Hiking on the Grenzsteinweg

In the small village of Ringelstein begins the Grenzsteinweg [en: Border Stone Path], which is a part of the forest route – the 240 km long main hiking trail of the Sauerland. The Grenzsteinweg takes its name from several boundary stones and a customs post,which mark the former border between the duchy of Westphalia and the Bishopric Paderborn. The region is still a border area between the districts of Paderborn, Soest, and the Hochsauerlandkreis, but in the age of GPS, boundary stones no longer play an official role.

The boundary stone path initially leads along secluded forest paths, although occasionally the traces of the now widespread violent forest management of the forest owners can already be seen here. The second part of the circular route then leads along forest roads typical of the Sauerland Mountains and with massive gravel – video recordings of this second part of the hike were therefore not made.

[0:04:41] Hiking in the buff on the Grenzsteinweg [90 MB]
videoplay16hd [400 MB]

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