<p>natury uses technical cookies (“session cookies”), which are absolutely necessary for an orderly delivery of the website. These are used in all cases, and this is always permitted under German DSGVO. They do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the person and cannot acquire any additional data (for example from third-party cookies). They remain active only for the duration of the session. One of these cookies is called “cookieconsent_status”. This means that the browser “knows”, that, in the example shown here, the visitor has not agreed to the use of further cookies and consequently does not generate additional cookies any more:</p>
<p><img src="/images/natury/cookie-consent.jpg" alt="Cookie usage denied" width="622" height="173" title="Cookie usage denied" /></p>
  Also, natury uses cookies to obtain statistics about the use of the website&nbsp;–&nbsp;but only, if you have explicitly chosen:<br />
  <img src="/images/natury/cookies-allow.png" alt="Allow cookies" title="Allow cookies" />.<br />
  The cookies used for this purpose also do not allow any conclusion about your person, because the identifying parts of the IP address are set to 0 before they are transferred to the statistics software.
<p>Comprehensive information, on how we respect and leave your privacy untouched, can be found in the documents “<a href="/images/natury-datenschutzerklaerung.pdf" target="_blank">Datenschutzerklärung</a>” (legally binding version in German, PDF) and “<a href="/images/natury-Privacy_policy.pdf" target="_blank">Privacy policy</a>” (informative English translation, PDF).</p>
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