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Like everything you do for the first time, your first nude activity costs a certain effort, to tackle with memorised conventions and prejudice, and then simply do it. However, once you have taken this step, you will tell of deeply moving impressions:

"A revelation, for which the words are missing."

"In me grew a sense, then a certainty, of what we lost, when we began to walk only clothed …"

"I became part of my environment, and the environment be¬came part of me. Feel the wind all over the whole body. The warmth of the soil, the caressing or scratching of the bushes. My breath …"

"My senses still took the chirping of the birds, the soft rustle of the leaves and my own breath – nothing else. No chafing of clothing, no narrowing feeling, only pure freedom and oneness with nature."

"For me it was, after initial difficulties, a great experience, which I would definitely like to repeat."

"The nudity became increasingly normal in the course of the hike."

"Thank you very much for this experience of freedom and ease."