D · Nude in November – Nature observation in Venner Moor [19 November 2018]

On 7 November, it was no longer as hot as until 15 October, but still sunny and warm enough for a nude hike in the afternoon. The sun was dazzling during a rest at the dry Venner Moor. Even in the shade, the air was still pleasantly tempered, so that we could observe nature calmly and chat with mushroom pickers. Only the yachts in the Sendener Kanalhafen [en: Senden Channel Harbour] were lonely and unused, while several people used the beautiful Wednesday to move in fresh air on foot or by bike.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

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D · Daily newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten informs about hiking in the buff [18 October 2018]

Image from our archive: 20180914 Dortmund-Ems Canal near SendenMidsummery days of up to 29°C on 15 October prompted some naturists, to use the golden autumn for nude hikes or biking tours. So did R., who encountered at the weekend hundreds of weekend promenaders in the area of the Dortmund-Ems Kanal and Venner Moor – Münsterland.

One of them reported about his encounter with the nude hiker to the Münster daily newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten, who – after consulting police officers – published an informative article “Freie Körperkultur im Venner Moor, ‘Nacktwandern ist keine Belästigung’”*) (wn.de) for the readers.


*) Explanatory notes from the translator regarding this article in the daily newspaper:

    • The German title “Freie Körperkultur im Venner Moor, ‘Nacktwandern ist keine Belästigung’” can be translated to: “Naturism in Venne Moor, ‘Hiking in the buff is not a nuisance’”.
      Background information: Disturbance of the public.
    • The article explains, that a journalist has contacted a spokesman of the police in Münster (Westf.) as well as a managing officer of the 'Citizen service and order' of the town-hall in the nearby city of Senden. The bottom line of the information stated in this article is, that hiking in the buff is neither a criminal, nor – in general – a regulatory offence in Germany.

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