen a slender young woman several times driving but with no clothes on – and that in such cool weather too (!), but that others had thick jackets.

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A · NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) 2017 – 20 July to 4 August [6 August 2017]

This year, 48 nude travellers from USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, and Singapore met in Austria. A large farmhouse (the Hut) in the Wildschönau region of the Tyrol offered accommodation. Languages in use included English, German and French, but Flemish, Dutch and Slovakian were in use as well. We were able to greet others in their native tongue and to answer their questions. When required, some could also offer Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

Some of the hikers carried paragliding gear in a particularly large rucksack from the upper station of the Markbachjoch cable car a few hundred metres to the take-off area. From the Rosskopf, another 300m of height could be added. This effort was rewarded by a gliding flight over the beautiful landscape amid the impressive mountain panorama.

Ten hikers (the Tent group) slept in tents on alternate nights on the lawn in front of the farmhouse or in the mountains. Every second day they returned to the Hut group to eat together, spend the evening talking, and exchange experiences and ideas. One evening photos of nudist walks were presented from the USA and Europe.

On each of the six hiking days, we explored the beautiful surroundings, walking up to various peaks to enjoy impressive panoramas. We had distant glimpses of the Wilder Kaiser range and even of far-off peaks glinting with snow. There were mountain lakes and rushing streams to refresh us. We hiked for a total of about 75km, climbing and descending some 4,300m.

Once we were surprised by a thunderstorm on a dirt road: not for very long but with heavy rain. Even rucksacks with integrated rain protection let in some damp. On returning to the Hut, the sun was already shining from a blue sky and anything damp quickly dried when spread out in the yard, thanks to the warmth of the paving.

Conversation with locals revealed that our nudist walks were by now well known in the valley of the Wildschönau and beyond.

Children who met us in groups with their teachers or parents laughed merrily, and clearly had a lot of fun from seeing us and no doubt telling others about us afterwards.

We spent a long time talking to an alpine dairymaid that we met on her pasture. She happily asked us to convey her greetings to our landlady at the Hut.

Another time a couple stopped near us in their car and we exchanged a friendly greeting. But shortly after, the car stopped, a woman got out and asked for a photo to remember the moment, which we gladly gave her. From her we learned that a herdsman had seen us and called her. Her husband had asked her whether “they should be in the nude today (while cheese making)”. She thought the idea was great, but was not sure if this would be compatible with hygiene regulations.

Our landlady happily took a printed exemplar of the German version of our ‘Broschüre’ (English version: brochure) and told us at our farewell that we were good guests and that we would be welcome to return at any time.

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Horst. Translation: Bernard.

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D · Naturist Days in Thuringia 2017 [24 July 2017]

In 2017, Andreas once again initiated Thuringian Naturist Days, this time with 10 events from 14 to 23 July.

 ► Fri 14 July: Nude hiking in the area of the castles “Drei Gleichen” [en: “Three Equals”] [14 July 2017]

14 Jul, “International Day of Nudity”: German radio station MDR had sent us a reporter to our start at the parking lot below the Wachsenburg [en: Wachsen Castle], to carry out a few interviews with nude hikers. These were then broadcast already for the first time in the afternoon program.

The ascent to the Wachsenburg was the first stage for the 17 naturists on our 14 km long hike. Although we had only a brief view into the castle grounds, we could still appreciate its exposed position.

The next stage led towards Gleichen Castle and a vista opened up to give us many photo opportunities in the direction of the south from the Wachsenburg, and the ruin of the Gleichen Castle on the north side of the motorway A4. We then went on to the Mühlenburg [en: Mill Castle]. When we arrived, we entered the castle grounds with its excellent view over Mühlberg to Gotha, climbed the tower, visited the exhibition room and enjoyed a refreshing, delicious, remarkably well presented ice cream.

The MDR reportsBetween Wachsenburg and MühlenburgView from the Mühlenburg to the west

At the end of the first day of the TNT we enjoyed delicious Western-style food in the restaurant Lasso which was full of (western) character.

 ► Sat 15 July: Nude hiking in the Schwarzatal [en: Schwarza Valley] near Schwarzberg [15 July 2017]

The first TNT weekend started in chilly conditions with temperatures around 14°C at the meeting point parking lot. However, 21 naturists started the 15 km long hike. As the wind blew a bit uncomfortably, many hikers stayed in warm clothing for a few hours. It was not until noon that the temperature reached 19°C and the sun was able to warm us up. Then all of us were able to hike as we should.

The hikers have just started.

For dinner, the hungry hikers gathered in the restaurant at the railway station in Sitzendorf and enjoyed typical Thuringian cuisine.

 ► Sun 16 July: Nude hike from Pointersheim to Gölitzwände [en: Gölitz Walls] [16 July 2017]

Our Sunday started with early sunshine and 22°C and over 23°C air temperature throughout the day. The 30 nude hikers went past the mussel limestone walls, the bar-tower, the Fröbeldenkmal [en: Fröbel's memorial] and enjoyed a series of spectacular and memorable views. We had too little time to examine their geological and botanical particularities – for those, who are interested, a hike for more detailed examination will be surely worth the time.

After all, it was a special event when the students give their teacher Barop a lookout tower for the anniversary of his 50 years service. And the hikers could not forget that Friedrich Fröbel entered new territory when he defined the concept of the kindergarten at his children's therapy facility in Weimar in the 19th century.

Today, we welcomed an exceptional hiking couple who had recently arrived from the Netherlands. The lady had spent her youth in Namibia, South Africa, and other African countries. She then met her husband in England and eventually they both moved to France. Today the couple live as cosmopolitan globetrotters, and also as a nude travellers in Thuringia!

Many nude hikers on the roadSometimes the hike was in close contact with the natureThe Barop Tower is appreciated by nudist hikers

For dinner most of us selected Thuringian dumplings with roulade or duck. This tasty Thuringian specialty was available in the small village-restaurant “Zur Liske” in Zeigerheim. However, the simultaneous appearance of 25 hikers was a significant challenge for the restaurant management and the kitchen staff!

 ► Mon 17 July: Nude hike around the 'Schönbrunn' Dam [17 July 2017]

Monday offered us settled weather up to 23°C, although with sunshine only occasionally. 24 hikers, male and female, met at the parking lot for a circular walk around the Schoenbrunn dam. The route offered some nice views of the lake, but the high vegetation at the edge of the dam made us feel like we were in the Thuringian Forest.

The dam is used for drinking water production, so swimming in the lake and in the tributaries is not allowed.

Hike across the damBlue bells on the edge of the roadInsect on a green leaf

For dinner we went to the Triniusbaude, a restaurant at the Rennsteig Trail, which was well prepared for our large group of hungry hikers. The western germans among us learned the difference between eastern and western 'Zigeunerschnitzel' [en: Hungarian style escalope, i.e. escalope in spicy sauce with red and green peppers].

 ► Tue 18 July: Nude hike in the Black Valley near Bad Blankenburg [18 July  2017]

The good weather with summer temperatures (26°C maximum) attracted 31 naturists who wanted to join a challenging hike from Bad Blankenburg. The cumulative ascent and descent were shown to be over 500 m on some maps and over 800 m on others. After a short road stage, the hike route went to the Griesbachfelsen [en: Griesbach Rock] over the Ingoklippe [en: Ingo's Sheer].

Road stage at the beginning of the hikeOn the Ingo SheerHike from the Griesbach Rock to the nature reserve station

The hike continued to the nature reserve station. At the tower we were most impressed by a wasp nest with a more than 2,000 wasps! Afterwards we had to cross the Schwarza Creek, which was not so easy for some hikers, who had difficulty balancing. But all of us, some with a little support, managed to get across.

First across the roadThen through the SchwarzaAt the Eber Stone a rest took place

Then we hiked in the nude over Eberstein [en: Eber Stone], Elisabethfelsen [en: Elisabeth's Rock], and Katzenstein [en: Cat Stone] back to our starting point. From there, we reached the restaurant Schweizerhaus [en: Swiss House] in the Schwarza Valley, where we enjoyed cool drinks and tasty food to finish a very busy day.

 ► Wed 19 July: Nude hike at the 'Leibis' Dam [19 July 2017]

34 nude hikers, male and female, between the ages of 12 and 75 set off in direct sunshine and 32°C temperatures to hike to the Leibis dam. The initial ascent from 349 m altitude at the foot of the dam to the first resting place at 600 m altitude at the forest edge near Meura was very strenuous due to the steep gradient. And the hardest part of the hike was in temperatures of up to 25°C.

In 'Meura' itself all hikers put on their trousers for a short time. As a reward for this inconvenience, they treated themselves to a few balls of ice cream or a really cold drink at the kiosk.

Hike through the open landscape in front of MeuraMeura: A village of wearers of skirts and trousersPlace for a rest stop overlooking the lake

After leaving the village the hiking group took off the few clothes they had on, and were now much more comfortable in the clearly rising temperatures. After a cooling bath in a stream we approached the dam, which contained very little water, but the route to it gave us a nice view of the dam.

Our day ended with a visit to the restaurant Hirsch [en: Deer] in Unterweißbach, where the varied wishes of the wandering participants were fully met to the satisfaction and enjoyment of all.

 ► Thu 20 July: Hike or bike tour in the nude near Neuhaus [20 July 2017]

Sixteen cycling fans decided to travel their own way today and set off separately from the 8-person hiking group. Their start was Neuhaus at the Rennweg where some of the cyclists could hire a bike for the day. Others had bike carriers on their cars and had brought along their own bikes.

The trail led upward in a predominantly cloudy sky and 23°C air temperature over the Rennsteig and Panoramaweg towards the west and to the upper basin of the Goldisthal and the Vattenfall pumped-storage power station. From the observation point we could see not only the basin, but also the great panoramic view of the mountains in the northwest.

On the way back the bike group was caught in a heavy thunderstorm. Those who had raincoats tried (in vain) to protect themselves from the torrential downpour. Those who had no coats took off their remaining protective clothing, and allowed the rain to run down their legs into their shoes (if any). However, the temperature had now fallen to 18°C.

In parallel with the cycling tour the hiking group hiked numerous hiking trails which had high-quality moss covering and were comfortable to those hiking barefoot. At the Schwarza source the water has a constant temperature of 6.1°C and rises through a fracture (column source) between slate and sandstone. In our further route we explored a part of the Rennsteig and marvelled especially at its annual use as a marathon course.

In the restaurant Schmelztiegel [en: Melting Pot] in Neuhaus we were able to restore our energies and consumed calories in a very welcome and pleasant manner!

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Horst. Translation: John.

 ► Fri 21 July: Hike along the Schwarza Valley and a mountain railway [21 July 2017]

About half of the 31 naturists travelled by historic motor coach from Schwarzmühle station to Sitzendorf station to the start of the 15 km hike. The historic motor coach had noisy squealing wheels, especially on the curves and cobbles of the old streets. The other half of the group came from Cursdorf to the start by train and cableway.

The naturist hike first went through the forest to the lower station of the mountain railway. The wagons of the railway hang on a common cable, so that the heavier wagon, when descending, pulls the lighter one up. Only in the opposite direction does additional energy have to be expended. Most of the hiking group chose the footpath, which in 900 metres distance gains over 200 metres of altitude. The rest of the group ascended by the convertible mountain railway and waved at the hikers as they passed.

In place of the “cabriolet”, a lorry may be transported insteadThe cabin car

The onward route of the mountain railway from Lichtenhain to Mellenbach offered several beautiful views in the 'Schwarza' valley with sunshine and up to 28°C air temperature. Many of the hikers decided to return by train to Mellenbach. The remaining small group had to make their way to Schwarzmühle and to wait three minutes before the train arrived.

Discussion on the rooftops of MellenbachPanoramic view onto a cramped villageDescent into the village to the road crossing

At the end of the day there was a barbecue evening at the Talmühle in Cursdorf, while half-board guests and other foodies gathered for an alternative meal in the hotel restaurant Waldfrieden in Schwarzmühle, which resulted in an unfinished philosophical discussion on the nature of infinity.

 ► Sat 22 July: Hike at 'Hohe Tanne' near 'Neustadt am Rennsteig' [22 July 2017]

Continuous rain which was predicted by several weather forecasts for the day was a worry. But instead the 30 naturists experienced just cloudy skies and temperatures between 20 and 25°C. There was only rain before the descent and during the stop at the Hotel Hohe Tanne. However, the wind was uncomfortable at the start of the hike.

On the look-outSevere damage of paths caused by machineryGreen and watery

The 13 km long hike led from Hohe Tanne towards the west over the Vordere Haube and from the Reichelstaler Teich to the Höllteich and back to the starting point. Of course, we used the ponds again for bathing!

A foot as landing placeRed admiral (Vanessa atalanta)	Peacock butterfly (Aglais io)

 ► Sun 23 July: Hike to Kickelhahn Mountain (861 m) [23 July 2017]

Today, 20 naturists and one dog were able to experience the tenth and last of these Thuringian naturist excursions. First we went by train to Rennsteig station. An announcement on the train informed us that the last part of the railway track with over 60 per mille could be handled just by powerful motorized locomotives without additional aids such as toothed racks and gears or steel ropes.

Afterwards it was easy for us to handle moderate winds and temperatures between 18 and 20°C. We hiked approximately 16 km with 270 metres of ascent and descent. On the way, we admired a delightful forest with numerous colourful specimens of the local flora and fauna. A curious spider explored one of our hikers by walking on him! Thus, nature came very close to us – pure naturism.

3 km before the end of the hike we returned to the Kickelhahn Mountain (861 m) for some local gastronomy.

GuidepostMeadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina)Bee at work of pollination

We climbed to the 30 m high stone tower on the Kickelhahn. We then had a clear 3 km long descent to our vehicles and on the way had a nude visit to Goethe's hut on the Kickelhahn, which Goethe even visited one day before his 82nd birthday. Following one of his many visits he wrote his famous poem “On all the tops of the trees” on September 6, 1780 shortly after his 31st birthday.

Spider very closeGlass plate with translationsAscent to the view

Until 1831, he visited this place again and again. Today, the poem has been translated into several European languages, including Russian, French, Dutch, and many non European languages including Arabic, and is engraved on a glass plate:

The number of the languages, which are spoken in the numerous countries from which visitors have travelled, or where they were born or grew up – France, Germany, Ghana, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia (in alphabetical order) – has been nearly as large as the number of languages, into which this poem has been tranlated.

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Horst.

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Drone video: Nude hike on a castle ruin [9 July 2017]

Drone videos can show spectacular views: Nude hikers climb a castle ruin, while some volunteers carry out conservation work on the ruin. Also, a lively conversation took place.

An overwiew of the castle ruin and the rockThe upper platformLooking down at the side

Thanks to Natfree, who provided us with this video!
It is available in different resolutions:
854x482 pixel (44 MB)
1280x720 pixel (176 MB)

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D · WNT 2017 - Westphalian Naturist Days [2 July 2017]

The Westphalian Naturist Days took place for the second time in 2017: 9 days end of June / beginning of July.


 ► Sat 24 June: Nude walk along the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal [24 June 2017]

The first hike of WNT 2017 took place in Münster’s northeast. The 16 male and female naturists found the 21°C air temperature cool because their skin had had to cope with 35°C ambient temperature only a few days ago. The fresh wind with gusts up to magnitude 7 meant there was definite wind chill.


Nevertheless, the hikers had a lot of fun. They saw and experienced much variety along the canal, the marina, the Ems, a section of the canal no longer navigable, the aqueduct construction site, and in the forests and fields of the Bockholt Mountains.

 ► Sun 25 June: Hiking or swimming from the track in the Ems [25 June 2017]

On day two of the WNT the participants were able to replace part of the hike by swimming from the track along the Ems. However, the low water level in the river meant it was only a satisfactory swimming pleasure for those with the lowest draft!

Along the canal we went towards EmsAt the edge of the asparagus fields the cover tarpaulins are stored for next yearToday was not entirely clear of rain

Along the canal we went towards Ems. At the edge of the asparagus fields the cover tarpaulins are stored for next year. Today was not entirely clear of rain.

– Report: Rainer, photos: Tanja

 ► Mon 26 June: Nude hiking for 15 to 24 km in northwest Münsterland [26 June 2017]

The 15 participants could walk a full 24 km route or choose a shortened 15 km circuit. The rain from the west had stopped one to two hours before the start of the hike, and the rising sun soon heated the air up to 25°C. The landscape alternated between agricultural and forestry use. The tranquillity of nature was disturbed only by birdsong and human voices.

Nude walking in the northwestern MünsterlandManneken Pis in the garden of the restaurant Lintels Kotten

Dinner in Lintels Kotten was a welcome and necessary refreshment after the long hike. A local version of Manneken Pis fountain statue in the restaurant garden was an amusing and lively connection to real life.

 ► Tue 27 June: Nude walk through former Rieselfelder  [27 June 2017]

Sixteen hikers arrived to hike through the open countryside in Münster's northeast under cloudy skies, but with temperatures of up to 23°C. Our plan was to hike through the former Rieselfelder, which has today become a retreat for various waterfowl and regenerated plant life. The area has hundreds of species of shrubs, grasses, aquatic plants and wild herbs. From various observation stations we could observe the colourful activity of the animals and birds on water and in the air.

Hike past the Asparagus FarmView over former RieselfelderOn the nature trail through the reeds

The asparagus posters were still hanging, but the asparagus season was now over. The water provides a habitat for all – from the proud swan to the duck, water fowl and other birds. There were informative signs and posters along the reed trail./p>

 ► Wed 28 June: Drinking water production area at Hiltrup Lake [28 June 2017]

Yesterday, we had been at the former Rieselfelder northeast of Münster (Westf.). Today 21 aturists, male and female, met at the car park near the Hiltrup Lake and planned to hike the local water catchment area of the Hohe Ward [en: the higher ground overlooking the plain]. However, the old Germanic weather god Thor had instructed his apprentice Peter to demonstrate to the naked naturists that drinking water does not come from the earth but rains down from the sky! In view of this clear lesson the planned walking tour was shortened from 16 to 6 km. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Café 7 at the port of Münster where salad, lasagne and apple pies were eaten indoors, and in comfort, instead of at a snack car.

Assembling in the car parkTeaching demonstration on drinking water production

 ► Thu 29 June: Nude hiking or cycling at Warendorf [29 June 2017]

The hiking and cycling groups both started a 18 km hike and a 50 km bike tour along the bank of the Ems and planned to meet again further on for a first rest together. There were overcast skies and a light breeze with occasional drizzle – not ideal conditions. The cyclists needed courage and concentration against the headwinds and their cooling effects. The air temperature rose from 19°C at the beginning to 21°C later. Despite this, at the first break, the numbers in the hiking group reduced from 4 to 3, and the cyclists from 6 to 5!

Two of the hikers let themselves float about 800 m down river on the Ems. Besides water energy, wind energy was the main topic of this nudevent. And, of course the naturists could see the progress being made in developing wind power in the Ems riverside fields region.

 ► Fri 30 June: Playing nude Kubb instead of hiking and cycling [30 June 2017]

Shortly before the planned start the weather was changeable and threatening. Therefore instead of their nude hiking and cycling the 9 naturists chose an alternative programme. In the garden they set up a Kubb pitch. This allowed them to come into the house if rain came, or to play a game called “Viking Chess” in the garden.

 ► Sun 2 July: Nude hiking and wading in the western Münsterland [2 July 2017]

After the activities for Saturday were cancelled due to cool, rainy and windy weather conditions, 9 naturists, men and women, came to the gathering point for the closing event on Sunday. In the late morning some heavy clouds were threatening to dump down cool drizzle. Therefore the day began as it would normally end – with a stop at the restaurant Haus Waldfrieden'. With soused herring or ice cream with hot cherries, the group’s calorie supply was supplemented until it could begin hiking a little later than planned. The drizzle eventually stopped and a warm breeze came up. This loosened the clouds and a walk under favourable weather conditions was possible.

After 5 km the group split into two smaller groups. One of these sub groups continued on and waded through Kannebrock Creek. Those who wanted to keep their feet dry, the majority, continued on dirt roads. Soon everyone’s feet were either dusty from the paths or muddy after emerging from the creek.


In the Waldfrieden House there was a delicious dinner at the end of the hike. At the close of the WNT the initiators, mic + Rainer, announced a small four-day programme to catch up on some of the events that were shortened or cancelled.

Statistics of the programme: At this year's WNT in June / July 101 naturists, men and women, hiked 1,695 person-kilometres in 7 days, there were 97 person-stops in local inns and restaurants, and 58 overnight stays. – Source: Mic + Rainer

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D · Sunday Nude Hiking along the Nahmertal Valley [19 June 2017]

Nahmertal in the Northern Sauerland is in many places a deeply cut valley, almost like a canyon. Due to the dryness of the recent months, it now contained only a small rippling stream. On Sunday, Olaf led the 20 nude hikers along the undulating paths in and on the sides the valley. Sometimes, the hikers were looking into deep ravines, and at other times, over the ridges of the Sauerland.

The group of 4 women and 16 men hiked 21 km in sunshine at a very pleasant temperature of 23°C to 26°C.
The group of 4 women and 16 men hiked 21 km
in sunshine at a very pleasant temperature of 23°C to 26°C.

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D · Naturist days in Harz Mountains – Thu 15 June: “Wasserregale” means hiking and swimming [19 June 2017]

More than 40 naturists from Germany and the Netherlands met in the 'Harz' Mountains for some days of nudevents. On Thu 15 June, hiking and swimming was the main topic:

Note on the term “Wasserregale”:

The German noun “Wasser” is “water” in English. In German of our times, “Regal” gives German native speakers at first a remembrance of “shelve”, “bookshelf”, or “rack”. Such an understanding in combination with water sounds somehow strange. In the context of this report, such asssumptions are completely misleading:

“‘Wasserregal’ (‘Regal’ from latin ‘rex’, ‘regis’, or ‘King’, in the sense of ‘royal sovereignty’) names a sovereign right vested in the state or head of state with respect to water and its use.”
 – Source: ‘Wasserregal’ (de.wikipedia.org), 2021, translated, layout modified by author

In Harz Mountains regarding to this topic, it's all about ponds created for water regulation in by-gone times of mining there. The ponds still exist. A detailed explanation in English “Upper Harz Water Regale” (en.wikipedia.org) is also available.

At 26°C and sunshine, 26 naturists hiked 15 km through a varied landscape of forest and meadows. During past times of mining in the region, so-called ‘Wasserregale’ – (Ancient) rights and duties concerning regulation of the level of water] – were the reason, to artificially create numerous basins for water regulation. Nowadays, they offer many possibilities for cooling, bathing, and swimming.

A dragonfly landed unerringly and posed in front of the macro lens.

D · 37 ‘exotic people’ for the traditional Pentecost Hike on the Rothaarsteig Trail [6 June 2017]

One of the numerous spontaneous positive reactions of dressed hikers and bikers, which the nude hikers encountered on their Pentecost Hike on 4 June on the Rothaarsteig Trail in the Sauerland region was: "Oh, how exotic …!".

There were 37 nude hikers, amongst them 5 women, who began their traditional (14th!) hike late in the morning from the parking lot at Rhein-Weser-Turm [en: Rhine Weser Tower – a tower on the watrershed between Rhine and Weser Rivers]. Almost all hikers started the hike ‘incognito’, since they kept their clothes on because of the rather cool air and the cold wind – remainders of the bad weather of last night. As the sun more and more broke through, one hiker after the other went for the full monty.

The initiator, Horst K., had made every effort to make this 15 km hike a success as well. And he really has succeeded in this.

Thanks to the map, we know what we perceive in the distance
Thanks to the map, we know what we perceive in the distance.

The route led to summit called Margaretenstein and from there along lots of beautiful panoramic views. In the distance, Hundem Valley and the town of Schmallenberg caught the eye. The hikers returned via the vast woods of the Sauerland Mountains back to Rhein-Weser-Turm, where most of them finished the day with a pleasant, good meal, this time in the restaurant of the watchtower itself.

 – Report: Guido; photos: Horst K.

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D · Nude hiking days in Saarland [3 June 2017]

Saarland is a region in the south-west of Germany next to Luxembourg and France. Some naturists from Germany and Luxembourg, who had met for a couple of days in Palatinate near to Saarland, now continued hiking in the buff and enjoying the regional kitchen in the Saarland.

 ► Thu 1 June: Nude hiking on a trail called Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama [2 June 2017]

After our arrival in the hiking area of Saarland and Hunsrück full of “dream loops”, where we were going to hike the Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama [en: Dream Loop Georgi Panorama], we started it near Losheim with many beautiful views and a 360° panorama for our warming-up. In the afternoon, we completed this hike by a visit to a café in Merzig and after that a good meal in the beer garden of the microbrewery Merziger Brauhaus.

Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg
Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg

 ► Fri 2 June: Dream Tour Beckinger Saar-Blicke [3 June 2017]

We were going to hike Dream Tour Beckinger Saar-Blicke [en: Looks onto the Saar River near Beckingen] 14 km at 27°C and sunshine in a varied landscape, while a look at the industrial facilities along the Saar River opened up again and again: factories, power stations, headframes …

A green-chatoyant beetle caught attention in the meantime, because nobody knew his name. As always, some of the nude hikers did not waste the opportunity to immerge into the spring-cold water of a brook.

Who knows my name?
Who knows my name?

Bath in a brook
Bath in a brook

In the evening we discovered in 'Merzig' the Italian restaurant Sant 'Angelo, where they served an excellent 'filet de beuf (bleu)' in Barolo sauce or a fish platter, with the consistency of the salmon fillet inside still tender and juicy, to us gourmets.

Addendum on 4 June 2017:
The beetle is called Rosenkäfer (cetonia aurata) [en: rose chafer].
Many thanks for this information to Axel G.!

 ► Sat 3 June: 2 Valleys Dream Tour near Weiskirchen [3 June 2017]

At midday, the weather forecast threatened us with rain and thunderstorms at 24°C, but it remained dry with changing clouds, so we could carry out the 2-valleys-tour without any problem. The two-valleys path connects Hölzbach Valley near Losheim-Waldhölzbach with Holzbach Valley near Weiskirchen.

We went around the village of Waldholzbach. There were some surprised reactions by hiking groups, which encountered us and had not heard of textile-free hiking so far. However, everyone answered our friendly greetings and we could also answer some questions.

Discussion on the matter of leaves of beech trees
Discussion on the matter of beech tree leaves

We spent the evening, due to the excellent experience the evening before, at the same Italian restaurant Sant' Angelo, where we got again very best dishes.

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D · Nude hiking days in Palatinate [1 June 2017]

Palatinate [de: Pfalz] is a region in the south-west of Germany. Some naturists from Germany and Luxembourg met for a couple of days, to hike in the buff and to enjoy the regional kitchen.

 ► Sun 28 May: Climbing the 'Drachenfels' in the heat [28 May 2017]

An international group of naturists made a hike in Hunsrück Mountains at a temperature of 30°C. In spite of the heat, they climbed Drachenfels Mountain, where also a lot of dressed hikers were enjoying the panorama.

On the way to one of the panorama cliffs
On the way to one of the panorama cliffs

After 300 m straight downhill, the hikers enjoyed an ice-cream or cake in the restaurant Saupferch in the mid of the woods. From there, they still had to hike another five and a half mile on a route uphill to the parking lot. AIn the evening, all the better were the tasty cool drinks and good food in the hotel Zum Hirsch in Ramsen.

 ► Mon 29 May: Nude ascent onto the 'Donnersberg' [29 May 2017]

Hike on the Palatine High Route
Hike on the Palatine High Route

The summit is reached
On Donnersberg Mountain

After having finished the ascent, we were accepted being in the nude at Ludwigsturm [en: Ludwig's Tower], could have a ice cream and and a coffee. We learned all about the surroundings and the hidden attractions in conversation with the kiosk operator and other guests. After this enjoyment, we went back to the parking lot, could admire on the way some works of art, that were dedicated to the past of Donnersberg as a Celtic settlement. We took the last rest at Adlerbogen [en: Eagle's Bow], a starting point for paragliders and kite gliders.

 ► Tue 30 May: Nude hike at 'Eulenbis' [30 May 2017]

Eulenbis, a small village in the district of Kaiserslautern, was the starting point for today's hike. The senior of the hiking group soon realised, that the terrain made a little to high demands on his physical condition and the other participants had to wait for him ongoingly. So he said goodbye and looked for an easier way to cope.

In the meantime, dark clouds soon developed minatorially in the west, and after a few minutes, a remarkable thunderstorm with lightning, thunder, and heavy rain took place. But this lasted barely twenty minutes, then the thunderstorm had pushed along, and the sun warmed the air, which had cooled down in the meantime. A stork wandered across a meadow and searched the ground for food.

 ► Wed 31 May: Nude hiking near 'Falkenstein' Castle ruin [1 June 2017]

Falkenstein Ruin was the starting and finishing point of a nude hike in once again midsummer weather conditions. The most exciting break was at Weiße Grube [en. White Mine], an old mining gallery, which is still accessible today. All around, various remains of former mining of iron and other ores as well as precious stones bear witness to centuries of mining tradition.

Apart from several old mining tunnels also impressive tree Kronenbuche, ruin of Hohenfels Castle, Beutelfelsen Mountain, as well as places called Rote Halde and Dicke Eiche were intermediate points of this hike, which was completed at the restaurant Falkensteinerhof with ice-cream, coffee, and cake.

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D · Nude search for orchids on Mackenberg Mountain [26 May 2017]

Mackenberg nature reserve is one of the few in Westphalia, whose soil quality is so sparse, that several autochthonous orchid species have been preserved here. It is a remnant of the limestone mining in earlier centuries and today in the spring a mecca for orchid friends. At 28°C, the full sunshine heated up the air on Friday – reason enough, to head to the nearby nature reserve and to search for orchids. Lady orchid (orchis purpurea) were numerous, as were the white helleborine (cephalanthera damasonium), and the lesser butterfly-orchid (platanthera bifolia) not to be overlooked – but no bird's-nest orchid (neottia nidus-avis), which is also autochthonous to the location.

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F · A week of naturist vacation at Domaine de la Sablière [26 May 2017]

Initiated by Helmut Z., a total of 10 couples and 4 singles met in the naturist centre “Domaine de la Sablière, Centre de vacances naturistes” for nude hikes and other activities in the mountainous area sculptured by the rivers Cèze and Ardèche, and, of course, to blithely spend time together for a week.

 ► Sun 21 May: First exploration of the area around the Domaine de la Sablière [24 May 2017]

Four men and a woman went on a first nude hike to explore the surroundings around their naturist accommodation in Provence. They started directly from the campsite.

On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings
On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings

We could enjoy beautiful summer weather in May and the smell of wild herbs such as thyme and rosemary filling the air. The perfume of lavender, still green according to the season, created a desire for a repetition in summer.

At the end of the day, we met further naturists and enjoyed dinner together.

 ► Mon 22 May: Nude track hiking along the Cèze [24 May 2017]

Fifteen naturists first drove several kilometers downriver, to hike back to their naturist centre. At the start of the hike, the sky showed a few scattered clouds, which hid the sun only at times. After 13 km of hiked distance and cumulated 350 m up and down, the hike in the buff ended directly at the naturist camp.

In the evening, we enjoyed again good French cuisine.

 ► Tue 23 May: Track hiking in the valley of the Ardèche [24 May 2017]

This time, 15 naturists went to the neighboring valley of the Ardèche to hike through an unusual landscape. Two bathing places offered welcome refreshment due to midsummer weather in springtime. The hike of 12 km, which nevertheless took the whole day, because we had to climb in between and took breaks for swimming, ended in the late afternoon at a temperature of more than 30°C.

In the evening, the fifteen welcomed another naturist couple. Together, everyone went to dinner – only with a towel to sit on, latchkeys, and some money or credit card.

 ► Wed 24 May: Nude canoe tour on the Cèze [26 May 2017]

12 naturists paddled over a distance of approx. 23 km on the Cèze. We had a sunny and summery pleasure. The tour finishes directly at the campsite.

Canoes on the shore of the Cèze
Canoes on the shore of the Cèze

 ► Thu 25 May: Circular hike in the buff at the Cèze [26 May 2017]

The day served for recreation. Twelve naturists hiked directly from the campsite. On the way, in fact a fitness circuit, we passed several station for sports.

Beginning of an upswing 
Beginning of an upswing

We took our first break on a natural balcony with a beautiful view over the valley of the Cèze. Far below, we took then the second break on the terrace of the restaurant of a neighbouring naturist campsite. After a long break for bathing and swimming in the Cèze, we then hiked back along a picturesque castle ruin.

 ► Fri 26 May: Track hiking to the natural basins of Concluses [26 May 2017]

21 naturists from France and Germany met to hike together through a valley adjacent to the Cèze. Several pools, in fact natural basins created by the power of the watercourse, offered – in midsummer weather at more than 30°C – welcome bathing fun again. The nude hike ended after 9 km and cumulative 250 meters up and down. At the dinner, the naturists reviewed the events of the week, because some people already had to say goodbye until the next reunion. This will surely not take long, thanks to many upcoming naturist activities.

 – Report and Photos: Rainer and Horst

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NL · Nude hike through the Realm of the Elves [17 May 2017]

On 16 May, Dutch and German naturists met for a hike in the buff through heathland in the Dutch National Park De Meinweg. There are also ponds like the “Elfenmeer” [en: Elves’ Pond].

De Meinweg 1De Meinweg 2De Meinweg 3

Temperature rose to 30°C. The 15 km hike touched one of the so-called “Happiness Spots” of the “Tiny Treasures of Roerdalen”. However, the ponds are not available for bathing and sswimming. The place is called “Realm of the Elves”. The hikers were accompanied by the sound of spring in form of songs of numerous different bird species and the loud croaking of frogs in the ponds. And all of a sudden, a large number of wind power plant along a ridge far away somewhere in Belgium were seen, making this hike a real cross-border one.

De Meinweg is part of the German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette.

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D · A weekend of naktivities in Münsterland [1 May 2017]

 ► 29 April: KÜ

On Saturday 29 April at 10 AM, 28 naturists met in a restaurant in the North-western Münsterland to enjoy a breakfast buffet, have a pleasant chat, exchange memories, and play skittles – all in the buff.

In the afternoon a number of them closed the day with a short walk. Because temperatures were low, not all naturists walked in the nude that day.

We hiked on country paths and field roads through natural areas to the bridge that leads the Dortmund Ems Canal over the Ems River. The bridge is a good thing for the environment, since larger transport capacities in the inland waterway transport reduce the need for freight mobility on the road.

For more information on the canal bridge, you may read an article "Neue Kanalüberführung in Gelmer wird gebaut: Der Kanal wird umgeleitet" (wn.de) of regional newspaper Westfäliche Nachrichten.

 ► 29 April: Thomas

Thomas has sent us a participant's report concerning his experience of the nudevent on 29 April 2017.

"Once again, I want to thank you for the beautiful day and for all your efforts to make the joint nudevents possible. The restaurant, the bowling alley and the service – it was all very pleasant. It has been a very positive experience to me, that the staff showed no fear of contact at all and that the socialising among us was absolutely uncomplicated. But the most important thing I got aware of is, that once again I got to know a number of very nice people. Right from the beginning, the atmosphere was relaxed, making me feel very well and at ease.

This was true for the nude hike as well. The route was very well chosen and the canal bridge, being the little highlight, was interesting and informative. Nice conversations with all participants offered optimum variety. Moreover being in the buff at temperatures that were rather low in spite of the season, appeared to be one of my new perceptions, even if the chilliness let my knees shaking from time to time. And I will even remember the reaction of those coming across us, who mainly did not had any trouble at all to encounter nude people, as a quite pleasant experience.

So when on Sunday my thoughts went out to your hike that day and the weather was so fine and sunny, it made me envy you. I wish the Saturday hike had met such circumstances as well. I will definitely be present at some of your WNT events in June this year, and I will register for them at the natury website."

 ► 30 April: Lintel

On Sunday 30 April, it took an hour and a half for all 10 hikers to take off their clothes, since the event started at 14°C and in spite of the bright sun it felt quite cold because of the windchill. And even a few hours later, when temperatures were at 18°C, the wind kept on blowing. It was only after the lunch break, that conditions for the second half of the hike made the hikers feel really comfortable, as the temperature had then risen to 21°C.

At the countryside
At the countryside

 ► 1 May: Altenberge

Monday 1 May showed up with cloudy weather and temperatures that remained below 15°C all day. This meant: no nude biking, as the wind left no other option than to wear warm clothes. Even among the hikers were only a few who took off their clothes. Those who did, though, lightened the mood of most day trippers who encountered us.

 – Report and photos: Rainer and Horst

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F · Hiking days in Vallée de la Drôme [24 April 2017]

 ► Tue 18 April: Nude hike on the western edge of the French Alps [19 April 2017]

9 naturists from France and Germany met at Col de Cabre in Vallée de Drôme to hike in the nude on the western edge of the French Alps. At a air temperature of 7°C in the beginning and a violently blowing wind, it cost us quite an effort to start the hiking anyway. The sky, however, was almost cloudless, so that in individual wind-protected passages it was actually so pleasant that gradually everyone could undress and feel the sensation of feeling nothing but air and sun on the skin. After a little more than 5 hours, 16 km of track and more than 800 m cumulated difference in altitude in a range between 1,040 and 1,310 m above sea level were made. To vitalise themselves again, the participants enjoyed the French cuisine in the local gastronomy.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Horst

 ► Wed 19 April: A further nude hike in the western foothills of the Alps [20 April 2017]

Also on Wednesday, 19 April, initially 7°C like on the previous day and also a fierce wind were a challenge for 10 naturists from France and Germany, who were accompanied by 2 dogs this time. Pas de La Pousterle in Vallée de la Drôme was the meeting place for today's hike in the buff on the western edge of the Alps. From the sky, the already rising sun shone almost unhindered. The first climb was naturally sheltered against wind and exhausting: with a rise by 510 m difference in altitude on a 3 km stretch, i.e. an average gradient of 17%, the hike within one hour actually warmed us so much, that we could gradually adopt the intended condition of a hike in the buff.

Plant not identified at firstIt remained unclear to us, what a plant in the protection of the dark, violett-colored sheets sprouts up here. For the determination of the species, one will probably have to return in a few weeks, when the sapling has unfolded. A wind-protected break place in the sun at 16°C air temperature provided a magnificent view of the panorama of the surrounding mountains. In the course of the hike, the majestic view of the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps was opened, too. After 6 hours, 10 km of hiking trails and cumulative 700 m difference in altitude at altitudes between 730 and 1,300 m above sea level, a beautiful nude hiking day ended relaxed with the enjoyment of food and drinks in an inn.Lookout

 – Report and photos: Rainer and Horst

Addendum [25 May 2017]: The unknown plant is a violet bird's-nest orchid or violet limodore (Limodorum abortivum), a species of orchid. They are rhizome geophytes with numerous long, fleshy roots. The rhizome itself is short, thick and also fleshy. The strong, finely striped stem grows to a height of 20 to 60 cm and carries sheathed scale leaves. The inflorescence is loose and 5 to 20 flowers. Translated German source: Violetter Dingel (deutschlands-natur.de)

 ► Thu 20 April: Four naturists on nude hiking in the 'Département Drôme' [21 April 2017]

On Thursday, three men and one woman took part in a nude hike in the heart of the department of Drôme. They started directly from their domicile, the naturist centre Val Drôme Soleil, and hiked the mountain passages of Col de Sauzet and Col de Pourcheton. Once again, the sun had to warm the quartet, because after a frosty night, the air temperature was only 7°C at the beginning of the hike. Fortunately, the wind did not blow so violently any more and continued to abate, so that we could soon stow our clothes away into the backpacks.

In a once again impressive mountain panorama, the path led us alternately through small groves and open country, this time with cumulated 550 m difference in altitude. It was not quite as demanding as on the previous day, because the slopes were more moderate. After a varied excursion, the nude hikers returned to their accomodation 'Val Drôme Soleil' at 19°C, where they let the day end on the terrace in conversation with the operator of the campsite having cool drinks.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Clarisse

 ► Fri 21 April: Nude hiking in the marsh 'Marais des Bouligons' [22 April 2017]

On Friday the 21st of April, Queen Elizabeth experienced her 91st birthday. Because it is too cold for her in April, she is always celebrating it only in June. Not so the seven naturists from France and Germany, who are currently on holiday in the Drôme valley, can not be frightened by the temperature of 3°C at 9 o'clock. The sun managed to warm up the air by additional 6 °C until 10 o'clock. So, 5 gentlemen and 2 ladies hiked along with a dog.

Information panels explain characteristics and history of the swampland 'Marais des Bouligons' (external, fr.):

Due to the trilingual nature of the panels (FR, EN, NL), the group spontaneously came up with the idea, to develop the natury website to be available in English and French as well.

After 17 km over cumulated 500 m difference in altitude of climb and descent, the hike in the buff ended. In the evening, we enjoyed again good French cuisine – and the first translation plans for the natury website.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Horst

 ► Sat 22 April: End of the hiking days in the Vallée de la Drôme [24 April 2017]

At the close of the hiking days, in the Vallée de la Drôme on Saturday, 22 April, a group of naturists met once again in Parc naturel régional de Vercors for a last tour on the high plateau of Die. A trail led us up to the Col de Bergu and then to the Col de la Tou.

We met a group of seven cyclists and a single hiker, all happy about the encounter. The hiker told us, that she did not want to undress herself, because the backpack straps would cause light streaks on skin at the shoulders – the trademark of nude hikers. We immediately agreed: This is an excellent motivation for hikes “without everything”, i.e. also without backpack (as far as that is possible).

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Pascal

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D · Beginning of nude hiking season at Isar River [5 April 2017]

isar-nacktsport.de: Jump into a natural pool – Photo: Horst
isar-nacktsport.de: Jump into a natural pool – Photo: Horst

On 31 March, the temperature in Munich and the surrounding area rose to 24°C. “Nude Alex” had invited at short notice to a nude hiking tour in the meadows of the Isar, and many took the opportunity fo an early season opening. His website “Kleine Wanderung, großer Auftakt – Frühling in den Auen” (isar-nacktsport.de), offers the first photos of the nude hiking season 2017 – and even one of a short swim in the still cold floods of the Isar River!

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