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Practising sportive activities in the nude was common usage in ancient times for more than a thousand years. The Greek word "gymnasium" for the place of the daily training contains therefore the syllable »gym« = »nude«, because one was naturally nude for the training.

Today, naturists initiate by means of the natury website various sportive activities in the nude. These include activities such as football, volleyball, yoga, swimming / bathing / sauna, bowling, gymnastics, fitness training and much more. Interested persons register by mail or registration form with the respective initiator and form groups of generally between 4 and 20 participants.

Scuffle – typical for the lads

For more than a thousand years, all the important sporting competitions in the world were carried out in the nude (besides the Olympic Games, the Pythian Games in Delphi, the Isthmian Games in Corinth, among others).

This lasted until the 5th century AC, when the Christian Church put an end to this sporting tradition. At that time, there was no such thinker among the church dignitaries as Pope John Paul II. Actually, some more simply thinking church representatives still like to impute the same depravity to other people, to which they themselves are subject.

Handstand on the beach – not everyone does wangle that so faultlessly! In my case, any attempted handstand has taken a deplorable end …

Back to sport: Since the church ban in the 5th century, nude sports have gone out of style, although with carrying out sportive activities, the body and its strengthening takes centre stage and every piece of clothing is only a hindrance – except for protective clothing for sports such as fencing, skiing or bobsled.

Of course, I practise my morning gymnastics in the nude. Of course, also on the terrace of my hotel room, when I am on business trips. Of course, I go swimming only then and only there, where you can do that in the nude. Of course, I go hiking and jogging only in the nude – I would feel sick and unnatural, if I would wear clothes. I have abandoned playing golf: Even Bermuda shorts were disdained and considered as improper in the club.

Gracefully: Jump rope in the sand

It does not always have to be athletic sports: Who jumps rope for a while on the sand beach, does a lot for her / his stamina. Actually, everything looks so facile!

Skiing in the warming sun in March

In December or January with snowstorm and frost, nude skiing is certainly not the right thing to do. But if at the end of March the sun is really strong and warm again – then you start to sweat, even when dressed in a ligth ski suit. Then, preferably, the same dress-free! And with moderately done cross-country skiing, you do not even need a helmet as head protection in case of a clash or a fall.

With early morning exercise, the day commences

At the nude camping, even the youngest learn, that the day starts with early morning exercise and the breakfast only tastes good, when one has strained and elongated the joints properly!

Rings – a challenging gymnastic apparatus!

The rings as one of the classic sports disciplines are a strong challenge to strength and body control. All respect for the posture shown here!

Wrestling in free style

Wrestling – classical sport in free style, Greek-Roman or as a catch wrestling: direct trial of strength between the fighters!

Dynamics in playing of skittles

Playing of skittles, carried out sportively, is like golf a sport, that requires primarily technique and focussing oneself upon the sport.

Our playing of skittles in the nude, which we active naturists like to add to our programme of nudevents in winter, when the weather conditions are too bad for outdoor activities in the nude, is certainly not ment to be particularly sportive, even if the muscle ache in the legs the next day can be felt – the inflections typical for the playing of skittles must be carried out by muscles, that are not used to that in daily routine. Of course, together with the playing of skittles in the nude, the sociable component is at the forefront like as for most aficionado skittles playing associations.

But: What is so special about playing of skittles in the nude? Thank God: Actually nothing at all. Just as a matter of course as one walks on the skittle alley with light soles (with the exception of some barefoot bowlers) and covers the chair with a towel before one sits, one takes her / his remaining clothes off. One does not need them, it's warm enough. The clothes are dispensable, and just as with any hike or swimming, we active naturists just forego the extra dead weight which is called "clothes".

And how do you feel then? Absolutely normal. Only more comfortable than clothed. However not nearly as good as in the summer forest on a hike. Playing of skittles in the nude is, by the way, not an invention of our day – that took place already some decades ago. The photo is from the 1960s.

Here, you will find a short summary of answers to frequently asked questions (a click onto a question will open a modal window with the regarding answers):

The German mag P.M. already in 2009 answered the question: Why is it so beautiful, to hike in the buff?
As children, we all have been taught not to be nude together with strangers – at least one pair of panties is required. Exceptions apply only in the sauna or for changing clothes and for showering, when doing sports or going for a swim.

Shameful boys around 1910: Playing nude on the beach ok – but for the photo shoot, the genital is hidden by hand
Und wie ist das mit Recht und Ordnung? Was sagt das Ordnungsamt, die Polizei? Was steht im Gesetz?

Adam and Eve with Cain and Abel – children are permitted to be nude, but what about elder ones?

What about law and order? How does the police deal with simple nudity? What is written in the law?

In public, you may encounter other people, who wear clothes and perhaps don't like to encounter nude people. What about that?

Encounter of nude and textile people at a summit cross
The natury website offers to you even more comprehensive answers to these – and also regarding further – questions in the chapter Nude life, for example about Nudity and Law. Also, the chapter Reports about nudevents may raise your interest.

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