D · Beginning of nude hiking season at the 'Isar' River, Bavaria [5 April 2017] Jump into a natural pool – Photo: Horst Jump into a natural pool – Photo: Horst

On March 31, the temperature in Munich and the surrounding area rose to 24°C. "Nude Alex" had invited at short notice, but in time to a nude hiking tour in the meadows of the Isar, and many took the opportunity fo an early season opening. The website (in German), offers the first photos of the nude hiking season 2017 – and even one of a short swim in the still cold floods of the Isar River!

D · Nude hiking days in Bavaria [15 September 2016]

 ► Late summer naturist meeting in upper Bavaria [11 September 2016]

Meadows at the Isar
Meadows at the Isar

Two prussians*) (from Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia) informed themselves a few days before 'Nude Alex' offered a hiking tour to some 'Gumpen', about naturists at the 'Isar' River. They met with naturists living there and practiced nude hiking and bathing in the Isar at 29°C air temperature and in refreshing water at 16°C.

Nature was able to impress with a variety of plant life, crystal clear river water, fish, and traces of work of beavers, whose buildings can be found right on the water's edge. Now, also two prussians know, that Gumpen are water-filled natural pools in the rocks, in which you can have a pleasant bath.

 ► Naturists' meeting in upper Bavaria [12  September 2016]

At the Isar
At the Isar

Further upwards the Isar, the naturists explored the impressive natural river landscape halfway through the water, half on pebbles, in sunshine, blue skies, at 26°C air temperature, and there at the upper reaches of the Isar refreshing 10°C water temperature. Walking sticks proved to be useful in balancing on the differently sized pebbles of the water, but partly less useful because of locally strong currents.

Fortunately, passages with strong currents were only short and not too frequent. And again and again, enough deep places with moderate flow offered the opportunity to a refreshing bath. We got a good idea of how river landscapes were before human interventions: meandering in a wide pebble bed, with relatively shallow water and constant changes in the river's course.

Afterwards, the return journey through shaded forests took place on a first pre-alpine rise, which was taken by a number of cyclists sportily, back to the starting point.

There, the naturists could once again bathe in the Isar and refresh themselves. Only comment from sunbathing textile weares near a parking lot for hikers on the edge of a village: 'Is not that too cold, do not you freeze? We were only with a foot in there, and it was too cold for us.' Well, after a hike at such a high air temperature, this is really a pleasant cool down.

We wished each other a nice day and went over the bridge. Sun and a friendly wind dried us, so that we did not even need a towel on arrival at the car.

 ► Naturist prussians continue to travel in Bavaria [13 September 2016]

Meadows at the 'Loisach' River
Meadows at the 'Loisach' River

The prussian naturists in Bavaria explored at 29°C air temperature the meadows and gentle slopes at the Loisach near 'Garmisch-Partenkirchen' with the impressive panorama around the 'Zugspitze' and 'Karwendel' Mountains. Time of bathing in the Loisach has been slightly shortened due to its water temperature of 10°C.

Particularly exciting was the walk along the river – it was almost as overgrown as the Amazon jungle. Leisure teams on inflatable boats, in canoes, or on horseback in the river greeted as friendly as well as a farmer from his tractor at the hay harvest.

 ► Hike by Nude Alex to some 'Gumpen' [14 September 2016]


20 naturists gathered to hike with Alex on his tour to some Gumpen. Up to 23°C air temperature and sunshine were the pleasant conditions, so that a bath in one of the numerous Gumpen with 9°C to 10°C water temperature always offeres a welcome refreshment. One Gumpe even had a natural shower of its own, the falling water of which had a strong massaging effect.

After arriving at the 'Sylvensteinsee' Lake, the participants entered the over 500-year-old inn 'Zum Altwirt' [en: At The Old Barkeeper] in Lenggries and then switched, in order to end calmfully an eventful day, to the neighboring ice cream parlour.

 ► Nude in the meadows of the Isar, central Munich [15 September 2016]

At the end of the beautifulUpper Bavarian Naturist Days, the naturists experienced the Isar between the 'Flaucher', a since 120 years existing nature reserve in the middle of Munich, and 'Grünwald' at 23°C and sunshine.

The meadows at the Isar have been restored with great success in recent years. Plants, animals, and people feel equally well. A heron waited not far from the Flaucher on a stone in the crystal-clear water for food swimming by. Information panels describe the measures for renaturation, signs inform about the naturally behaviour in nature: no broken pieces of glass and no garbage left behind.

Meadows at the Isar
Meadows at the Isar

Between two nude hikes of about 6 und 11 km, we have had a typical Bavairian 'Brotzeit' in a small beer garden directly nearby the Flaucher. We didn't miss a bath in the 16°C warm water of the Isar!


*) It is a running gag in Germany, that some people in Bavaria distinguish Germans only into Bavarians (i.e. themselves) and Prussians. Some – almost untranslatable – jokes make fun of that.


 – Report and photos: Horst and Rainer



D · Nude hiking on meadow paths in the Eastern Eifel Mountains [14 September 2020]

First fill out ballot papers, then hike in the buff – that was the motto on the second Sunday in September, after Michael had chosen eastern Eifel Mountains as his hiking destination at the end of the summer.

The almost autum-like sun casts long shadows in the late morning at the beginning of the hike – Photo: Bernd
Gallery: Nude on meadow paths

Air temperatures there rose to 26°C, and the undisturbed sunshine caused some of the 18 nude hikers to apply sunscreen despite the advanced summer. Those, who no longer had enough sunscreen for their calves and shins, hid it in knee-length socks to prevent sunburn on lower legs.

Almost the whole time, the hiking group had the Olbrück Castle Keep in view, while hiking between angels and grove through meadows, pastures, fields, and occasionally through a forest. The gently undulating green of the landscape was often interrupted by white patches, which turned out to be cows and led to daring speculations about why cows in the Eifel do not have brown or black patches in their fur. We did not find a conclusive answer.

After the 13 km long slightly mountainous tour had been completed, the "Neue Marhof" in Niederdürenbach, directly adjacent to a well-attended swing golf course, was the hip spot for numerous ice cream scoops, hot coffee, or cool refreshments after the hike.

D · Hike in the buff through meadows and forests in the 'Eifel' Mountains [29 July 2018]

Michael, for quite some time regular initiator of nude hikes in the 'Eifel' and especially in the 'Ahr' River area, had invited to a hike near 'Blankenheim'. Here's his report:

20180729 Hike in the Eifel Mountains
Hike in the Eifel Mountains

Extreme heat during the days before was temporarily replaced by a less hotter phase, but still quit warm with temperature between 24 °C at the start of the hike and up to 28 °C later on. 22 naturists had followed the call and hiked mainly through meadows with wide panoramic views into the country, whereby the wooded slopes of the Ahr valley formed the green horizon line – in strong contrast to the yellow of the desiccated meadows. The hike was 14 km long and ended with a stop at the 'Evert' Beer Garden.



D · 2019 Naturist days in the 'Harz' Mountains [11 June 2019]

The long weekend beginning with Corpus Christi Wearing colourful art all together in the altogetherin 2019 was again the opportunity for around 40 naturists to gather for the 2019 Naturist days in the 'Harz' Mountains and to undertake naturist activities together in the 'Oberharz'.

During these naturist days, 13 of the naturists participated in a bodypainting. After the already traditional presentation of our body-art works between church and town hall in 'Clausthal', some of us enjoyed Art outside - Cooling down insidea delicious ice cream. Other guests and passers-by first showed their surprise at the colourful 'dresses', then greeted back friendly and took an unusual memory home.

After the trip to Clausthal, some of us did a short hike before dinner. We encountered a family with two boys and two girls. They obviously had a lot of fun in view of our picturesque skin art, and when we told them about having ice cream in Clausthal, they had to laugh out loud - their cheerfulness sounded for quite a while.

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Helmut

D · Naturists' days from 14 to 18 June in the 'Harz' Mountains [19 June 2017]

More than 40 naturists from Germany and the Netherlands met in the 'Harz' Mountains for some days of nudevents. Amongst other activities like visitor tours in the vicinity, hiking in the buff as well as nude swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, and sauna were on the agenda. Also, there was an option to participate actively in a bodypainting.

 ► Thu 15 June: 'Wasserregale'

At 26°C and sunshine, 26 naturists hiked 15 km through a varied landscape of forest and meadows. During past times of mining in the region, so-called 'Wasserregale' [en: (Ancient) rights and duties concerning regulation of the level of water] were the reason, to artificially create numerous basins for water regulation. Nowadays, they offer many possibilities for cooling, bathing, and swimming.

A dragonfly landed unerringly and posed in front of the macro lens.

 ► Sat 17 June: Bodypainting

Due to air temperature of only 16°C and a cloudy sky, those 20 naturists, who had applied for a bodypainting, were happy to have a heated space – preparation and painting did even last some hours. Finally, we presented ourselves as living works of art to the public on the marketplace in the centre of Clausthal between church and 'Rathaus' [en: townhall].



D · Hike in the 'Lahn-Dill' Mountains on Sunday, 20 August [22 August 2017]

At the meeting point of the hike, a rather fresh wind was blowing in the late morning. However, an air temperature of about 17°C made a textile-free hike possible on the varied route, which offered far-reaching views into the hilly landscape of the 'Lahn-Dill' Mountains. Cloudy skies alternated with diffuse sunlight and bright sunshine. A short rain shower, which surprised the hiking group during a rest, could not disturb the mood for hiking on the route of approximately 15 km. The end of the nice day was spent together in a pizzeria with delicious food.

Nude hikers in the im Lahn-Dill Mountains  Confiding audience  Green encounter

 – Report and photos: Horst K. Translation: John


Lower Saxony

D · Nude museum visit: On 5 May 'Nackt und bloß' in the 'Landesmuseum Hannover' [5 May 2017]

 ► Announcement [24 April 2017]

The Hanover State Museum shows the special exhibition Nackt und bloß. Lovis Corinth und der Akt um 1900 [en: Naked and bare. Lovis Corinth and the nude around 1900]. We have arranged a nude visit of the exhibition on Friday, 5 May, between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.. Since we will be in the nude during this visit, we want to feel more deeply and intensely into the situation of the nude model or the artist than it would be the case if we would surrender ourselves to the barrier which clothes would constitute. As we had already realised in 2013 in the Leopold Museum Wien, Austria Leopold Museum Wien, Austria and in 2015 in the LWL Museum Münster (Westf.), Germany.

The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Barbara Martin, will show us around. This guided tour will take about 1 hour. The number of participants to a tour is limited to ca. 25 persons, and therefore we would form two groups if more than 25 naturists would attend. During the tour of one group the other one can visit the ‘KunstWelten’ and view the works from the medieval to the early modern age, among which are highlights by Cranach, Rubens, Rembrandt, Caspar David Friedrich, Liebermann and Monet.

The museum offers a friendly price and charges 15 € p.p. for a total of 2 hours exclusive stay in the ‘KunstWelten’. If you want to participate, pls click Count me in! to register.

Tip: Needless to say, that partners, children, relatives, friends etc. may participate in this special event as well without a need to undress themselves.

 ► … 'Naked and bare' in the Hanover State Museum [5 May 2017]

23 naturists joined the exhibition's curator on a guided tour. He informed about the development of nude painting and the changing attitudes to nudity and gender roles in the society of about 100 years ago, as well as paintings and graphics of Corinth and his underlying motivation. The tour created better understanding among those participating. For me personally, the picture ‘Die Nacktheit’ of the lying woman and the two playing children triggered most intense feelings, as it remembered me of my birthdays as a child (on hot July days celebrated nude in the garden) and of very similar photos of these days, showing children concentrated on playing their games just as deeply as those on the picture at the exhibition and waving as cheerfully as the depicted kid.
 – Helmut


After the guided tour, the naturists had the opportunity to visit the ‘KunstWelten’ [en: Art Worlds] in the State Museum, where visitors can step through the art work back to the 13th century. There is the almost 200-year-old statue, showing a modern and young looking couple, who demonstrate what is still happening now and then: He is quite naturally in the nude, but she does not dare. And there is the living couple of today, holding hands behind the stony one, 200 years after the creation of the statue.

Although we had already explored a part of the museum before the tour - where I also saw the bog body of the Man from 'Neu-Versen', which shuddered me with fear 60 years ago, when I was a pupil. Time was too short, to cover all the treasures of the multi-thematic state museum (country, coast, and air worlds, human worlds = evolution and ethnology, art worlds, etc.): We will definitely come back, even in clothes if absolutely necessary!

Link: "Landesmuseum Hannover" (

Link: "»Nackt und bloß«: Nudisten sehen sich Ausstellung an" (


Lüneburg Heath

D · Two weeks of naturist activities in Lüneburg Heath [15 July 2016]

We had a lot of sports and fun with nude hikes and a canoe trip in the nude.

Up to 20 naturists attended the naktivities. Musical entertainment in between provided the “Blues, Roots, and Song Festival” in Schneverdingen – just a reason to come back.

The aficionados of nude sports from all over Germany and neighboring countries spent 14 days in the Lüneburg Heath and the banks of the Elbe River with naturist activities and have enjoyed the specialties of local gastronomy at the end of the day. We could make a landlady of our guest room happy by giving her a T-shirt with the imprint “Vater, Mutter, Sohn und Lehrer – alle gehen” [en: “Dad, mum, son, and teacher – all are”], because she wanted to give it her grandson as a present.

On Sunday, 3 July, the group of hikers encountered a Heath Park ranger, who expressed vigorous concerns as to hiking in the nude. With a few corrections concerning legal situation, he let himself calm down.

On Saturday, 9 July, then another Heath Park ranger appeared and wanted to stop the nude hike. He said, he had a mandate to advise nude hikers outside of the “official” nude hiking nature trail at Undeloh, that they must not be in the nude outside of this trail. In addition, he spoke of a deed “Erregung Öffentlichen Ärgernisses” [en: “Causing a public disturbance”], which of course is completely beside the point, because such a deed is per definition of the law always a sexual deed in public.

He did not believe that and called the police. A female officer initially spoke of “exposing genitals”, but we made it clear to her, that this was not the purpose of our hike. Another police officer answered by phone and asked for the personal details of the initiator of the hike. A few hours later, he called again and said, that there was no reason to intervene.

The initiator then gave this message to Heath Park ranger, who now clearly found it personaally very unpleasant, to be be handled by police as “complainant”.

 – Report: Rainer



D · Nude hiking days in Palatinate [1 June 2017]

The Palatinate [de: 'Pfalz'] is a region in the south-west of Germany. Some naturists from Germany and Luxembourg met for a couple of days, to hike in the buff and to enjoy the regional kitchen.

 ► Sun 28 May: Climbing the 'Drachenfels' in the heat [28 May 2017]

An international group of naturist made a hike in the 'Hunsrück' Mountains at a temperature of 30°C. In spite of the heat, they climbed the 'Drachenfels', where also a lot of dressed hikers were enjoying the panorama.

On the way to one of the panorama cliffs
On the way to one of the panorama cliffs

After 300 m straight downhill, the hikers enjoyed an ice-cream or cake in the restaurant 'Saupferch' in the mid of the woods. From there, they still had to hike another five and a half mile on a route uphill to the parking lot. All the better were the tasty cool drinks and the good food in Hotel ‘Zum Hirsch’ in Ramsen in the evening.

 ► Mon 29 May: Nude ascent onto the 'Donnersberg' [29 May 2017]

Hike on the Palatine High Route
Hike on the Palatine High Route

The summit is reached
On the Donnersberg

At the 'Ludwigsturm'  [en: Ludwig's Tower], after having finished the ascent, we were accepted being in the nude, could have a ice cream and and a coffee – and we learned all about the surroundings and the hidden attractions in conversation with the kiosk operator and other guests. After the enjoyment, we went back to the parking lot, could admire some works of art, that were dedicated to the past of Donnersberg as a Celtic settlement, on the way. We took the last rest at the 'Adlerbogen' [en: Eagle's Bow], a starting point for paragliders and kite gliders.

 ► Tue 30 May: Nude hike at 'Eulenbis' [30 May 2017]

Eulenbis, a small village in the district of 'Kaiserslautern', was the starting point for today's hike. The senior of the hiking group soon realised, that the terrain made a little to high demands on his physical condition and the other participants had to wait for him ongoingly. So he said goodbye and looked for an easier way to cope.

In the meantime, dark clouds soon developed minatorially in the west, and after a few minutes, a remarkable thunderstorm with lightning, thunder, and heavy rain took place. But this lasted barely twenty minutes, then the thunderstorm had pushed along, and the sun warmed the air, which had cooled down in the meantime. A stork wandered across a meadow and searched the ground for food.

Dark clouds from the west
Dark clouds from the west

Rain drops
Rain drops

A stork on a meadow
A stork on a meadow

 ► Wed 31 May: Nude hiking near 'Falkenstein' Castle ruin [1 June 2017]

Falkenstein Castle ruin was both starting point and destination of another nude hiking in the high summer heat. Our most exciting pause was at the 'Weiße Grube', a still accessible old mining tunnel. In the direct surroundings several remainders of traditional ore and gem mining iron that took place here in times past, sometimes even for centuries.

Apart from several old mining tunnels also 'Kronenbuche', the 'Hohenfels' castle ruin, 'Beutelfelsen', 'Rote Halde' and 'Dicke Eiche' were intermediate points of this hike, which was completed at the 'Falkensteinerhof' with ice-cream, coffee and cake.



D · Nude in research through the world [19 September 2020]

On the banks of the Neye DamMarc lives in Geneva, is currently on a research trip around the world as an author on the subject of nudity and has come across the subject of nude hiking in Germany. Since it is his principle to report from his own experience and feelings, he went on a nude hike with us and talked to the other participants at length and in detail. As one of many episodes, the German practice of nude hiking will be a topic in his book, which is scheduled for publication in 2021 – natury will report.

Encounter on the dam wallThe route, we have chosen for the nude hike, is a circuit around the Nyeye dam, which has been an occasional nude hiking destination for many years, and where you can easily engage in conversation during the hike, because you don't have to concentrate so much on the trail.

The forest's leaf canopy, which thinned out in late summer, let enough sunlight through to warm the air to 23°C, and now and then we could look out over the lake, which lay under a completely cloudless sky. In the "Café an der Neyetalsperre", the nude hiking group (now dressed) took stock of the day's hiking with coffee, cake and ice cream, and at the neighbouring tables encountered again all the hikers, they had encountered previously nude during the hike.

View from the dam wall to the lake

D · Primeval forest near 'Birgelen': Walk in May [20 May 2019]

Four of us had registered for Herbert's nude hike in the Vulkaneifel Mountains and were looking forward to be actively nude there again, to see well-known naturists again and to get to know new ones.

However, in view of the forecast of thunderstorms in the hiking area, we decided at short notice, not to take the long drive to get there, and hiked instead in the Birgeler Urwald [en: Birgelen Primeval Forest] in the German-Dutch Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park.

This choice gave us pleasant May weather with sun, weak wind, and air temperature above 20 °C as well as a pleasant refreshing swim in a pond in the primeval forest.

We enjoyed bright, fresh green of spring, singing birds, and croaking frogs as many other hiking and cycling people did in the nature park. On the horizon, it became sometimes dark – there were probably thunderstorms or rain. The rain did not arrive until we had finished our hike and were on our way home. We had probably made the right choice!

 – Report and photos / videos: Rainer

D · Clothing optional hike in the 'Wahn' Heath on 19 May [21 May 2018]

At the 'Herfeld' Moor, Wahner Heide, Germany. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Photo: Dirk df
At the 'Herfeld' Moor, Wahner Heide, Germany.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
Photo: Dirk df

Günter has send us a participants' report about a nude hike:

We had the feeling, that we had done everything right, because the weather turned out to be the most beautiful on the way to the meeting point near 'Rösrath'. But at 12:30 pm, half an hour before the meeting, it became overcast rapidly. But only to give way to sunshine at 1 pm precisely. The few remaining clouds made sure that it got pleasantly warm, but without bright sunshine. A very happy omen.

Twelve participants – 8 men, 4 women – had enrolled. They met at the starting point without any issues. 'Clothing away and let's enter the heath!'' was then our motto at aprox. 1 pm.

First we went, past large areas with lush yellow flowering broom, from the parking lot 'Busenberg' via the 'Brand' path slightly downhill towards 'Geisterbusch' and from there via the 'November' to the 'Herfeld'. Unfortunately, the water buffalos were not on the pasture at Geisterbusch, but I was sure, that we would see them later.

At Herfeld, I decided to go to the left first to make a big right turn. So, we could enjoy the pleasant temperatures, take a look at the east-west landing and runway of the Cologne / Bonn Airport every now and then, and discover a few highlights of the Wahn Heath: I.a. the only woodland sage ('Salvia nemorosa', 'Salvia sylvestris') far and wide – at least 50 square kilometres – the blooming cotton grass ('Eriophorum'), the first visible sundews ('Drosera'), a royal fern ('Osmunda'), wild thyme ('Thymus'), wild yellow irises etc. We saw a kestrel ('Falco tinnunculus'), while croaking of frogs accompanied us.

Once at the top, we met a larger group of nordic walkers group, who were just warming up …

Read more concerning this hike on 19 May:
"Clothing optional-/Nacktwanderung vom 19.5.18 in der Wahner Heide" (PDF)

 – Author: Günther

NL · Nude hike through the Realm of the Elves [17 May 2017]

On 16 May, Dutch and German naturists met for a hike in the buff through a part of the German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette. During their 15 km hike through the heathland of the Dutch National Park De Meinweg with many ponds like the 'Elfenmeer' [en: Elves’ Pond] temperatures rose to 30 °C.

De Meinweg 1De Meinweg 2De Meinweg 3

The hike touched one of the so-called 'Happiness Spots'' of the 'Tiny Treasures of Roerdalen'. A part of these spots is the 'Realm of the Elves'. The hikers were accompanied by the sound of spring in form of songs of numerous different bird species and the loud croaking of frogs in the ponds. And all of a sudden, a large number of mills in a wind park far away somewhere in Belgium were seen, making this hike a real cross-border one.



D · Weekend of nude hikes in the 'Rhön' Mountains [11 September 2016]

 ► Sat 10 September: Circling the 'Schwarzes Moor' [10 September 2016]

Circle path around the moor
Circle path around the moor

On Saturday, we circled the area of the 'Schwarzes Moor' [en: Black Moor] in a clockwise direction, starting with the waterfall at the 'Eisbach' [en: Ice Brook].

Compared to similar hikes in earlier years, we met far more hiking groups on the tour: All approx. 25 encounters with textile wearers proceeded joyously up to animatedly, partly we could answer some advanced questions concerning our hobby.

 ► Sun 11 September: Round hike at the 'Ellenbogen' [11 September 2016]

Maize field near 'Kaltenwestheim'

The 'Eisenacher Haus' on the 'Ellenbogen' (814 m) was until 1989 a popular destination for Russian officers – the vodka flowed like water.

In the meantime, the Eisenach House is again an excursion inn and hotel for 'Rhön' tourists. The view from the neighboring 'Ellenbogen' [en: Elbow] marked the beginning of our hike in the buff, followed by the descent over mowed hayfields to the village of Kaltenwestheim and the ascent back to the starting point. With 350 m cumulative descent and ascent, the tour was quite challenging at the prevailing 28°C afternoon temperature.

At the end of the day, we arrived at Eisenacher Haus and enjoyed cool and hot drinks, cakes, and ice cream. We took the memory of a successful Rhön weekend home!


 – Report and photos: Horst and Rainer



D · Nude hiking days in 'Saarland' [3 June 2017]

The Saarland is a region in the south-west of Germany next to Luxembourg and France. The Palatinate is another neighbouring region in Germany. Some naturists from Germany and Luxembourg, who had met for a couple of days in the Palatinate, now continued hiking in the buff and enjoying the regional kitchen in the Saarland.

 ► Thu 1 June: Nude hiking on the 'Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama' [2 June 2017]

After our arrival in the “dream loop” hiking area of Saarland and Hunsrück we chose the ‘Georgi-Panoramaweg’ near Losheim with many beautiful views and a 360° panorama for our warming-up. In the afternoon this hike was completed by a visit to a café in 'Merzig' and after that a good meal in the beer garden of the ‘Merziger Brauhaus’.

'Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg'
'Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg'

 ► Fri 2 June: Dream tour 'Beckinger Saar-Blicke' [en: Looks onto the Saar River near Beckingen] [3 June 2017]

We were going to hike 14 km at 27 °C and sunshine in a varied landscape, while a look at the industrial facilities along the Saar River opened up again and again: factories, power stations, ower-type headgears …

A green-chatoyant beetle caught attention in the meantime, because nobody knew his name. As always, some of the nude hikers did not waste the opportunity to immerge into the spring-cold water of a brook.

Who knows my name?
Who knows my name?

Bath in a brook
Bath in a brook

In the evening we discovered in 'Merzig' the Italian restaurant Sant 'Angelo, where they served an excellent 'filet de beuf (bleu)' in Barolo sauce or a fish platter, with the consistency of the salmon fillet inside still tender and juicy, to us gourmets.

Addendum at 4 June 2017:
The beetle is called 'Rosenkäfer' [en: rose chafer] (cetonia aurata). Many thanks for this information to Axel G.!

 ► Sat 3 June: 2-valleys-dream-tour near 'Weiskirchen' [3 June 2017]

At midday, the weather forecast threatened us with rain and thunderstorms at 24 °C, but it remained dry with changing clouds, so we could carry out the 2-valleys-tour without any problem. The two-valleys path connects the 'Hölzbach' valley at 'Losheim-Waldhölzbach' with the 'Holzbach' Valley near Weiskirchen.

We made a small loop away around passage through the village 'Waldholzbach', but yet there were some surprised reactions from hiking groups, which had met us and had not heard of textile-free hiking so far. However, everyone answered our friendly greetings and we could also answer some questions.

Discussion on the matter of leaves of beech trees
Discussion on the matter of leaves of beech trees

We spent the evening, due to the excellent experience the evening before, at the same Italian restaurant Sant' Angelo, where we got again very best dishes.

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