E · Nude pilgrim and streaker during Europe League football match in Granada with Manchester United [10 April 2021]

In Granada's Europe League match with Manchester United, the streaker Olmo Garcia Guerrero once again managed to dash naked onto the pitch and demonstrate for better connection with nature. Bernd informed us about an article in Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung: “LOKALE BERÜHMTHEIT: Nackter Flitzer regt bei Granada gegen ManUtd auf!” (krone.at). Many thanks for that!
This newspaper article informs, that Olmo is well known for strolling around in the buff in Granada – the Spanish city, where he lives. Also, it informs about a Nude Pilgrimage reported by national and international media. In an article of Galician newspaper La Voz de Galicia [en: The Voice of Galicia] “SANTIAGO: ¿Quién es el peregrino que hizo las últimas etapas del Camino desnudo de pies a cabeza?” (lavozdegalicia.es), you may read more and watch photos concerning that.

UK · Man fined for mobbing nude cyclists [23 March 2021]

A magistrate's court in Chelmsford (county of Essex in England, about 45 km northeast of London) has fined a 27-year-old man £180 and ordered him to pay compensation to the victims.

Gazette Standard

He had insulted two nude cyclists, who were on the road as part of the annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), in a very nasty way. The cyclists had recorded his rant on video and filed a complaint to the police.

This verdict is remarkable in a country, where a man like Stephen Gough already had to spend more than ten years in prison, just because he hiked in the nude.

In the present trial, however, it was not about the judicial evaluation of nude cycling, but about the insulting remarks towards the nude cyclists. The WNBR is a registered and approved naked cycling event in England.

Man who hurled abuse at Clacton naked cyclists hit with fine

Comment by Bernard, UK

  1. The prosecution was under the Public Order Act because current hate crime legislation focuses on ethnic, religious, gender and disability only.
  2. The two perpetrators pled guilty at the last moment, so there was no discussion of the issues in court. One was fined £150 and each paid £50 costs, but at least they got criminal records.
  3. Some comments posted by readers to the newspaper's site were so filled with further hate that some BN*) members have made formal complaints to the newspaper's editor, and they have all been removed.
  4. At the time of the ride in 2019, Clacton Council whipped up feeling against WNBR.


*) “BN” is short for organisation “British Naturists”.

N · Nude high flyer now world champion [8 March 2021]

Eight years after his spectacular, completely air cooled ski jump, Halvor Egner Granerud achieved his greatest success to date by winning World Cup 2020/21.

Nude ski jump in winter 2012/2013
Nude ski jump in winter 2012/2013

Shortly before the final of the Nordic World Ski Championships, Corona virus brought Norway's ski jumping high-flyer Halvor Egner Granerud down. The eleven-time season winner was isolated on Wednesday 3 March after positive testing. The great rival of Markus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger was thus ruled out for the decisions on the large hill in Oberstdorf.

CH · Nude hiking prevails as an idea – also as a living room decoration for flower pots [6 March 2021]

You will be reminded of nude hiking every day in the living room, if you indulge yourself and your loved ones the new nude hiker flower pot decorations. Four figures, each 8 cm high, find a green environment among the houseplants like the human nude hiker in forests and meadows.

Picture: Deep Link to the website “Blumentopf-Dekoration Nacktwandern” [en: Flowerpot Decoration Nude Hiking] (enjoymedia.ch)

D · Nude modellers will be pleased: hiking in the buff now also in H0 scale [29 January 2021]

The fact, that nude hiking has almost become common practice, can be seen in the 2021 collection of Busch, a traditional company in the field of landscape design for model railways. The catalogue, which until now contained only one naturist model, in contrast to that of the H0 figure manufacturer Preiser, which has offered several naturist figures for many years, now comes with three more model packs on nude hiking, nude barbecuing, and with the well-known scene of the laptop-robbing wild boar from Berlin. Pixelation of pictures in the catalogue does hopefully not apply to the real figures.

Group hikes are not yet presented in this catalogue: However, a figure of one couple hiking in the buff is available. They are standing in front of a hiking map with a rubbish bin turning their backs to that. Obviously, Busch has understood, that nude hikers know their ways and keep the forest clean …

 – Thanks to Guido for the hint.

Links to a photo collection of naturist figures offered by BUSCH:

With some IP addresses, the above links only work, when you log in @instagram. On page 19 of the catalogue by Busch (PDF), you may also watch photos of the mentioned products.

Newspaper articles about the wild boar stealing a laptop:

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