Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats.

But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!


Why this website?

We dedicate the natury website to the topic of naturism. We show, that nudity was not only a natural state as a matter of course in the history of man, but still is often today.

We show, that nudity is not limited to naturist beaches and fenced naturist sites, but can be practised outdoors: Hiking, biking, jogging, and many other healthy activities.

We invite you to join in – even clothed to try it out – because in the community of nude people, it is easier to disengage yourself from the constraint to be clothed. For this purpose, there are numerous opportunities for activities in the nude (Nude events ==> Nudevents) throughout the year, you may choose from:
 – Calendar of nudevents.

Within Naturism, we describe the history of nudity and of clothing, but also, how the modern naturism developed: It began in naturist associations, but then was more and more practised "in the wild". We learn, that the terms "nude" / "in the "nude" and "naked" may have very different meanings.

Nude life presents the practice: We describe a lot of types of activities in the nude and depict experience thereby. Here, we also take a look at the legal situation and realise: Being in the nude is not forbidden – except in some places, for which people have adopted special rules.

The Reports section provides numerous reports with videos and photos about activities in the nude.



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Selected nudevents (spanning over several days)

From Sa 8 to Su 16 September 2018:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
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From Sa 4 to Su 12 August 2018:
Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sa 28 July to Sa 4 August 2018:
NEWT, Austria
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sa 14 to Th 26 July 2018:
Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sa 28 April to Tu 1 May 2018:
Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region


Natury went international and polyglot [28 January 2018]

… first in Dutch: … then in English:

For those, who prefer to read in Dutch or English, an increasing part of the natury website is now available in their language.

Our service for you and with you – We all together in the altogether

We hope, that this will encourage even more of our friends, to participate in our nudevents.

Also, we hope that you, dear reader, will begin or intensify initiating nudevents on your own and inform others about your nudevents.


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2nd Body and Freedom Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, 22-25 August 2018 [23 August 2018]

"2nd Body and Freedom Festival, Zurich Rathausbrücke, 22-25 August 2018

"The first edition of Body and Freedom Flyer Body and Freedom Festival 2018 Fotooccured in the small city of Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), August 2015, with authorization and financial support from the city: The high interest of artists and a wide international and national media echo has shown the importance of a festival presenting artistic statements with the naked body in public space and confronting it with its architecture, passers-by, rules, laws and medias.

The second edition will take place in Zurich and invites 18 performance projects. […] In addition an evening program inside will offer talks and lectures giving insights in practices and meanings of the naked body in past and present, looking back several centuries as well as widening the scope of our interpretations of the effects of naked performing in public today."

– Cit. from:



The city and the canton of Zurich, as potential major sponsors, do not support the Body and Freedom Festival, they prioritise in a different manner. The financing of the festival is therefore dependent on donations and generous privately granted benefits.

Your support to reduce the deficit:
Postkonto IBAN CH22 0900 0000 2500 3247 9, POFICHBEXXX, Thomas Zollinger Ritual Theater

Thank you very much!"

– Translated cit. from:


Links, programme, and general information

Body And Freedom Festival 2018: Flyer (PDF, de)

Body And Freedom Festival 2018: Website (en)

Body And Freedom Festival 2018: Programme (de)

Body And Freedom Festival 2018: Articles on Performances (de | en)

Body And Freedom Festival 2018: Articles on Naked Talks (evening programme) (de | en)

Week of nude hikes in Saxon Switzerland, from 4 to 12 August, Germany [5 August 2018]

Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) from 29 July until 4 August, Austria [4 August 2018]

Su 19 Aug: 3rd naturist day in the Maze of the Senses in Kohren-Sahlis, Germany [14 August 2018]

Kohren-SahlisFor the 3rd time, the Maze of the Senses in Kohren-Sahlis (between Leipzig and Chemnitz) offers a naturist day on 19 August. The visitors experience with a mumber of experimentents, how easy mental delusion may take place – and how well they can recognise facts, when they consciously and critically observe visual, acoustic, and sensory facts. Of course this is best done in the nude – focused on the essential, without any distraction of the senses.

Already in 2017, some participants of the nude hiking days in Saxon Switzerland visited the Maze of Senses. This time again, the naturist photographer Norbert Sander, who recently accompanied us at the Thüringer Naturisten-Tagen, will be present. He offers his two books "Bühne frei: Nackedei" and "Nackedei 2" and will also take on request individual naturist photos of visitors of the maze. Perhaps, he can socialise with more naturists, in order to find some interested to appear in his third book planned for 2019 – or to work with him for other of his photo projects.

Thüringer Naturistentage (TNT) [en: Naturist Days in Thuringia] 14 to 26 July 2018, Germany [22 July 2018]

Examination with success: Exhibition of her works at the university of applied science of Bielefeld, Germany [21 July 2018]

20180721 Julia GaesOur photographer of nude hikingf20180721 Names of the alumniJulia Gaes made it: With the result very good, she finished her studies at the university of applied science of Bielefeld, for design. Four years ago, she contacted naturists in the Münsterland via and took the first photos of nude hikers in the autumn of 2014 as part of a semester project "Hautnah" [en: Vere close to (the skin)]. Even these works were a success. Julia continued to accompany the naturists in the Münsterland during the following years, and that not only while hiking.

She also photographed other naturist activities such as biking, 20180721 In the exhibition of the students' worksskittles, Greenfield games, celebrations and festivities, portraits and milieu studies that the naturists show in their apartments during activities or in a reclining chair. She has compiled a varied selection for her examination and now also shows it in a three-day exhibition (Fri to Sun) in the university of applied science. Six naturists had gathered and continued the tradition of being nude while looking at the exhibited photos – some of which also depicted them themselves. The group of nude rubbernecks also visited the neighbouring exhibitions of their fellow students – and was welcomed everywhere "like long-time acquaintances". Julia's target group had of course long ago got around to the university of applied science.

Julia has set herself the new goal of a Master's degree and will continue her studies – and will certainly remain true to the naturists, albeit perhaps with a different regional focus in the future. We wish her all the best and much success!



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