In a group, you are always in good hands, especially as an insecure beginner. With 10, 20 or more participants, you are mostly in the majority compared to clothed groups, that you, might encounter, and that's always a good basis, to help other, to feel comfortable. In addition, you can rely on the experience of at least the initiator of the nudevent, who can usually explain the intentions to those, who show interest and come up with questions.

A few days before the appointment, the initiator will send you information by e-mail about the meeting point, arrival and schedule. Usually the meeting point is a car park for hikers, but sometimes you meet at places that are easy to find (e.g. the parking lot of a shopping centre), from where you continue together to the starting point.

The initiator welcomes you at the meeting point. Then you only have to do, what the others do, too: Maybe chat a bit, and then take off your clothes and start your nudevent.

For longer nudevents, a shoulder bag or rucksack can be helpful to transport provisions, but above all a drink. How much you need to eat and drink is up to you.

We, as we live in the buff, behave in nature like other nature lovers: We greet others, when we encounter them, and answer openly and friendly, when others show interest in our lifestyle and ask us regarding that matter.

Of course, we treat nature, animals and people considerately and caring – we are just naturists.