Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats. But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!


Why this website?

We dedicate the natury website to the topic of naturism. We show, that nudity was not only a natural state as a matter of course in the history of man, but still is often today.

We show, that nudity is not limited to naturist beaches and fenced naturist sites, but can be practised outdoors: Hiking, biking, jogging, and many other healthy activities.

We invite you to join in – even clothed to try it out – because in the community of nude people, it is easier to disengage yourself from the constraint to be clothed. For this purpose, there are numerous opportunities for activities in the nude (Nude events ==> Nudevents) throughout the year, you may choose from:
 – Calendar of nudevents (user interface preliminary in German, only).

Within Naturism, we describe the history of nudity and of clothing, but also, how the modern naturism developed: It began in naturist associations, but then was more and more practised "in the wild". We learn, that the terms "nude" / "in the "nude" and "naked" may have very different meanings.

Nude life presents the practice: We describe a lot of types of activities in the nude and depict experience thereby. Here, we also take a look at the legal situation and realise: Being in the nude is not forbidden – except in some places, for which people have adopted special rules.

The Reports section provides numerous reports with videos and photos about activities in the nude.



Selected nudevents (spanning over several days or recurrent)

From Sat 8 to Sun 16 September 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
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From Sat 4 to Sun 12 August 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sat 28 July to Sat 4 August 2018: NEWT, Austria Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sat 14 to Thu 26 July 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sat 28 April to Tue 1 May 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

On Sundays: Nude football, Germany, Berlin Open the calendar

On Saturdays: Nude badminton, Germany, Berlin Open the calendar

On first Fridays each month (from 6 July 2018): Dancing in the nude, Germany, Berlin Open the calendar

On Wednesdays (bi-weekly, from 4 April 2018): Nude yoga, Germany, Munich Open the calendar


Natury went international and polyglot [28 January 2018]

… first in Dutch: … then in English:

For those, who prefer to read in Dutch or English, an increasing part of the natury website is now available in their language.

Our service for you and with you – We all together in the altogether

We hope, that this will encourage even more of our friends, to participate in our nudevents.

Also, we hope that you, dear reader, will begin or intensify initiating nudevents on your own and inform others about your nudevents.


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Time for healing your soul: German periodical »GEO WISSEN« [en: »GEO KNOWLEDGE«] recommends hiking in the buff [18 May 2018]

GEO WISSEN no. 61The German periodical GEO WISSEN spends in its freshest issue time GEO WISSEN no. 61 – Hiking in the buffon the topic "Time for healing your soul" and offers regarding advice, "How to slow down our life – and how to realize, what is really important for us". In addition to the correct handling of the "time wasting smartphone", the periodical focusses i.a. on several hobbies in a section "The art how to live well", which can help, to free us from the stress of everyday life and to let us find inner peace again.

In a double-page photo article, the reader is also introduced to the topic Hiking in the buff entitled "Wind and sun all over the whole body".

Naked Tour Hyperrealism in Kunsthal Rotterdam, Netherlands [14 May 2018]

The Kunsthal Rotterdam [en: Arthal Rotterdam] in the netherlands still offers a naked tour as to the topic "Hyperrealism Sculpture" on Saturday, 23 June. You may order tickets in advance via Internet, Link: (It could be a good idea to hurry up, because a similar tour on 2 June is already sold out!). The website provides also further details as to the the event.

Nude hiking in the Ravensburg state forest, Germany [13 May 2018]

Ravensburg state forestThe weather turbulence at Father's Day and at Mother's Day also offered sunshine and bright sky and daytime temperatures of up to 25 °C. The long-planned trip to southeastern Swabia, therefore, found its intended fulfilment for the visiting naturists, with a nude hike starting from the Waldburg [en: Forest Castle]. The Ravensburg state forest provided a impressive backdrop with numerous views.

Westphalian beginning of May, Germany [30 April 2018]

Weather prediction at the beginning of MayThe WNT initiators Mic and Rainer made use of the extended weekend from 28 Apr to 1 May (Sat to Tue) to begin the naturist season 2018, as in 2017. Although the high midsummer temperatures of mid-April had given way to normal air temperatures again, there was still an opportunity, to try out how refreshing a swim in a lake or the river Ems currently is, when you hike or bike. Of course, Julia, our photographer ofnaturist life, was also present again.

The hike and bike tour planned for May Day (bank holiday in Germany) were cancelled as a precaution due to the predicted maximum temperatures of 11° C and gusts of up to 75 km/h.

Midsummer in April – Biking in the nude amongst cherry blossom [30 April 2018]

Midsummer in AprilApril brought us an almost one-week period of high summer temperatures and bright sunshine. Of course, this situation also encouraged non-botanists to cycle between cherry, apple, and plum blossoms along the biking tracks lined with such trees in southern Münsterland and accompanied by the diverse singing of various bird species. 3D VideoThe result was a short documentation video in 3D "Biking in the nude amongst cherry blossom". There are some tips how to view videos and photos in 3D (PDF in German).

The farmers were on the road with their tractors and fertilised the fields. No, not really? This is a sign of a new era: In the past, the scent of "country air" used to be all over, when you moved between the fields. Today, the slightly sweet, carcinogenic scent of glyphosate enters your nose. Our thanks go to our former Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt (CSU), who made sure, that this environmental toxin will be applied for several more years to come. But his successor, our recently elected minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), also rejects a ban. The severe deformities of newborns, which have been documented for years in areas, where Roundup*) is applied, especially in Argentina, do not interest Ms Klöckner – health is not a responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture. [*) Roundup is the trade name of the most widely used environmental destroyer, of which the main ingredient is Glyphosate]. Recommendation to a German collection of public TV emission MediathekView: "Natur Nah - Glyphosat unter Verdacht" (NDR); "Global 3000 - Argentinien Soja-Plantagen machen krank" (Deutsche Welle). presents, that pure glyphosate is "probably not carcinogenic" according to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), but it can be "pesticide formulations" (i.e. formulations such as Roundup). But exactly these recipes are sprayed onto the fields and not pure Glyphosate. However, EFSA has not examined Roundup, to see, whether it is carcinogenic – that is not its task: EFSA should only examine "pure" chemicals and not the formulations, that make us sick. Who would make something like that up???

Photographer of nude hikers Julia Gaes in German naturist magazine »FKK Reisen« [15 April 2018]

FKK Reisen Feb. 2018Our photographer of nude hikers Julia Gaes got an opportunity, to describe her – photographic and personal – experiences with naturist activities in the February issue of the German magazine "FKK Reisen", issued by the German Naturists Association DFK. Quote: "It is also important for me, to explore, how the naturist attitude to life outside of group activities is integrated into daily routine and life at home. So, Julia stays on track!

Friederike obstructs nude hikes [15 April 2018]

Hiking trails A10 und A14The roof damages, Friederike caused on 18 January, were repaired after a few weeks thanks to countless overtime hours by roofers, but many of the trees uprooted by the hurricane – exactly on the 11th anniversary of storm Kyrill in 2007, by the way – still lie untidy in the forests and block numerous hiking trails, e.g. the paths A10 and A14 near Belecke, as shown in the photo. According to corresponding information in German press, it may take until the end of 2018 before all storm damage is cleared.

Roman style spa in Zülpich, Germany: Nude facts – Bathing in east and west [27 March 2018]

ZülpichDie The Roman style spa in Zülpich, Germany, is a museum about the culture of bathing, which focusses on the developement of that since the time of the Roman empire.

In a special exhibition, which will be shown until 15 July, the theme is "Nackte Tatsachen – Baden in Ost und West" [en: "Nude facts – Bathing in east and west"]. Here, the different naturist traditions in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the Germaan Democratic Rebuplic (GDR) are made clear. – Thank you Gunther for pointing that out!

Thomas Zollinger (CH) initiates the 2nd »Body and Freedom Festival« in Zurich, Switzerland [24 March 2018]

In 2015, Thomas Zollinger founded the 1st »Body and Freedom Festival« as curator and performance artist, at that time in the centre of the town of Biel / Bienne.

Now, he has announced the 2nd edition of that conceptual festival in the city of Zurich für from 22 to 25 August 2018. The city government has already granted the permnit, the police authority of the city of Zürich has confirmed, thaty uniformed police officers will accompany the art proceedings.

On the schedule, there are 18 projects of nude performances: "The second edition will take place in Zurich and invites 18 performance projects. We are looking for projects involving the naked body in a comprehensive way, creating scenes including pedestrian circulation, architectural environment and ground surface. Effects on urban space, medias and society should likewise be reflected. We welcome conceptual projects working with the immediate presence of the naked body, thereby interpreting public space as platform for interaction and statement. The vulnerability of the naked body in all of its forms and also its strength and charisma may then be exposed within the interplay of civilized urbanity and raw nature." – Source: Invitation by Thomas Zollinger

Midwinter Naturist Festival in Florida, USA [12 March 2018]

It began in Austria at the NEWT 2017, the Naked European Walking Tour founded by Richard Foley, which takes place every year in the Austrian Alps. Among the 48 participants from 10 different nations of 3 continents were also some US boys. Very soon, old acquaintances from the NEWT 2014 were refreshed again, and new friendships were established. Milt renewed his former invitation from 2014, to visit him in Florida at the naturist resort Sunsport Gardens.

south floridaWithout much thought, we spontaneously accepted the freshly produced invitation and did not worry about, what we would expect there to be and how long the visit should last. Finally, we spent four weeks at – compared with our western European experience – very warm summer-alike temperatures of up to 35 °C / 95 °F under a cloudless, blue winter sky above Florida. We spent a beautiful, unforgettable time on the Naturist site in Loxahatchee at West Palm Beach and by excursions in the area. Sunsport Gardens was founded in 1965 by a German naturist, Hugo Förster / Forester. Today, Morley Schloss continues his heritage.

Of course, there was a challenge. We were asked to report on Nude life in Germany and some European countries. On the one hand, this involved some preparatory work, but, on the other hand, it gave us the opportunity to bring European naturist life closer to USA and Canadian friends. So we set about preparing our report on nude hiking and biking in many regions of Germany and other European countries.

We couldn't let the matter rest, because at annual event in the Harz mountains, bodypainting is always part of the schedule. And in August 2017, we did a stunning nude body-art performance in the harbour of Münster. Consequently, this led to a second workshop on Nude art in the world. In doing so, we did not confine ourselves to Europe, but looked e.g. also to Brazil and the USA.

During this time, the Midwinter Naturist Festival February 15-20, 2018 took place there. Official comment on the website of Sunsport Gardens: »The Midwinter Naturist Festival was a great 201802 001 sunsport naturist meeting officialsuccess. We had a record number of attendees and over 290 activities. All 6 days had perfect weather.«. During several days, workshops were on schedule from 7 am until midnight, partly up to six in parallel at various locations of the terrain. The workshops covered quite different and various subjects, i.e.:

  • A Course in Miracles: Mind, Body, Integration, Purification, Wholeness
  • Amateur Radio Demonstration & SIG Meeting
  • Basic Digital Photography

Selection of workshops' topics

We were invited to participate in workshops and to present our workshops. Naturists from the USA and Canada were deeply impressed due to the amazingly free nude life without real problems in various European countries. Even more astonished were some, when we explained to them, that we grew up in Germany with the ever-heard message, that the USA were the home of freedom, free speech, and free choice of lifestyle – therefore being a dream of life by some people in Europe. Now, some people in the Americas may partly dream of even more 201802 009 nude hiking1freedom of lifestyle in Europe.

Several trips took us to the clothing optional beaches Blind Creek Beach and Haulover Beach, to Palm Beach (place of yearn for those, who must show the world at all costs how much money they can spend, and place of domicile of Donald Trump), to Miami Beach (Art Deco architecture), several times to the Everglades, to the Loggerhead Marine Live Center, which is on duty of charity for the rescue of injured sea turtles, and to a Seminole Reservation.

201802 007 west palm beach botanical garden07In the Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach, an art exhibition did really impress us Washed Ashore: We Create Art to Save the Sea!: Hopefully, this will cause some people to think about the "madness of plastic" and maybe change own behaviour. The motto of, "We hope, that someday we cannot continue to do this art anymore, because we will run out of this material!", is a call worth of consideration.

Also, a paddling tour on the Fisheating creek in six kajaks for one person each, was very impressive: Little alligators were around us from the beginning. Though, we were travelling in their homeland. At lunchtime, we were looking for a rest: We were just paddling around a bend, when a larger one lying in the sun looked at us and slipped into the water. The friends estimated its length at 15 feet (about 4.60 m). Right here, we got out for our 201802 008 fisheating creek4lunch. The animal watched us awhile and then swam its way. When we visited the Grassy Waters, we learned, that alligators are naturally shy and withdraw themselves from people. Only, when they are fed, they do loose their dread and become a danger to humans. Therefore, it is forbidden to feed alligators. Violators are prosecuted by the police and punished, fed alligators must be hunted and killed. During a visit to a Seminole Reservation, we learned that crocodiles in contrast are very aggressive by nature.

Oh yes: we also did a few nude hikes. However, because of the legal situation in the USA, our friends paid always heed to get ourselves covered in good time ("Cover up!"), when we were to encounter textiles.

All photos

Report: Horst and Rainer, photos: Horst and Milton

Married couple cycle through Kamenz, Germany – district court closes the proceedings [7 March 2018]

Andrea and Roberto cycled on 17 July 2017 in the afternoon of a very hot summer day at the lake – of course, according to the summer temperatures naked. In order to avoid blood-thursty insects again on the way back through the fields on the return trip, they chose a barely frequented way west of the railway track in the city of Kamenz. There, however, a detour due to road works forced them to to cross the railway track twice and to ride a bit of the way through the Schiller promenade, instead of the planned route.

Here, the nude bikers encountered a few people, and they also had to pass a playground, whereupon, according to the father's testimony, his two children came running "completely upset". The uncle persued the nude bikers on a BMX bike, steered his vehicle with one hand – with the other he, held a video camera – between the two cyclists and tried to stop them with this driving manoeuvre and to record a video of evidence.

The father filed – with the brother-in-law as witness and the video as evidence – charges for causing a public disturbance (section 183a, German Criminal Code). Since no corresponding elements of an offence existed, the public prosecutor closed the proceedings, of course. But the regulatory authority issued (regulatory) fines of 30 euros each, against which the couple filed objections. So the case was heard at the district court. At the trial, the district court judge closed the proceedings and concluded with a friendly exhortation: "I do not want to make a big fuss of that. Everyone has the own personal freedom – but there are limits." The case is closed. In the future, the couple should, however, keep a little more covered … (quoted from

Link to the newspaper article of (in German)

Link to the newspaper article of with comments from readers (in German)

District court of Kamenz: Statement of the naturist couple (PDF, German) view=left click, download=right click, then "Save as"

Comment: Obviously, the detailed rationale of the naturist couple in their statement convinced the judge. He stopped the proceedings and gave them the friendly advice to keep more covered in the future, so that due to encounters with similarly pitiable people, these do not act again in an illicit behavior (dangerous behaviour within the traffic, unnecessary alerting of the police, …).

PS: The statement of, which inputes the judge to have said: "To show yourself naked in public is a public nuisance, because there are also people – in this case children – who are bothered by it.", is obviously a misunderstanding by the reporter. Of course, the judge is a lawyer and would never give such a false statement.

Many thanks to Roberto for the info and the documentation!

Encounter of naturists from Ireland and from Bavaria, Germany, in the Erding spa, Germany [23 February 2018]

17 irish naturists travelled to the – according to a statement of the operating company – biggest spa of the world in Erding, Bavaria, Germany. A "welcoming committee" of the Isar Nacktsport-Aktive [en: Active Isar Nude Sportpersons] shook hands with them. Report on (in German).

Naked at a museum: Klaus Ender – Akt und Landschaft, Germany [20 February 2018]

The Saxon friends of hiking in the nude naked in the Spreewald museum on 10 February and have visited the exhibition "Klaus Ender – Akt und Landschaft"[en: ] "Klaus Ender - Nude and Landscape"], in which numerous photos of the nude photographer were to be seen. Their website has a detailed report (in German) of the museum visit with some photos.

Il Dragun de Macun (The dragon of Macun), Switzerland [10 February 2018]

Piz Macun, 2889 m, summit 2616 mHigh above the valleys rises Macun. A secret place with 23 glacial lakes. The glacier is hidden under huge masses of ancient rock. And since there are people here, they tell the story of Dragun, the dragon who sleeps here under the ice in a secret cave. What does he look like? Nobody saw him until now, but then …

There he is 

There he is, approaches to a woman. Don't worry, dragons are nice fellows.

Soon, he carries her bagTogether, they begin the log descent to the valley 

She isn't afraid. And soon, he carries her heavy bag.

Quickly , he empties her bag on the groundTogether, they begin the log descent to the valley. "Don't you feel cold?", she asks him. "Why should I? Yet, I have fire in my blood!" When I'am in the mood, I melt some ice in my cave. Down at Zeznina, he is willing to return, but she asks him to accompany her further, up to the alp, please. Dragons are shy, don't want to be seen. Dragons are curious. But also at the alp there is nobody. Quickly, he empties her bag on the ground, takes a look at every piece and returns musingly to Macun and the sunshine. In the evening, he disappears into his cave.

Still now, I hear him. He breathes heavily after his ascent through the Shadow Valley, lies exhausted in his cave, boulders of amphibolite everywhere. Color gray to gray-green, greenish-black he reads in his booklet when he spits something fire. Density 2.75 to 3.15, is written there. Main parts of the mixture are hornblende and plagioclase feldspar, it is continuing. Biotite, chlorite, garnet, epidote. That sounds dangerous. Amphibolite has great strength and is weather resistant.

That calms down the Dragun, and he'll be fireproof, too. But to try this, he lacks the strength. He prefers to sleep until it is summer again. It was so nice to hike with him.

»Lais d'Immez« at the »Lais de Macun« plateau of lakes, 2600 m

He dwells at the »Lais d'Immez« beneath the glacier. Please do not tell anyone else!

Text and photos: Peter, 16 October 2017 Article regarding the »Macun« lakes (in German)

Field report about a nude hike and an encounter with the police during NEWT 2016, Austria [20 January 2018]

Nude mountain hike in the Pongau (Salzburg Land, Austria) on Sunday, 10 July 2016

Roberto gives an account of a day of nude hiking in the Alps and a relaxed encounter with Austrian police.

22 international participants of the NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) drove by car from their shared accommodation, an old farmhouse, to the starting point of their first joint mountain hike in 2016 to Weng-Goldegg. Neatly lined up, they parked there for a few hours their 5 cars from Italy, Germany, and France at the side of a road. And very decent, but lightly clothed according to the sunny weather, the hikers stood around in small groups and studied their hiking maps.

This first tour was supposed to be easy, yet we expected already a lot. We hiked through the village Enkerbichl, where a young woman in the garden of the house No. 14 practised fast alpine music on concertina. We continued our hike always uphill into the sun drenched Weng forest.

Finally, we were able to pack away our last clothes and continue to hike uphill with naturst verve.

Somewhere above the dense edge of the forest, most of the participants needed a longer break. So we rested on an alpine meadow, between boulders and alpine flowers, in the shade of a group of trees.

And also, we enjoyed the already fantastic view to the south – the Tauern massif was in front of us in its full splendour.

According to plan, we wanted to hike along the alpine path through upper pastures towards Schneebergkreuz (1938 m), with the intermediate peaks Gamskögerl (1746 m) and Hochegg (1817 m). But we realised soon, that we had to take care not to overdo hiking further uphill at this first day. We had to recognise, that the planned route was not possible today for our large group.

So we chose a way back, which past a country homestead at the wayside. The wooden building was locked, it seemed empty. A few friendly cattle threw a glance after us.

In the meantime, our hiking group had been significantly pulled apart: everyone enjoyed this wonderful Sunday individually.

Maybe because I was tempted to take pictures of every second Alpine flower in this varied nature, I was suddenly the last along with the British hiking friend, who was assigned take cate, that noone of uns would get lost. Quite a good idea because of large number of persons and languages, and because some of them had no experience in hiking through the Alps.

Anyway, my idleness proved to be an advantage for the moment when just two police officers came around the corner to us: "Stop, police, stop – what are you doing here?"

Well, my companion did not understand a single word of German, let alone the local Pongau dialect. So I served the two offiers my way: "He is from England and does not understand German at all. We are naturists, we hike in the nude. We are a group of about 25 people from several countries. We are here togthervfor a week to hike in the Alps, because here, where you live, it is so beautiful! And because we cannot make to hike up to the summit today, we are now on our way back to our cars."

"So these are your cars down in Goldegg?"


"And your are going to hike naked to the cars?"

"No, we don't do that, when we arrive at villages, we get dressed a little."

"Your're lucky, otherwise, we would have to take you all to the police station! Who is the leader of the group?"

"His name is Richard Foley, he is also an Englishman. Certainly, he is already hiking a kilometer further ahead."

"Where are you all accommodated?"

"We rented a big house, at Dienten near the Hochkönig.“

"Where exactly? ... Oh yes, W know it. – How do you all make it to gather for such an event?"

"Today, that's quite simple: via Internet ->"

"The owner of the property up there called us by phone. He was worried, because you are all naked. Of course, we have to to drive here and assure ourselves what's going on."

"Sure, no problem."

"So, have a nice holiday!"

"Thank you very much!"

Great, I thought, just a pity that my companion did not understand a word…

Now, to close the gap on the group, the forest path down to the group was not entirely safe for me as a barefoot walker. But my need to talk, to inform the other hikers of the "Have a nice holiday!" by the police, was unstoppable.

However, this was easier than expected: A "cold shower" by means of a small waterfall, just as if been ordered in advance. Some of us jumped around like happy little children.

Much earlier than ascheduled but fairly satisfied, we finished our first day of hiking in our community centre with a fantastic dinner prepared by a couple NEWT participants, who were burning to cook. That beatiful, a nude holiday can be!


Field report and photos: Roberto


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