The Initiative Aktiver Naturist(inn)en [en: Initiative of Active Naturists] actively promotes tourism with changing local Dutifully stay to the rightkey aspects Meeting point railway stationby initiating Naturist Days in i.e. Saxony, Thuringia, Westphalia, other regions of Germany and other countries. We enjoy hikes, climbing tours, bicycle tours, and combinations (biking, hiking, swimming). Naturists carry out their activities nude and in harmony with nature. They attach particular importance to nature-oriented and environmentally friendly behaviour with all due consideration for the animal and plant world as well as the natural resources of nature.

We are experiencing an increasing resonance of naturists, who want to be nude with us. For people, who want to try out the nude life in nature for themselves for the first time and for people who are interested in naturist activities but don't want to (immediately) undress themselves, Refreshment in a beer gardengroup events offer the opportunity to get to know and love the current trend sport. Nudevents take place again and again on several consecutive days and attract naturists from several countries. They get to know our respective homeland and recommend it to others if they liked it and if they felt comfortable. We are welcome guests in Art outside – cooling down insidegastronomy and overnight accommodation. Usually we are then dressed, sometimes we are allowed to go nude or, after the presentation of our bodypainting artworks between the church and the town hall, we get an ice cream for the great pleasure of other guests. Also the offered informative handout was gladly accepted by the hosts again and again.

Since at least 2008, newspapers have published informative articles about nudity hiking, public television have had produced and broadcasted documentaries on the subject, e.g. WDR, NDR, MDR, ZDF …

Such documentaries have been broadcasted several times by these and other stations. WDR alone has commissioned, broadcasted and passed on several reportages since 2008, including 2010 of the traditional annual nude hike on Whitsunday with between 60 and 100 participants each.

Also, a WDR documentary about hiking is well remembered, in which Mr Franz-Josef Antwerpes, former district president in Cologne, simply said "Oh, let them go" in his pleasantly relaxed manner on the subject of hiking in the buff. Thank you, Mr Antwerpes!

Also, a WDR documentary about „21 things you should have done on foot in North Rhine-Westphalia“ is well remembered. Two WDR recommendations broadcasted in prime time at 8:15 pm were „Why don't you take a walk barefoot?“ and „Why don't you take a walk in the buff?“.

Thanks to good communication in the media, it seems that there is less and less need for police authorities, to reassure concerned callers or even to arrange a service trip only to find out on the spot, that only a harmless hike in the buff (in German) is taking place. Naturists experience at encounters, that people not only ask them questions about naturism with interest, but increasingly inform each other about naturism - not only return our greetings in the same friendly way, but also greet them first („Nice to see you again: We missed you already!“) or simply pause and start a conversation on any topic without even mentioning our nudity.

What is a nude hiking park? Let's develop the thought step by step.

In many places in Germany, there is a so-called „barefoot park“ ( People, who are interested in barefoot walking and hiking, go there to try it out for themselves and to get helpful information.

Those, who experience this new body feeling as positive and enriching, want to go barefoot elsewhere as well.

In encounters, shoed people repeatedly show joy about this kind of natural life, some are interested and ask specific questions, want to learn more, gain new insights for themselves.

No one would come up with the idea, to send a barefoot walker (back) to a barefoot park on the grounds of being outside a barefoot park or to order to put on shoes again.

At several locations in Germany, there is a „educational trail for hiking in the buff“, often also called „Nacktwanderweg“ [en: nude hiking trail]. People, who are interested in nude hiking, go there to try it out for themselves and to get helpful information.

Those, who experience this new body feeling as positive and enriching, want to go hiking, running, biking, and swimming in the nude elsewhere as well.

During encounters, clothed people always show joy about this kind of natural life, some are interested, stop and ask specific questions, want to learn more and gain new insights for themselves.

Only now and then, individuals come up with the idea of sending a nude hiker there (back) or demanding to put on clothes on the grounds of being outside an eduational nude hiking trail. In such cases, we can help to clear up misunderstandings and misjudgements through our friendly appearance and the provision of factual information.


In 2016, when a Heidepark employee met a group of nude hikers, he was first surprised to find us near Undeloh outside the "nude hiking trail" there. Then he was delighted with the factual information, which the nude hikers could give him. Because of his phone call to the police to make sure, if they confirmed the information about the nude hiking, the police answered in the affirmative.

The Heidepark employee was delighted and gladly took a printed brochure with him for his superior.

Develope your naktiv life yourself according to the motto »All together in the altogether«!

As soon as you get to know hiking in the buff and have discovered it as a new leisure sport for yourself, a hiking trail becomes a nude hiking trail for you, a hiking area in nature becomes a nude hiking park. So, you hike, bike, run, swim in the nude, wherever you like in nature - alone, in pairs. or in a group. Perhaps, you will get to know others, who would like to go hiking with you or do other activities in the nude with you or have questions, which you can now answer.

If you like, send reports about experiences of your nude life to natury or initiate group events yourself.


„A young couple took the opportunity to hike with us 20180812 Group picture with interested guestsdressed and to get to know our community. While he had to return early, she accompanied us to the end of the walk and told us that she liked it so much that she would like to come back again.

20180812 There is no other way backShortly before our return to the Kirnitzsch Creek, another young couple showed interest in nude hiking and our naturist lifestyle. The conversation soon changed from German to English, when it became clear that she understood English better. They accompanied us to our bathing place. The invitation from the water 'Come in. It is refreshing' did not make them hesitate for long: They undressed and came into the Kirnitzsch. She answered the question 'Where are you from?' with 'Columbia. Bogotá'. Her friend from Hanover, Germany, where both now live, had met her during his studies in Spain. She is now learning German as her next language.“

 - Excerpt from a report on the SNW 2018

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