Issue with 2560 x 1080 (UWFHD) size monitors solved [20 June 2020]

Visitors of the natury website using an ultra wide screen monitor (2560 x 1080 = UWFHD) faced the issue, that the right ("sticky") menu partly interfered with content in the main part of the website, so that you could have difficulties to read text or click links:

Menu interfered with content on ultra wide screen monitors

Therefore, the layout of the natury website has been modified:

  1. The "sticky" right menu moves to the upper right corner of the browser window (and remains "sticky" there). If the screen window is dragged narrower or the visitor switches to higher zoom factors (zoom in content), the menu will move towards the content column, but before it gets to the content and could cover it, it will disappear.

  2. In order to be able to select the next adjacent menu item via the hierarchical, vertical menu layout, such a menu with a white background can be invoked by clicking on the green menu button at the top of the screen – this also covers the contents, but it disappears again immediately after clicking on a menu item. If you need the menu again, you can call it up again with the green button. Also, there is the symbol ⊗ in the upper right corner of the menu panel, which you can use to click the menu away again.

  3. The horizontal mega-menu is retained. In the case of very narrow windows, such as on a smartphone, it is reduced to a dark grey menu bar, which opens a menu specially optimised for smartphone operation.

Nakation: Lovely coinage discovered! [29 March 2020]

It is a simple, compelling coinage: "naked vacation" is just "nakation" – short, compelling, remains in your mind!
As you may discover by browsing through the following citates, this means helpful information by media, fun, a wonderful, healthy lifestyle, and also a serious, growing business.
Have fun living your personal lifestyle in the nude, stay naktiv, plan your next nakation.

natury: We've implemented a new layout for you! [24 March 2020]

natury's new layout: more spaceThe layout for desktops natury's layout: the menu sticks top rightnow has more space: (W)QHD (2560 pixels) and UHD (3840 pixels) monitors are slowly becoming quite common – natury's previous layout with a maximum width of 940 pixels looked pretty narrow and puny …

Now, natury uses up to 1300 pixels in width – this allows a more generous use of space. Of course, the layout adapts automatically (responsive) on narrower displays up to smartphones.

The most important new feature is, that the menu on the upper right corner remains firmly stuck, even if the rest of the page is scrolled. This way, you always have access to the menu and do not have to search it a long time.

natury's layout: on narrow displays, the menu appears in hamburger styleWhen available natury's layout: when the hamburger menu changes to normal menu, it points out the current menu itemspace on your device's display thins down, the menu changes to hamburger style (top left, blue-white).

By clicking the hamburger button, the menu is displayed and it then shows exactly the current menu item, so that you know, where in the menu you are, and you can switch to neighbouring menu items without guessing, wiping, or scrolling.

Another new feature is, that links to the homepage in other languages and to corresponding articles, i.e. concerning the same topic in other languages, are moved down to 'Direct Links' at the bottom of each page - they are not used so often, that they should be at the top. Also, 'Search' has been moved down. Searching is still possible on every page. If you click on 'Direct Links' in the menu, your view will immediately moved down to the bottom of the current page.

D · Physical exercise despite Corona [23 March 2020]

Five days of cloudless high-pressure weather with strong, cold eastern winds – the temperature sensation is just above zero, even the bright March sun cannot change that. But even in times of COVID-19, you have to keep fit and need exercise – jogging or walking once a day or at least a stroll is necessary to strengthen your immune system.

Stroll along a lakeAt a small Footbath in a lakelake, a rest was welcome: Bright sun shining into your face, feet under water, lovely small talk – maintaining a certain distance, of course. You understand other persons even from a distance of 2 m and you do not have to expose yourself and others to the risk of droplet infection – because microscopic droplets are inevitable companions, when breathing out, and even more so, when speaking.

In supermarkets, which we all have to visit from time to time to buy food, keeping away from each other works all of a sudden in an exemplary way, as if each of us had trained this behaviour from an early age.

The people, who went for a walk this afternoon, were calm, cheerful, and health-conscious even in the Corona crisis: Here, too, you kept a certain distance, enjoyed the nice weather, and had relaxed conversations from safe distance.

There we go!

 – Rainer

Google: natury on top [18 March  2020]

Google is ranking the natury website in English on top postions.

Search by Google on 12 March 2020 in Germany and on 18 March in USA shows articles of the natury website concerning the terms "nudevent" and "nudevents" on top postions. On 18 March, a search for "nudevents" from Germany shows, that the second entry, which was "Hiking in the buff - Natury" on 12 March, is now "Nude biking - Natury". Good news is, that natury still is on position 1 and 2.

The US ranking order differs slightly from the result in Germany, but is also very good.

NZ · Journalist questions cohabitants about their mis-understanding of nudity [25 January 2020]

"[…] For such a progressive country […] we've still got some pretty archaic views on things. […]"

 – Vera Alves (NZ Herald): "New Zealand, we need to talk." ( cited on

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