Naturism is a way of thinking. Naturists consider and regocnise themselves as part of nature, orientating themselves in their conduct and actions towards natural phenomena as much as possible. Naturists try to preserve nature as a habitat and to prevent its disturbance or destruction where they can. All human beings should harvest (e.g. take from nature) only their necessities of life, making grow in of new nature possible.

Naturism is also a way of life that is hallmarked by the naturist’s offset against restraints of civilisation and against certain social norms and values, referring to original, nature-oriented generation of values.


Yawalapiti children in AmazoniaNaturists regarded the natural way of life Water in non-returnable plastic bottlesof autochthonous peoples, e.g. the Yawalipiti in the Amazon region, as role models for their own attitudes for a long time. In the meantime, however, this role model function has been lost, because civilisation has long since reached most of these peoples: the Yawalipiti children in the picture on the right carry water in non-returnable plastic bottles to their village along with other industrially processed and packaged food. Will the bottles end up in the Amazon and then in the sea? Or are the Amazon villages connected to a recycling system?



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