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Besides the most frequently activity in the nude, nude bathing and swimming, joined with the nude stay on a beach, the nude hiking is getting more and more popular.

Pentecostal hike in 2011 with 62 participants.
From left to right: father, mother, son, and math teacher

Pentecostal hike in 2012 with 95 participants


World Naked Bike Ride

Likewise, the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which takes place annually on the first or second Saturday of June, is the occasion for thousands of cyclists to demonstrate against the dominance of the motor-cars and to call mankind to more environmental awareness. In London alone, there are regularly between two and three-thousand nude bikers.

Jam at the WNBR in London with 2000 participants

Consecutively, we are also going to present several types of nudevents.


You want to be naktiv yourself?

Naturist initiators offer nudevents, like nude walks, nude hikes, nude bike tours …, which they announce by means of the Calender Of Nudevents (user interface 80+ % in English). There, you may read the description and understand how to participate after registration with the initiator.

Or would you like to be the initiator of your own nudevent? Then you will find some hints in the PDF document Info »How to participate or to initiate yourself« (PDF) (view = click on left mouse button | download = click on right mouse button, then select »Save target as«).