F · Vacation in early summer based in the naturist village Origan [11 June 2019]

Origan mapOrigan villageOrigan is known to naturists as a place to be Hiker in the buff at the Col de Rouain between incredibly scaped mountains near Nizza. We enjoyed nude hikes, skinny dips in the Var River, and regional cuisine – also in nude. A group of naturists had chosen Origan in the southern French Alps as their domicile for almost two weeks. They went on their daily hikes in the buff in front of majestic Alpine peaks. In addition, natural attractions such as the longest and deepest gorge in the Alps (Gorges du Verdon) were the destinations of their excursions. And at the end of the day, French cuisine awaited the tired hikers with culinary surprises and wines full of character.

The network of hiking trails in the Gorges du Verdonfrench South-Alps didn't make it easy to find circular hikes, so that sometimes a one-way hike was the solution – with 2 cars no problem, but because of the many serpentines quite time-consuming. Texture of a hiking trailAlso, the texture of hiking trails in the Alps needed to get used to it – not only for barefoot hikers.

However, the view of bare rock walls in different colours and rock types, lightly wooded or snow-covered peaks or deeply cut valleys compensated for this time and again. Brown slate is the distinctive rock in the Gorges de Daluis.

Brown slate in the Gorges de DaluisEven on the highest hike at more than 2,000 m altitude (near Allos), the sun accompanied the hiking group at 24°C air temperature to the Cascades du Chaloudin and other nearby waterfalls and Cascades du Chaloudinrapids. The activities at less high height took place at up to 32°C – it was a very successful early summer holiday.

The naturist village offered the opportunity to be nude around the clock – you were among naturists and you had all opportunity to feel comfortable. Only temperatures below 20°C early in the morning caused some to wear a T-shirt, but soon after the sun won again. The pool and restaurant were in the immediate vicinity, so that everything was set up perfectly for the textile-free enjoyment by all senses.

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F · A week of naturist vacation at Domaine de la Sablière [26 May 2017]

Initiated by Helmut Z., a total of 10 couples and 4 singles met in the naturist centre “Domaine de la Sablière, Centre de vacances naturistes” for nude hikes and other activities in the mountainous area sculptured by the rivers Cèze and Ardèche, and, of course, to blithely spend time together for a week.

 ► Sun 21 May: First exploration of the area around the Domaine de la Sablière [24 May 2017]

Four men and a woman went on a first nude hike to explore the surroundings around their naturist accommodation in Provence. They started directly from the campsite.

On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings
On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings

We could enjoy beautiful summer weather in May and the smell of wild herbs such as thyme and rosemary filling the air. The perfume of lavender, still green according to the season, created a desire for a repetition in summer.

At the end of the day, we met further naturists and enjoyed dinner together.

 ► Mon 22 May: Nude track hiking along the Cèze [24 May 2017]

Fifteen naturists first drove several kilometers downriver, to hike back to their naturist centre. At the start of the hike, the sky showed a few scattered clouds, which hid the sun only at times. After 13 km of hiked distance and cumulated 350 m up and down, the hike in the buff ended directly at the naturist camp.

In the evening, we enjoyed again good French cuisine.

 ► Tue 23 May: Track hiking in the valley of the Ardèche [24 May 2017]

This time, 15 naturists went to the neighboring valley of the Ardèche to hike through an unusual landscape. Two bathing places offered welcome refreshment due to midsummer weather in springtime. The hike of 12 km, which nevertheless took the whole day, because we had to climb in between and took breaks for swimming, ended in the late afternoon at a temperature of more than 30°C.

In the evening, the fifteen welcomed another naturist couple. Together, everyone went to dinner – only with a towel to sit on, latchkeys, and some money or credit card.

 ► Wed 24 May: Nude canoe tour on the Cèze [26 May 2017]

12 naturists paddled over a distance of approx. 23 km on the Cèze. We had a sunny and summery pleasure. The tour finishes directly at the campsite.

Canoes on the shore of the Cèze
Canoes on the shore of the Cèze

 ► Thu 25 May: Circular hike in the buff at the Cèze [26 May 2017]

The day served for recreation. Twelve naturists hiked directly from the campsite. On the way, in fact a fitness circuit, we passed several station for sports.

Beginning of an upswing 
Beginning of an upswing

We took our first break on a natural balcony with a beautiful view over the valley of the Cèze. Far below, we took then the second break on the terrace of the restaurant of a neighbouring naturist campsite. After a long break for bathing and swimming in the Cèze, we then hiked back along a picturesque castle ruin.

 ► Fri 26 May: Track hiking to the natural basins of Concluses [26 May 2017]

21 naturists from France and Germany met to hike together through a valley adjacent to the Cèze. Several pools, in fact natural basins created by the power of the watercourse, offered – in midsummer weather at more than 30°C – welcome bathing fun again. The nude hike ended after 9 km and cumulative 250 meters up and down. At the dinner, the naturists reviewed the events of the week, because some people already had to say goodbye until the next reunion. This will surely not take long, thanks to many upcoming naturist activities.

 – Report and Photos: Rainer and Horst

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F · Hiking days in Vallée de la Drôme [24 April 2017]

 ► Tue 18 April: Nude hike on the western edge of the French Alps [19 April 2017]

9 naturists from France and Germany met at Col de Cabre in Vallée de Drôme to hike in the nude on the western edge of the French Alps. At a air temperature of 7°C in the beginning and a violently blowing wind, it cost us quite an effort to start the hiking anyway. The sky, however, was almost cloudless, so that in individual wind-protected passages it was actually so pleasant that gradually everyone could undress and feel the sensation of feeling nothing but air and sun on the skin. After a little more than 5 hours, 16 km of track and more than 800 m cumulated difference in altitude in a range between 1,040 and 1,310 m above sea level were made. To vitalise themselves again, the participants enjoyed the French cuisine in the local gastronomy.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Horst

 ► Wed 19 April: A further nude hike in the western foothills of the Alps [20 April 2017]

Also on Wednesday, 19 April, initially 7°C like on the previous day and also a fierce wind were a challenge for 10 naturists from France and Germany, who were accompanied by 2 dogs this time. Pas de La Pousterle in Vallée de la Drôme was the meeting place for today's hike in the buff on the western edge of the Alps. From the sky, the already rising sun shone almost unhindered. The first climb was naturally sheltered against wind and exhausting: with a rise by 510 m difference in altitude on a 3 km stretch, i.e. an average gradient of 17%, the hike within one hour actually warmed us so much, that we could gradually adopt the intended condition of a hike in the buff.

Plant not identified at firstIt remained unclear to us, what a plant in the protection of the dark, violett-colored sheets sprouts up here. For the determination of the species, one will probably have to return in a few weeks, when the sapling has unfolded. A wind-protected break place in the sun at 16°C air temperature provided a magnificent view of the panorama of the surrounding mountains. In the course of the hike, the majestic view of the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps was opened, too. After 6 hours, 10 km of hiking trails and cumulative 700 m difference in altitude at altitudes between 730 and 1,300 m above sea level, a beautiful nude hiking day ended relaxed with the enjoyment of food and drinks in an inn.Lookout

 – Report and photos: Rainer and Horst

Addendum [25 May 2017]: The unknown plant is a violet bird's-nest orchid or violet limodore (Limodorum abortivum), a species of orchid. They are rhizome geophytes with numerous long, fleshy roots. The rhizome itself is short, thick and also fleshy. The strong, finely striped stem grows to a height of 20 to 60 cm and carries sheathed scale leaves. The inflorescence is loose and 5 to 20 flowers. Translated German source: Violetter Dingel (deutschlands-natur.de)

 ► Thu 20 April: Four naturists on nude hiking in the 'Département Drôme' [21 April 2017]

On Thursday, three men and one woman took part in a nude hike in the heart of the department of Drôme. They started directly from their domicile, the naturist centre Val Drôme Soleil, and hiked the mountain passages of Col de Sauzet and Col de Pourcheton. Once again, the sun had to warm the quartet, because after a frosty night, the air temperature was only 7°C at the beginning of the hike. Fortunately, the wind did not blow so violently any more and continued to abate, so that we could soon stow our clothes away into the backpacks.

In a once again impressive mountain panorama, the path led us alternately through small groves and open country, this time with cumulated 550 m difference in altitude. It was not quite as demanding as on the previous day, because the slopes were more moderate. After a varied excursion, the nude hikers returned to their accomodation 'Val Drôme Soleil' at 19°C, where they let the day end on the terrace in conversation with the operator of the campsite having cool drinks.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Clarisse

 ► Fri 21 April: Nude hiking in the marsh 'Marais des Bouligons' [22 April 2017]

On Friday the 21st of April, Queen Elizabeth experienced her 91st birthday. Because it is too cold for her in April, she is always celebrating it only in June. Not so the seven naturists from France and Germany, who are currently on holiday in the Drôme valley, can not be frightened by the temperature of 3°C at 9 o'clock. The sun managed to warm up the air by additional 6 °C until 10 o'clock. So, 5 gentlemen and 2 ladies hiked along with a dog.

Information panels explain characteristics and history of the swampland 'Marais des Bouligons' (external, fr.):

Due to the trilingual nature of the panels (FR, EN, NL), the group spontaneously came up with the idea, to develop the natury website to be available in English and French as well.

After 17 km over cumulated 500 m difference in altitude of climb and descent, the hike in the buff ended. In the evening, we enjoyed again good French cuisine – and the first translation plans for the natury website.

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Horst

 ► Sat 22 April: End of the hiking days in the Vallée de la Drôme [24 April 2017]

At the close of the hiking days, in the Vallée de la Drôme on Saturday, 22 April, a group of naturists met once again in Parc naturel régional de Vercors for a last tour on the high plateau of Die. A trail led us up to the Col de Bergu and then to the Col de la Tou.

We met a group of seven cyclists and a single hiker, all happy about the encounter. The hiker told us, that she did not want to undress herself, because the backpack straps would cause light streaks on skin at the shoulders – the trademark of nude hikers. We immediately agreed: This is an excellent motivation for hikes “without everything”, i.e. also without backpack (as far as that is possible).

 – Report and photo: Rainer and Pascal

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