Besides the most frequently activity in the nude, nude bathing and swimming, joined with the nude stay on a beach, the hiking in the buff is getting more and more popular.

Pentecostal hike in 2011 with 62 participants.
From left to right: father, mother, son, and math teacher

Pentecostal hike in 2012 with 95 participants


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Likewise, the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which takes place annually on the first or second Saturday of June, is the occasion for thousands of cyclists to demonstrate against the dominance of the motor-cars and to call mankind to more environmental awareness. In London alone, there are regularly between two and three-thousand nude bikers.

Jam at the WNBR in London with 2000 participants

Hereafter (cf. menu items below), we are also going to present several types of nudevents.


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You would like to …

You would like to be naktiv yourself? Naturist initiators offer nudevents, like hikes in the buff, nude bike tours, swimming in the nude, nude paddling …, which they announce by means of the calender of nudevents (user interface 80+ % in English). There, you may read the description and understand how to participate after registration with the initiator. You may read further tips in:


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Hints for your first nudevent

You have already worked out the details for a nudevent and have chosen a date? Also, you would like to offer others to accompany you? Then, you may log-in as a user of the calendar of nudevents with your personal credits. If you do not have enregistered a personal user account, just do it once. After having logged-in, create a new entry.


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Hints for initiators

From Mo 31 August to Sa 5 September 2020:
Naturist days, Romania, Făgăraș mountains
Info and registration

From Fr 14 to Su 23 August 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia
Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sa 1 to Sa 8 August 2020:
NEWT, Austria
Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From We 22 to Th 30 July 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland
Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sa 4 to Su 12 July 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From We 20 to Su 24 May 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region


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Explanation of terms and comments by native English speakers

The term "nudevent" is a coinage of "nude" and "event" with the two "e" joined together. It is used to translate the German coinage "Nacktivität", from "nackt" [en: nude] and "Aktivität" [en: activity, event].

»In English 'naked' has the negative connotation of lacking something (usually clothes), and can be applied to anything that is devoid of something expected.

'Nude', by contrast and used often in reference to painting and sculpture, has the more positive connotation of simplicity, lack of unnecessary clutter or adornment.«

Bernard, UK

»I'd be inclined to stick with naktiv because naked and active is the English equivalent of the German Nacktiv. It all means the same thing, and you'll find most people will probably understand both. It's a bit like Nudist and Naturist, at first it's a little confusing for textiles, after a while they get the idea that it's basically the same thing.

Historically it was the Gramers, with their excellent nacktiv site who steered me into "naktiv". I just anglicised it because it was more intuitive for the native English speaker to use naked and activ as the keyword.

In terms of »nudevent« I think there's a hundred and one ways to mix these related words together. Whatever works is ok!«

Richard, UK

By the way: The name of Richard's website reflects his preference.

We prefer to use the coinage "nudevent" [over "na(c)ktivity"], as well as the terms "nudity", "nude", "in the nude", and "in the buff". In contrast, we use "naked" and "nakedness" to express something negative. In order to emphasise certain own activity, we choose Richard's coinage "naktiv". Pls take into account, that these principles may not be applied in some cases, e.g. own text in English and translations to English by native speakers, who follow their style, or with titles of exhibitions, plays etc.

For the concerning main menu item, we follow Bernard's suggestion of "Nude life".

Some native English speakers prefer the coinage nudevent and do not judge the coinage na(c)ktivity as elegant English, others just vice versa, while others have accepted all of them as understandable.

An open question is, if the use of such coinages helps to attract more attention or if it confuses more than it helps – even at the beginning, when they are new. Another open question is, if these coinages should be explained or simply used without any explanation at all like in advertising. Right here, we offer the explanation and link instances of these coinages to this explanation. If you understand and like them from the beginning without any explanation, that's fine. If you want to read the explanation, just do it.

So, it is upon you – dear reader – to answer these questions on your own, to discuss them with others, and to choose your preferred ones for your personal communication. Let's see, which one will spread out and flourish most!

Google is ranking the natury website in English on top postions.

Search by Google on 12 March 2020 in Germany and on 18 March in USA shows articles of the natury website concerning the terms "nudevent" and "nudevents" on top postions. On 18 March, a search for "nudevents" from Germany shows, that the second entry, which was "Hiking in the buff - Natury" on 12 March, is now "Nude biking - Natury". Good news is, that natury still is on position 1 and 2.

The US ranking order differs slightly from the result in Germany, but is also very good.

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