D · Hiking in the buff on the Grenzsteinweg [31 July 2020]

In the small village of Ringelstein begins the Grenzsteinweg [en: Border Stone Trail], which is a part of a forest route – the 240 km long main hiking trail of the Sauerland. The Grenzsteinweg takes its name from several boundary stones and a customs post, Hiking on the Grenzsteinweg which mark the former border between the duchy of Westphalia and the Bishopric Paderborn. The region is still a border area between the districts of Paderborn, Soest, and the Hochsauerlandkreis, but in the age of GPS, boundary stones no longer play an official role.

The hiked part of Border Stone Trail initially leads along secluded forest paths, although occasionally the traces of the now widespread violent forest management by the forest owners can already be seen here. The second part of the circular route then leads along forest roads typical of the Sauerland Mountains and with lot of gravel – video recordings of this second part of the hike were therefore not made.

Video [0:04:41] “Hiking in the buff on the Grenzsteinweg”:
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D · WNT 2020 – Hike in the buff in and at Venner Moor: Impressions by Thomas [13 July 2020]

We got a report by Thomas concerning his impressions of this day's nudevent:

Country houseFrom 10 o'clock on, first hikers arrived at the car park to start the hike from. Mic and Rainer had again prepared the tour very well. As more than 20 participants had registered, several groups were formed in accordance with Corona protection measures, which started seperately one after another.

In the beginning, it was still a bit fresh and our brave “girls” were still a bit “hidden”. This was subject to change during the day, which is why the sun was smiling more and more.

Past large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits and juicy meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed, that farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours …

Farmer's alibi
Farmer's alibi

BreakPast large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits, and lush meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed that, farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours. The bathing opportunity was used by some very brave people during the break. During the whole hike, this time we could only observe a heron at the opposite shore of a lake apart from many birds, some butterflies and lots of insects buzzing around, what a pity. Because of Corona, Mic and Rainer had not provided a break car, instead everyone could carry his snack in the rucksack. However, this was not a problem either, as the temperature prevented us from sweating on our backs under the rucksack.Construction work in progress: New bridge still to be moved into its final position

CountrysideOn the detour because of a bridge construction site, we had an interesting conversation with a carpenter at the gate to his beautifully renovated farm. So far, we had met few people, but at the canal there was already a lot going on. From the boats they were waving diligently, which we gladly answered. A father, who was travelling with his wife, two children and a handcart, asked us on behalf of his little son, why we were all undressed. We gladly explained this to the two children. Whereupon the mother said, that the children could also walk in the nude, they were already barefoot. Later, in the Venner Moor, three women and their children were also interested in our “unusual” way of hiking. Throughout, we had benevolent, tolerant, and interested encounters, except for one senior farmer, who stormed off his farm and wildly called us names. He almost burst with excitement, while his son calmly sat on the riding lawnmower and went about his work.

After the hike, a convivial meal was served in the elegant restaurant of the Hotel Clemens August in Ascheberg-Davensberg. The food was very tasty, we did not have to wait long, the service and the ambience were very good. With entertaining conversations and the one or other fun we let this really successful WNT day come to an end. Hereby, I would like to thank Mic and Rainer once again for the diligent, certainly exhausting preparation. Keep up the good work, we count on you …

HeronArriving at the Dortmund-Ems Canal

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