While anthropomorphic beings and early humans had distinguished themselves from the animals since the beginning of their presence on earth by being able to use objects as tools – and they were getting better and better – their other behavior as living beings did not differed from the animals.

Thus, ethnology Is the polar bear ashamed? No! The gesture is deceptive. also assumes, that only 100,000 years ago people began to separate themselves from their fellow human beings for certain actions. This involved, for example, the processes of excretion, but also sexual acts. For animals there is no problem to eat grass on the pasture and let their droppings fall directly into the grass next to their food. Likewise, couples amongst animals, who are willing to make love, do not have the slightest inhibition of carrying out their sexual union in the middle of the herd or pack.

This was certainly the case among anthropomorphic beings and early humans. It was only with the advancing spiritual development that man learned, that his excretions, as well as the action to get rid of his excrements, could be disturbing, indeed annoying, for other people. So, someday, they began to withdraw for these activities to a hiddenplace, where no one else was disturbed.

To this day, it is customary in all human cultures to bring the children to the shame on excretion, viz. to teach the children that you have to go to the bathroom to ease yourself. In many cultures, it is also the case, that such an acquired shame on action is also extended to the parts of the body, which are connected with the process of excretion. In these cultures, the children are also given a shame as to body parts to cover buttocks, penis, scrotum and vulva in most situations.

Is such a shame as to the body or parts of the body reasonable? You can only be ashamed, if you have done something wrong yourself: If you have done bad work, although you could have done it better. If have hurt someone (verbally or physically) and therefore you have disesteemed the dignity of the other person. If you have violated conventions, that are set and acknowledged by the public.

But why should I be ashamed for my body or even parts of? My body is a gift from the Creator or the result of evolution – in any case, I have done nothing wrong with it! I did not even gained an inch of fat, I still wear the same dress size as twenty! I did not destroy anything, no parts dismantled and badly reassembled – nothing like that! So why should I be ashamed? If there is a detail of my body, that is still worthy of improvement, then evolution will make it right during the next generations. And if someone would have to be ashamed of my body, then it is only the Creator or the evolution!

As naturists, we share the shame of action, i.e. with regard to excretion as well as to sexual acts, but reject any shame as to the body or parts of as unfounded and absurd. After all, our body is a gift of nature or the Creator, and it would be very inadequate, ungrateful and blasphemous, not to rejoice in this gift, but to be ashamed of it!

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