Jock Sturges,
"Radiant Identities"

Jock Sturges is an American photographer, who has photographed people (from several families over several generations), where they prefer to be: On naturist beaches in France, USA, and Canada. Besides "Radiant Identities", some of his other photo books are "The last day of summer", "New Work, 1996-2000" and "Notes".

Books: "Jock Sturges"

Sally Mann,
"Immediate Family"

Sally Mann is a photographer and mother of 3 children who gave her essential inspiration for her photographic work: Her photographs document the development of her children and show them, often in natural nudity, playing and romping, sleeping and reading. In addition to "Immediate Family", "At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women" and "Still Time" are among her best-known photo books.

Books: "Sally Mann"

Tony Ryan,
Leap of faith

Tony Ryan is an Australian photographer dedicated to "Beauty Reality". His website of the same name is closed, now he runs the site "Leap of faith". In his profile in the he wrote: "I am now branching into running workshops in photography and creativity. This is my new passion and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences with others."

Hans W. Fischer,
"Das Schlemmerparadies"

Published by Heyne Verlag in 1976, the book "is a delicious breviary for life savers and connoisseurs of life par excellence. Hans W. Fischer is a master at opening the reader's eyes to the pleasures and amenities of life." (cover text)

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Rames D.

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