Are you not ashamed of yourselves?

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No other citation of world history fits so well with the naturist hikes like the word of king Edwards, since 1348 also maxim of the knightly Order of the Garter:

Honi soit qui mal y pense  –  Let those be ashamed of themselves, who think badly about it.

Edward III, King of England from 1327 to 1377

Our body is a gift of nature and it would be ungrateful and blasphemous to disrespect God's work and to develop shame for His creation of human beings according to the likeness of God!

In this context, it is good to know, which attitude the Catholic Church has towards nudity. Pope John Paul II, who taught at two universities on Catholic Social Ethics during his time as Archbishop and Cardinal, has codified the attitude of the Catholic Church towards nudity in his fundamental work on Catholic Social Ethics "Love and responsibility" as follows:

Because of being created by God, the human body can remain nude and uncovered
and, untouched, still retains its splendour and beauty.

and later on

Nudity as such can not be equated with physical shamelessness.

Immodesty is only given, when nakedness plays a negative role
in relation to the value of a person.

Pope John Paul II

Walking nude through the world is the most traditional and oldest way for people to move. It has been practiced since human beings resemble human beings, which has been around 6 million years. For the first 5,900,000 years it was the only way to go, because the first approaches for clothing were invented only about 100,000 years ago and were the privilege of the rich for the next 95,000 years.

Thus, also in the first documented high culture of history, in Egypt. In the "old kingdom", i.e., around 6000 to 4500 years ago, the daily work of the normal population (agriculture, construction, hunting, crafts, housework, etc.) was carried through in the buff, only the societal upper class sweated their loincloth instead of working properly. This was especially true of the Pharaoh and his family, as well as the throng of his officials. The "normal" people, who had to maintain their life hardly at that time, as they have to do today, could not afford to wear clothes (at least not in everyday life, where clothes wears out quickly); on the other hand, clothes were also a burden at work and hindered mobility as well.

For the peoples having migrating from Africa into moderate climate zones, however, the moderate temperatures already aled to widespread use of clothing as cold shelter. However, we also have much less testimony from these peoples and therefore know less about them. The main reason for this is the more humid climate, where archaic remains have not been preserved as well as in the dry sand of the desert.

We have come a little bit out of practice with the practice of hiking in the buff, but we are moving in one of the oldest traditions of mankind! And that's what we should be aware of. Especially because these traditions reveal areas of experience that give the greatest sense of happiness and nature-conscious self-reflection – impressions in an otherwise inaccessible depth of experience!

Hike during summer. Source: Usenet

Walking nude is an already more than 100-year-old demand from the start-up period of the naturist movement and was practiced, as one may read in Richard Ungewitters' »Nackt« (1908), already practiced at those times. Only in the last few years, however, a larger number of people has re-discovered the nude hiking as a natural sport. During the warm season, one or more hikes take place all over Germany almost every weekend.

Nude hike in the mountains. Source: Usenet.

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