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D · 'Sächsische Naturisten-Tage' (SNT) 2020 [24-31 July 2020]

In 2020, the SNT offered for the first time the option to stay together in a hut during these naturist days. Also, it went more international with participants from several regions in Germany, England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. So, after Austria and Spain, now also Saxon Switzerland in Germany is a NEWT-alike region thanks to Christian, Erik, Martin, Matthias, and Torsten.

 ► Thu 23 Jul: First hike in the buff from Kirnitzschtal Valley to Kuhstall Lookout and along the Flößersteig [23 July 2020]

The initial hike began at Beuthenfall in Kirnitzschtal Valley and led over clearly ascending paths and finally over ladders and stairs up to Kuhstall, where originally the stately seat of the Beuthen Nobles was enthroned, but of whose splendour nothing remains. The view of several strikingly towering stones in the surroundings compensated a little.

Afterwards the 31 naturist hikers reached the upper floor of the Kuhstall ("Neuer Wildenstein") via the 35 cm wide Himmelsleiter, which is built into a narrow stone crevice. Here too, clothed groups and numerous families were in the majority, and many of them asked us questions with interest, so that several rounds of discussions about our way of hiking developed. The website "nackt minus wandern punkt de" [or "hiking minus in minus buff dot info" for English readers] was remembered by many to read more about it.

Even if one or the other of them didn't want to leave the Heavenly Floor at all, they all finally cleared the terrain via the Earth Staircase and met up again at the Schneiderloch.

The rafting trail along the Kirnitzsch then demonstrated what paths in the forest can look like: Tree roots form the scaffolding between which the forest floor provides gentle tread and soft support – no trace of gravel or other artificial fortifications! The other 80% of the hiking trails were much more technical, so that vehicles could also pass through.

The day ended with a visit to the restaurant "Lichtenhainer Wasserfall" in Kirnitzschtal Valley.

 ► Fri 24 Jul: Through Wilde Hölle and Schlupfloch towards Idagrotte [24 July 2020]

The Friday hike should start at Nasser Grund in Kirnitschtal Valley and should have a much more demanding route than the day before. First of all, everyone, who had arrived at the starting parking lot, had to wait for the participants from the hut in Ottendorf, who had decided to park at the "Beuthenfall" car park and hike additional 1.5 km distance to Nasser Grund and back.

The further way led to Wilde Hölle. Before entering Wilde Hölle, four of the 40 hikers decided to choose a moderate route to Idagrotte. The other 36 took a few climbing sections over large stones and narrow footpaths, which required many big steps and strength, and on their way they faced some impressive views and several "real" climbing stones along the way.

On the mostly narrow paths, the nude hiking group of 36 people met again and again with oncoming groups and families, so that there were regularly small traffic jams to let the oncoming ones pass. Most of the time there were also conversations and two young ladies with dogs were even interested in the possibility to join one of the walks of the next days. A crawling through a hole in a stone wall at the Affensteinpromenade shortly before the Idagrotte, through which the official hiking trail led, offered one last test with which one had finally earned the refreshment.

The approach to spend the lunch break together with the four hikers of the moderate route at the Idagrotte postponed lunch break for some time.

24 Fri: Height profileJust as 24 Fri: PanoramaJust as steadily as the hike led uphill at the beginning, a long, partly steep descent followed – after a last, spectacular 270-degree view, which only 4 or 5 of the hikers wanted to see. After about 10 km, one could look forward to a tasty refreshment in the restaurant "Zur Schloßbastei" in Bad Schandau.

 ► Sat 25 Jul: Ascent to the Arnstein and to the Kleinstein with the Kleinsteinhöhle [25 July  2020]

For the Saturday hike, 38 naturists gathered in Ottendorf at our hut, from where the first kilometre was covered to the edge of the village. Afterwards, we hiked upwards to the nearby Arnstein. The partly steep ascent contained a few passages, where you had to make yourself small and slim or use your arms to reach your destination.

The medieval past as a castle still reveals a square cistern, from which, however, nobody wants to drink water today. The existing sandstone platform provided an opportunity for a lunch break and a view of the surrounding countryside. The unobstructed view to the west leads via the Raubsteiner Taufe, the Yeti, the Großstein, and the Hausberg.

Kleinstein and Kleinsteinhöhle were further destinations with a view and the opportunity to rest. On the continuing way, many observers noticed that whole arable fields were blooming with cornflowers, blood clover, cinquefoil, and various other multicolored flowering plants.

After a good 12 km, the hikers returned and could prepare for dinner at the restaurant Ottendorfer Hütte.

 ► Sun 26 Jul: Shelter against rain in a cave at Hintere Raubschloss and then warmth again by sun at Marienhöhle [26 July 2020]

On Sunday, a four-day series of nude hikes ended, during which the hiking group got to know former retreats of robber barons in the 15th century. The previous evenings, Martin had explained his findings about them and their connections to the Czech noble family of the Berken von Dubá.

Rain accompanied the ascent to the Winterstein, which is also called Hinteres Raubschloss. In a cave, we found a dry resting place with a view. There, we got into conversation with some young people, who tried to get dry again after the ascent with clothes and rain protection. "Yes, you are doing it right. We'd also like to hike in the nude, but there's no place to store our clothes." Textile carriers: When it comes to nude hiking, they're not at a loss for excuses.

The rain gradually receded and made way for the first sunrays. In the course of the afternoon, more and more sunshine was present. We still passed the Marienhöhle and then ascended to the Bärfangkegel. Along the mountain ridge there were further views of neighbouring stone formations.

The inn Neumannmühle offered at the end of the day deserved refreshments and a cosy get-together.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

 ► Mon 27 Jul: Paddling in the nude on the Elbe River [29 July 2020]

Already in 2018 and 2019, the opportunity to explore the Elbe valley from the water by paddling nude was gladly accepted. This time, 25 naturists were interested and travelled from the hut by public bus to Bad Schandau. 24 of them were distributed to three inflatable boats, one preferred a kayak.

We experienced a hot day with many breaks for swimming and thoroughly nice encounters with numerous groups, families, or couples in boats on the Elbe and many more on the banks and on ships. Shortly before the reaction ferry at Kurort Rathen, the excitement rose, if the ice cream booth with "the best ice cream before Italy" (that's their advertising slogan) there at the Elbe cycle path would have opened. We were lucky and could enjoy the cold goodies there again in the nude.

Shortly before Stadt Wehlen, we landed on the right, put on some clothes and bought refreshments at a kiosk. Then, we returned to the boats and undressed again for the last, short stage. After landing on the left side of the Elbe, we returned the boats and sunbathed on the meadow until the train left for Pirna and on to Pirna-Copitz.

We enjoyed the evening after a short walk in the micro-brewery "Zum Giesser" in Pirna-Copitz. A chartered bus later brought us back to Ottendorf. Thanks for the wonderful day!

 – Report: Rainer; photos: Martin

 ► Tue 28 Jul: Via Hohe Liebe to Schrammsteine and Königsnase [29 July 2020]

We hiked on unknown paths and trails to one of our favourite destinations in Saxon Switzerland to discover new things along the way: Via Hohe Liebe we reached the Schrammsteine.

The group that had chosen the easier hiking variant spent the lunch break at the Frühstücksplatz with a view of the second group's climbing.

Panorama of hte Elbe RiverOn the further way, thanks to a slightly changed route, there was another surprise: another beautiful lookout into the Elbe Valley with the Königstein in the background.

We spent the evening together again in the inn "Lichtenhainer Wasserfall" at the terminal stop of the historic tram in the Kirnitzschtal with excellent service, food, and beverages.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

 ► Wed 29 Jul: From Altendorf through the Sebnitztal Valley [30 July 2020]

Break in a forestWe hiked from Altendorf along the Sebnitztal Valley and discovered traces of the former Schwarzbach Railway. Several bathing opportunities eased the hike.

A fence blocked a meadow path around Altendorf on our way back. So we hiked nude through the small village, as we had done in 2019 on another hike.

We discovered, that the local history association of the village had announced our nude hikes around the Kirnitzschtal on its information board with the slogan "Finally something's happening". Reference was made to an article "Die Nacktwanderer sind wieder unterwegs" ( in the regional daily newspaper Sächsische Zeitung.

In the evening, Clarisse (France) and Jane (England) thanked Christian, Erik, Martin, Matthias, and Torsten in German and English for the joint activities. They were happy and expressed their hope, that all of us will not only be back in 2021.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

D · WNT 2020 – Hike in the buff in and at “Venner Moor”: Impressions by Thomas [13 July 2020]

We got a report by Thomas concerning his impressions of this day's nudevent:

Country house"From 10 o'clock on, first hikers arrived at the car park to start the hike from. Mic and Rainer had again prepared the tour very well. As more than 20 participants had registered, several groups were formed in accordance with Corona protection measures, which started seperately one after another.

In the beginning, it was still a bit fresh and our brave "girls" were still a bit "hidden". This was subject to change during the day, which is why the sun was smiling more and more.

Past large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits and juicy meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed, that farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours …"

Farmer's alibi"

Break"Past large grain fields, fruit trees full of sweet fruits, and lush meadows with hungry, but also curious cows and bulls, our way led through the farming communities. Everywhere we noticed that the farmers had sown strips of meadow flowers at the edge of their fields. A true flower splendour in many bright colours. The bathing opportunity was used by some very brave people during the break. During the whole hike, this time we could only observe a heron at the opposite shore of a lake apart from many birds, some butterflies and lots of insects buzzing around, what a pity. Because of Corona, Mic and Rainer had not provided a break car, instead everyone could carry his snack in the rucksack. However, this was not a problem either, as the temperature prevented us from sweating on our backs under the rucksack.Construction work in progress: New bridge still to be moved into its final position

CountrysideOn the detour because of a bridge construction site, we had an interesting conversation with a carpenter at the gate to his beautifully renovated farm. So far, we had met few people, but at the canal there was already a lot going on. From the boats they were waving diligently, which we gladly answered. A father, who was travelling with his wife, 2 children and a handcart, asked us on behalf of his little son, why we were all undressed. We gladly explained this to the two children. Whereupon the mother said, that the children could also walk in the nude, they were already barefoot. Later, in the Venner Moor, 3 women and their children were also interested in our "unusual" way of hiking. Throughout, we had benevolent, tolerant, and interested encounters, except for one senior farmer, who stormed off his farm and wildly called us names. He almost burst with excitement, while his son calmly sat on the riding lawnmower and went about his work.

After the hike, a convivial meal was served in the elegant restaurant of the Hotel Clemens August in Ascheberg-Davensberg. The food was very tasty, we did not have to wait long, the service and the ambience were very good. With entertaining conversations and the one or other fun we let this really successful WNT day come to an end. Hereby, I would like to thank Mic and Rainer once again for the diligent, certainly exhausting preparation. Keep up the good work, we count on you …"

HeronArriving at the Dortmund-Ems Canal


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In 2020, the SNT offered for the first time the option to stay together in a hut during these naturist days. Also, it went more international with participants from several regions in Germany, Eng...

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