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Titel: Saxon Naturist Days ’22
Startdatum/-zeit: 18.07.2022
Enddatum/-zeit: 28.07.2022
Adresse: Freundeskreis Sächsischer Naturisten
Martin Nitsche
Dresdner Straße 13
01809 Dohna
Deutschland Deutschland
Telefon: +49 (0) 162 3086015
Adresse: Holiday Home "Ottendorfer Hütte"
Hauptstraße 34
01855 Ottendorf, Sebnitz
Deutschland Deutschland
Beschreibung: In 2022 we will host again the Saxon Naturist Days, where we will explore the most beautiful Corners of Saxony, Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland. Therefore we would like to invite you from July 18th to 28th 2022 to be our Guest in the - so Lim's words - "Disneyland for nude Hikers" 😃.

What will expect you ?

Also this Year we have rented a House for 18 Persons. Furthermore we have some plans for the Year 2022, so there will be completely new Hiking Routes and the possibility to choose between a Climbing or a Hiking Group.

But don't worry : You won't need any Climbing Gear like Harness and Rope. The Routes are just a bit more challenging, so we will be climbing up several well known Climbs Stairs, which have been a bit too short in the last Years - for which we have received many Requests. 

The Hiking Group can look forward to relaxed Hikes. Of course, the Restaurant Visit at the End of a Hike, as we have been practicing it in the last Years, will remain the same.

It is also planned to do a Boat Tour on the Elbe River.

Please note : You can find further Information at the Calendar Entry on our Website, including the necessary Registration Form.
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