Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats.

But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!


Why this website?

We dedicate the natury website to the topic of naturism. We show, that nudity was not only a natural state as a matter of course in the history of man, but still is often today.

We show, that nudity is not limited to naturist beaches and fenced naturist sites, but can be practised outdoors: Hiking, biking, jogging, and many other healthy activities.

We invite you to join in – even clothed to try it out – because in the community of nude people, it is easier to disengage yourself from the constraint to be clothed. For this purpose, there are numerous opportunities for activities in the nude (Nude events ==> Nudevents) throughout the year, you may choose from:
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Within Naturism, we describe the history of nudity and of clothing, but also, how the modern naturism developed: It began in naturist associations, but then was more and more practised "in the wild". We learn, that the terms "nude" / "in the "nude" and "naked" may have very different meanings.

Nude life presents the practice: We describe a lot of types of activities in the nude and depict experience thereby. Here, we also take a look at the legal situation and realise: Being in the nude is not forbidden – except in some places, for which people have adopted special rules.

The Reports section provides numerous reports with videos and photos about activities in the nude.



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From Sat 8 to Sun 16 September 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
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From Sat 4 to Sun 12 August 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland Info and registration
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From Sat 28 July to Sat 4 August 2018: NEWT, Austria Info and registration
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From Sat 14 to Thu 26 July 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia Info and registration
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From Sat 28 April to Tue 1 May 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
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We hope, that this will encourage even more of our friends, to participate in our nudevents.

Also, we hope that you, dear reader, will begin or intensify initiating nudevents on your own and inform others about your nudevents.


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World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands [8 July 2018]

The WNBR in Amsterdam 2018 took place on 7 July. Start Park FrankendaelMostly sunny weather with temperatures around 25 ° C were excellent conditions for the city sightseeing in the nude.

Through the city Nearly 200 participants had gathered for the start in Frankendael Park, where there was still the opportunity to at least partially cover the nude skin with colourful paint.

In thigh spirits, the bike trolley set off punctually at 2 pm, guided and accompanied by stewards in yellow safety vests, which stopped car and tram traffic at intersections and squares so that the pro-bike demonstrators had a safe passage.

The highlight of the tour were again the rests Magere Brugon the Magere Brug and on the Museumsplein with a view of the Reichsmuseum. The audience in Amsterdam's streets, restaurant terraces, city tour boats on the canals and in the museum park often applauded – and recorded thousands of spontaneous videos.

All natural

Tram at walking paceDensely packedBee safe – one world                                  

See you in Amsterdam!MuseumspleinDestination Vondelpark 1Destination Vondelpark 2


Video Full HD ca. 1 min. When watching the video, click onto or to switch to full screen mode.

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in London and Brighton, UK [10 June 2018]

Sat 9 June in London: Approx. 1,600 naturist participants in middle of dense traffic and crush, but – with a lot of thumbs up – in a good mood.

2018-06-09 WNBR London

Sun 10 June in Brighton: The weather again helped to make the WNBR in Brighton succeed. Thanks to sunshine, pleasant temperatures around 24 °C and a caressing sea breeze on nude skin, the inclines on the steep coast were also effortless. In the end, engaged naturists could choose between bathing in the ocean and listening to the live music of the "Phantom Limbs" or combining them. – Report and photos: Rainer

2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 12018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 22018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 32018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 4

Nearly weightless in the nude [2 June 2018]

Nearly weightless biker in the nudeHikers and bikers accepted even when weighing more than 3.5 tonsI made use of the hot days (up to 33 °C) at end of May, to bike in the nude several times through the southern Münsterland, Germany. Before turning into a paved path, however, I hesitated and briefly considered, whether I might have to remove my luggage bag and hide it in the ditch for weight reasons. But then I realised: The restriction of the total weight is not valid for pedestrian and cyclists: I could continue with my bike's luggage bag. Note: The road sign is not a fake.

19 May: Clothing optional hike in the Wahn Heath, Germany [21 May 2018]

We had the feeling, that we had done everything right, because the weather turned out to be the most beautiful on the way to the meeting point near Rösrath. But at 12:30 pm, half an hour before the meeting, it became overcast rapidly. But only to give way to sunshine at 1 pm precisely. The few remaining clouds made sure that it got pleasantly warm, but without bright sunshine. A very happy omen.

Twelve participants – 8 men, 4 women – had enrolled and no trouble at all, to find the starting point, so that the "clothing away and let's enter the heaath!" was called out shortly after 1 pm

First we went, past large areas with lush yellow flowering broom, from the parking lot "Busenberg" via the Brand path slightly downhill towards "Geisterbusch" [en: "Ghosts' Bush"] and from there via the "November" to the "Herfeld". Unfortunately, the water buffalos were not on the pasture at the "Geisterbusch", but I was sure, that we would see them later.

At the "Herfeld", I decided to go to the left first to make a big right turn. So, we could enjoy the pleasant temperatures, take a look at the east-west landing and runway of the Cologne / Bonnairport every now and then, and discover a few highlights of the Wahn Heath: I.a. the only woodland sage (Salvia nemorosa, Salvia sylvestris) far and wide – at least 50 square kilometres – the blooming cotton grass (Eriophorum), the first visible sundews (Drosera), a royal fern (Osmunda), wild thyme (Thymus), wild yellow irises etc. We saw a kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), while the croaking of the frogs accompanied us.

Once at the top, we met a larger group of nordic walkers group, who were just warming up …

Read on the whole report as to this hike on 19 May (PDF, in German) – Author: Günther

Time for healing your soul: German periodical »GEO WISSEN« [en: »GEO KNOWLEDGE«] recommends hiking in the buff [18 May 2018]

GEO WISSEN no. 61The German periodical GEO WISSEN spends in its freshest issue time GEO WISSEN no. 61 – Hiking in the buffon the topic "Time for healing your soul" and offers regarding advice, "How to slow down our life – and how to realize, what is really important for us". In addition to the correct handling of the "time wasting smartphone", the periodical focusses i.a. on several hobbies in a section "The art how to live well", which can help, to free us from the stress of everyday life and to let us find inner peace again.

In a double-page photo article, the reader is also introduced to the topic Hiking in the buff entitled "Wind and sun all over the whole body".

Naked Tour Hyperrealism in Kunsthal Rotterdam, Netherlands [14 May 2018]

The Kunsthal Rotterdam [en: Arthal Rotterdam] in the netherlands still offers a naked tour as to the topic "Hyperrealism Sculpture" on Saturday, 23 June. You may order tickets in advance via Internet, Link: (It could be a good idea to hurry up, because a similar tour on 2 June is already sold out!). The website provides also further details as to the the event.



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