As an example, we assess a text on this matter of the Lower Saxony Land Government. This text "Wegweiser für Sicherheit und Ordnung in Städten und Gemeinden" (PDF, in German) covers:

Disturbance of the public

3.1 Facts
Disturbances of the public may be i.e. walking in the nude, peeing on the street, loud utterances of obscene content on the street, labeling of buildings (as far as not already a property damage according to section 303 of the German penal code is met), turning a signpost, aggressive begging.

3.2 Regulatory offence
According to section 118 of the German OWiG, one is comitting a regulatory offence, who performs a grossly inappropriate act which is liable to disturb or endanger the public and to affect public order.

3.3 Measures

  • Inhibition according to, i.e., the police law, called NGefAG, in the German part of Lower Saxony, i.e. by sending-off up to arrest.
  • Admonishment fee.
  • Complaint of a regulatory offence

3.4 Responsibilities
Administrative authorities / Police.

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