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… and not even a little bit clothed?

Because many people perceive nude moving in nature as gorgeous and as the most fundamental human right, to be human – in all the naturalness.

Hiking on Pentecost 2013


Integer vitae scelerisque purus – Pure in life and free of guilt.

Horace (roman author Quintus Horatius Flaccus, 65-8 BC), Odes


A naturist knows many reasons to live in the nude (as often as possible). The simplest is:

»Because it's so beautiful«

Furtrher reasons:

  • You feel connected to nature all around and as its living part.

  • You win back a piece of innocence and with it a piece of paradise.

  • You experience yourself and the others in pristine and pleasant naturalness.

  • In nude community, all are more thoughtful, more understanding, and considerate towards each other.

  • It is much more pleasant, to be on the move without sweaty clothes on your skin.

  • Your skin can regulate body temperature by natural sweating, undisturbed by clothes preventing the regulation process. As a result, you sweat less, you are less cold, and you feel more comfortable.

th pm 2009P.M. knows: "The special feeling of body and nature, that is more intense through being nude, and the resulting feeling of freedom … cannot be explained, but you must experience it yourself."





With our clothes, at the same time we throw away
all the intentions and considerations
and enjoy in ease, what is good for us.

Hans. W. Fischer, Das Schlemmerparadies [en: The gourmet paradise], Heyne publishing house