Issue with 2560 x 1080 (UWFHD) size monitors solved [20 June 2020]

Visitors of the natury website using an ultra wide screen monitor (2560 x 1080 = UWFHD) faced the issue, that the right ("sticky") menu partly interfered with content in the main part of the website, so that you could have difficulties to read text or click links:

Menu interfered with content on ultra wide screen monitors

Therefore, the layout of the natury website has been modified:

  1. The "sticky" right menu moves to the upper right corner of the browser window (and remains "sticky" there). If the screen window is dragged narrower or the visitor switches to higher zoom factors (zoom in content), the menu will move towards the content column, but before it gets to the content and could cover it, it will disappear.

  2. In order to be able to select the next adjacent menu item via the hierarchical, vertical menu layout, such a menu with a white background can be invoked by clicking on the green menu button at the top of the screen – this also covers the contents, but it disappears again immediately after clicking on a menu item. If you need the menu again, you can call it up again with the green button. Also, there is the symbol ⊗ in the upper right corner of the menu panel, which you can use to click the menu away again.

  3. The horizontal mega-menu is retained. In the case of very narrow windows, such as on a smartphone, it is reduced to a dark grey menu bar, which opens a menu specially optimised for smartphone operation.

Selected naktivities / nudevents

From Mo 31 August to Fr 4 September 2020:
2020 HONAT (Hiking Oregon Naturally Annual Tour)
Info and registration
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Mo 31 August to Sa 5 September 2020:
Naturist days, Romania, Făgăraș mountains
Info and registration

From Fr 14 to Su 23 August 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Sa 1 to Sa 8 August 2020:
NEWT, Austria
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From We 22 to Th 30 July 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

From Sa 4 to Su 12 July 2020:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
 – Report(s) concerning naktivities / nudevents in this region or country

Latest reports

D · Angela's experiences: Hiking in a dress made out of light … from the point of view of a woman [28 August 2020]

This year, I participated for the 2nd time in a so-called nude hiking week: First at the WNT (Westfälische Naturisten-Tage) in July, now at the TNT (Thüringer Naturisten-Tage) in August.

Living in a dress made out of lightThese days remain in my very pleasant memory, even though we women were generally very underrepresented: With a number of participants of 20 to 40 only about 5 women 'dared' to participate. I was with my partner, so I felt safe in the group. In addition, the size of the group and the self-confidence of some experienced participants gave me enough courage to face dressed people, whom we rarely met on our hikes, but whom we did meet from time to time. Most of them were friendly, understanding, and also curious, but some were also severely irritated.

Hiking in a dress made out of lightThese made me think, why do I want to walk around nude outside!? To this I say, if the surroundings are right, i.e. it is not in a city or in very populated areas, but rather in areas less frequented by people, then I really enjoy 'contact' with nature with all my senses. By this I mean, not only eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands perceive and feed me with information about my surroundings, but also skin and feet.

If they are 'locked up' in clothes and shoes, and this is a large part of our body, they are hindered in their perceptive abilities. I was allowed to notice, that my head was incredibly flooded with additional, mostly very pleasant impulses via skin and feet with the processing! So much, that it seemed almost incidental to me, that me and my fellow hikers were in the nude. "Walking barefoot up to the neck" took on a meditative character, so that I was completely occupied with myself and the impulses of the wonderful nature surrounding me.

So, dear women, have the courage! It doesn't matter at all, how woman looks like, or what others, he or she, might think about that. This is not the topic among naturists (at least it is not made a topic)!

 – Angela

D · Thüringer Naturisten-Tage (TNT) 2020 [24 August 2020]

Seaside eco-hotel at Zeulenrodaer Meer DamThe Thüringer Naturistentage (TNT) 2020 [en: Thuringian Naturist Days 2020] offered 10 days (from Friday to Sunday) of varied, naturist activities in Thuringia and in neighbouring Saxon Vogtland. Base station was the town of Zeulenroda-Triebes, where naturists found their accommodation mainly in the bungalow village Zadelsdorf or in the seaside eco-hotel directly at the Zeulenrodaer Meer – as the Zeulenroda Dam is also called in German.

In 2020, initiator Andreas has once again succeeded in presenting naturist visitors from all over Germany, Belgium, France, and Italy with new, first-time nature experience areas in Thuringia as well as in the Vogtland region to hike or cycle in the nude. Thank you very much for all the work – we will be happy to come again!

Hints concerning the buttons of the photo gallery

 ► Fri 14 Aug: German press reports: Hiker in the buff falls 70 m into the depth

The entire German-language press reported on the fall of a 76-year-old naturist hiker at the Saale Cascade. He slipped on the only 40 cm wide hiking trail, when drizzle started and fell into the depths. At first, two other nude hikers cleared the difficult path down the slope to provide first aid, but soon rescuers, called by cell phone emergency call, arrived at the injured person, who abseiled down to him and finally carried him across the Saale River. A helicopter brought the injured man to the University Hospital of Jena.

Fall into the depth

Good news: As if by a miracle, the man did not suffer any serious injuries except for a few broken ribs and countless bruises from the fall!

 ► Tue 18 Aug: Green path through a moor

Several of the nude hikes were accompanied – mainly at the end of the hike – by thunderstorms with heavy rain, such as the hike on the first Saturday near Saalbach or on Monday near Muldenberg in the Saxon Vogtland. But also during the moor tour on Tuesday near Bad Klosterlausnitz, the heavens opened their floodgates, so that some people preferred to visit the Kristall Therme [en: Crystal Spa] there already after their midday rest.

Green path through a moor

 ► Tue 18 Aug: Natuarally nude into Kristall-Therme in Bad Klosterlausnitz

Already in previous years, some visitors to the thermal baths had already implemented the idea of leaving out their clothes for the 50 or 70 meters from the car park to the changing rooms and buying or showing their tickets without textiles. This time, they just wore a mask and, if necessary, bathing flip-flops, which caused the employees of the thermal bath to smile sympathetically or to say "That's not possible!" with surprise. But it did work!

Welcome to the Kristall Therme!

 ► Wed 19 Aug: Choices on rainless Wednesday: Hike or bike and push the bicycle

Hike along a country roadOn rainless Wednesday, you could chose between hiking and biking: A group of 12 hiked their paths, optional not only without clothes, but also without rucksack, without shoes: We had our food an beverages in a previously parked car. The circular hiking trail around the Zeulenrodaer Meer Dam led partly over wooded mountain paths above the dam, partly directly along the shore, through small villages, and to the popular Strandbad of Zeulenroda [en: lido]. There, most people could not resist taking a refreshing swim in the nude – or to mingle with the textile-wearing foodies at the ice cream booth and queue for an ice cream. On the further way, some more bathing opportunities were used before the group crossed the bungalow village Zadelsdorf shortly before the finish, passed a beer garden and a playground and met here as everywhere else relaxed people who kindly returned the greeting of the naturists.

Parallel CyclingAt the same time, 20 nude cycling fans had made their way to Schleiz to take a 40 km round trip from there to the Bleiloch Dam. The tour started and ended on freshly asphalted sections of the "Oberland-Radweg" with mild ascents and descents. At the dam, the naturist bikers overtook for the first time a few families with children, who – when one or the other group had taken a break – met the naturist group from time to time during the further course of the tour and soon got into conversation. Above all, tips were exchanged, when the central part of the route along the dam arms as well as the bypass routes proved to be quite challenging for cyclists: The rain of the past days had partly softened the ground of the field paths, and on the other hand, non-E-bike riders had to push on numerous gradients.

 ► Thu 20 Aug: All-time high concerning both number of participants and degrees of air temperature

Panorama at a field

We cross a road at a nice well on the village square of Schönbrunn [en: Nice Well]Already Dam's overrunduring the second hike in the Saxon Vogtland along the Vogtland-Panorama-Weg, 30°C air temperature in the afternoon became a challenge for the over 40 participants. The nude hikers experienced a significant increase to up to 34°C the following day, when they hiked around the Weida Dam.

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