As a naturist, you know: We are all creatures of God or of Allah or of the evolution – there is no reason to be ashamed of your body: it has been given to you, and you may be grateful for it!

So what should we be ashamed of? Why should we hide our bodies from each other? We can also be grateful for the small differences that make us slightly different: If we all look the same as robots of one production type and everyone is confused with everyone else – would we be happier then?

I'm too fat. My breasts have different sizes. I have a surgical scar on my stomach. My penis is crooked. I have so many liver spots on my back. My buttocks aren't tight anymore. I have fat thighs. But I have dimpled skin.

So what? No one of us is perfect. Otherwise, we'd be movie divas or porn stars. Then I'd rather be normal!

I have nothing to hide do you
"I have nothing to hide – do you?"