Shopping in the nude at the baker’s …

… most of us do not regard being in the buff when you buy your buns as obvious, especially if all other customers still wear winter coats. But this young man in France implements this practice – since the baker’s slogan for his products is »Toutes les Richesses de la nature« (All the treasures of nature). A motto we naturists follow!


Why this website?

We dedicate the natury website to the topic of naturism. We show, that nudity was not only a natural state as a matter of course in the history of man, but still is often today.

We show, that nudity is not limited to naturist beaches and fenced naturist sites, but can be practised outdoors: Hiking, biking, jogging, and many other healthy activities.

We invite you to join in – even clothed to try it out – because in the community of nude people, it is easier to disengage yourself from the constraint to be clothed. For this purpose, there are numerous opportunities for activities in the nude (Nude events ==> Nudevents) throughout the year, you may choose from:
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Within Naturism, we describe the history of nudity and of clothing, but also, how the modern naturism developed: It began in naturist associations, but then was more and more practised "in the wild". We learn, that the terms "nude" / "in the "nude" and "naked" may have very different meanings.

Nude life presents the practice: We describe a lot of types of activities in the nude and depict experience thereby. Here, we also take a look at the legal situation and realise: Being in the nude is not forbidden – except in some places, for which people have adopted special rules.

The Reports section provides numerous reports with videos and photos about activities in the nude.



Selected nudevents (spanning over several days or recurrent)

From Sat 25 August to Sun 2 September 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
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From Sat 4 to Sun 12 August 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Saxon Switzerland Info and registration
 – Report(s) as to nudevents in this region

From Sat 28 July to Sat 4 August 2018: NEWT, Austria Info and registration
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From Sat 14 to Thu 26 July 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Thuringia Info and registration
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From Sat 28 April to Tue 1 May 2018: Naturist days, Germany, Westphalia Info and registration
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On Sundays: Nude football, Germany, Berlin Info and registration

On Saturdays: Nude badminton, Germany, Berlin Info and registration

On Fridays: Nude yoga, Germany, Berlin Info and registration

Natury went international and polyglot … [28 January 2018]

… first in Dutch: … then in English:

For those, who prefer to read in Dutch or English, an increasing part of the natury website is now available in their language.

We hope, that this will encourage even more of our friends, to participate in our nudevents.

Also, we hope, that you, dear reader, will begin or intensify initiating nudevents on your own and inform others about your nudevents.

We invite you, to report interesting experiences regarding nude life, which you would like to share with other readers, by sending your report with photos attached and perhaps a link to a video in Internet

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Tell us

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As to nudity and law, you are invited, to further improve our regarding articles and to add information on nudity and law in further countries:


Yet, there is a lot of so far untranslated information. Therefore, it will take time, to have the natury website available in several languages, since all those, who provide voluntarily their contribution to this website, do that on top of their duties and obligations from life.

Would you like to contribute to our comprehensive translation work from German into Dutch? Then just write an e-mail to .

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Field report about a nude hike and an encounter with Austrian police during NEWT 2016 [20 January 2018]

Nude mountain hike in the Pongau (Salzburg Land, Austria) on Sunday, 10 July 2016

Roberto gives an account of a day of nude hiking in the Alps and a relaxed encounter with Austrian police.

22 international participants of the NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) drove by car from their shared accommodation, an old farmhouse, to the starting point of their first joint mountain hike in 2016 to Weng-Goldegg. Neatly lined up, they parked there for a few hours their 5 cars from Italy, Germany, and France at the side of a road. And very decent, but lightly clothed according to the sunny weather, the hikers stood around in small groups and studied their hiking maps.

This first tour was supposed to be easy, yet we expected already a lot. We hiked through the village Enkerbichl, where a young woman in the garden of the house No. 14 practised fast alpine music on concertina. We continued our hike always uphill into the sun drenched Weng forest.

Finally, we were able to pack away our last clothes and continue to hike uphill with naturst verve.

Somewhere above the dense edge of the forest, most of the participants needed a longer break. So we rested on an alpine meadow, between boulders and alpine flowers, in the shade of a group of trees.

And also, we enjoyed the already fantastic view to the south – the Tauern massif was in front of us in its full splendour.

According to plan, we wanted to hike along the alpine path through upper pastures towards Schneebergkreuz (1938 m), with the intermediate peaks Gamskögerl (1746 m) and Hochegg (1817 m). But we realised soon, that we had to take care not to overdo hiking further uphill at this first day. We had to recognise, that the planned route was not possible today for our large group.

So we chose a way back, which past a country homestead at the wayside. The wooden building was locked, it seemed empty. A few friendly cattle threw a glance after us.

In the meantime, our hiking group had been significantly pulled apart: everyone enjoyed this wonderful Sunday individually.

Maybe because I was tempted to take pictures of every second Alpine flower in this varied nature, I was suddenly the last along with the British hiking friend, who was assigned take cate, that noone of uns would get lost. Quite a good idea because of large number of persons and languages, and because some of them had no experience in hiking through the Alps.

Anyway, my idleness proved to be an advantage for the moment when just two police officers came around the corner to us: "Stop, police, stop – what are you doing here?"

Well, my companion did not understand a single word of German, let alone the local Pongau dialect. So I served the two offiers my way: "He is from England and does not understand German at all. We are naturists, we hike in the nude. We are a group of about 25 people from several countries. We are here togthervfor a week to hike in the Alps, because here, where you live, it is so beautiful! And because we cannot make to hike up to the summit today, we are now on our way back to our cars."

"So these are your cars down in Goldegg?"


"And your are going to hike naked to the cars?"

"No, we don't do that, when we arrive at villages, we get dressed a little."

"Your're lucky, otherwise, we would have to take you all to the police station! Who is the leader of the group?"

"His name is Richard Foley, he is also an Englishman. Certainly, he is already hiking a kilometer further ahead."

"Where are you all accommodated?"

"We rented a big house, at Dienten near the Hochkönig.“

"Where exactly? ... Oh yes, W know it. – How do you all make it to gather for such an event?"

"Today, that's quite simple: via Internet ->"

"The owner of the property up there called us by phone. He was worried, because you are all naked. Of course, we have to to drive here and assure ourselves what's going on."

"Sure, no problem."

"So, have a nice holiday!"

"Thank you very much!"

Great, I thought, just a pity that my companion did not understand a word…

Now, to close the gap on the group, the forest path down to the group was not entirely safe for me as a barefoot walker. But my need to talk, to inform the other hikers of the "Have a nice holiday!" by the police, was unstoppable.

However, this was easier than expected: A "cold shower" by means of a small waterfall, just as if been ordered in advance. Some of us jumped around like happy little children.

Much earlier than ascheduled but fairly satisfied, we finished our first day of hiking in our community centre with a fantastic dinner prepared by a couple NEWT participants, who were burning to cook. That beatiful, a nude holiday can be!


Field report and photos: Roberto Now, the fireworks are cracking! [30 December 2017]

AlexAlthough many firecrackers could rain wet on New Year's Eve, even though the warm temperatures at the turn of the year only make you dream of bathing in ice and snow. Alex wishes a Happy New Year for all naturists on his website themed "Now, the fireworks are cracking!" with an acoustically accompanied photo sequence". By the way, this is a very environmentally sound presentation of New Year's Eve fireworks: The particulate matter pollution from half an hour of fireworks on the road is about as large as from three weeks of continuous traffic jam of diesel cars with the engine running.

Courtesy of Alex and

YouTube videos as to a week of nude hikes in the Austrian Alps during the NEWT 2017 [12 December 2017]

In the summer of 2017, the Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) took place again in the Austrian Alps.

NEWT 2017 Two videos on YouTube as to nude hiking during NEWT 2017, Part 1 (HD, 15 min) and Part 2 (HD, 15 min), may give you an idea of how exciting the nude hikes were.

Another video on YouTube (HD, 60 min) describes the course of events during the week of hikes in the nude during the NEWT 2013.

Each link will open in a modal window. Don't forget your "Like it" on YouTube!

Suggestion for the current weather situation: Nude hiking in the snow [30 November 2017]

INAJohn, representative der INA (Irish Naturist Association), INA Video Linkslately allowed us to use the INA logo on, and took the opportunity to point out the approximately 60 short videos that INA posted on YouTube. Especially recommended in view of the current weather conditions with the first snow to the lowlands is the report on a one-hour nude walk in January 2016 at 0 °C – but with no wind and a bit of sunshine. Waiting for sunshine will be worthwhile, as the heat of the sun is coming not only from above but also from below by reflection of the snow! You are welcome to send documentation of current activities to – we gladly report!

Golden October for the photo hike in the Venne Moor [19 October 2017]

Nude photo walk in the Venne Moor Nude hiking for the practice of photographic art was once again a motive for a 12 km long hike in and on the Venne Moor. The autumn-colored foliage shone intensely in the warm-coloured rays of the sun, and the summery residual tan on the bodies of the hikers mirrored a similar hue. There were few trees in bog and, therefore, little shelter from the elements, especially the sun which was able to contribute powerful heat radiation. We started at noon when the air temperatures were still slightly below 20 °C. In these conditions we easily captured the photos we wanted and, as a small reward, had coffee and cake in the late afternoon at the end of the hike. The following day had rain and cool temperatures – so we had probably used the last day of the year with summer temperatures.

Translation: John

Golden October Sunday with panoramic views of the city of Hagen [15 October 2017]

B. and Th. had invited us to the bare autumn hike to at Hagen where four men and a woman went on a 12 km long circular walk through the wooded mountain country. No small clouds obscured the clear blue sky and, so, the sun shone freely for 10 h 45 min and heated the air to 23 °C. From time to time we could see the city panorama through the trees. At the end of our hike we enjoyed coffee and cake on their terrace. Thank you very much, B. and Th., for such a wonderful day!

Translation: John

Tue 3 October: Hike through the Forest of Fairy Tales in the Burgwald, Germany [7 October 2017]

On October 3 at the initiative of Horst K. one woman and six men met for a fairy tale hike on the Panorama Trail in the Burgwald around Rauschenberg near Marburg. All enjoyed the day, and the weather appeared much better than at home.

On the way to the castle ruin, we passed through the Fairy Tale Forest, which had been planted some 20 years earlier. At the ruin, we met a few guys who had bounced up the mountain on bicycles. They had chosen this terrain as their adventure playground for the day.

In the fairy tale forest Holy Oak Meal

Several hikers on the way were all wrapped in thick clothes. They often asked us, in amazement, if it was not too cold for us. We explained that this was not the case for us. When human skin acting as a temperature sensor receives uniform information the body adapts, within reasonable limits, to the ambient temperature without freezing. And when the body is provided with contradictory information – warm under clothing and cool on unclothed skin – then body temperature regulation does not work so well.

After 16 km we followed the example of peacefully grazing sheep and ended our day at a restaurant in Rauschenberg.

Translation: John. Report: Rainer (Westphalia); Photos: Rainer (Odenwald)

Andy Golub presents a new website with a lot of videos on bodypainting [5 October 2017]

Andy Golub, linked since long time in our list of links as to art, has moved his presentation on bodypainting art to the new URL, on which a lot of videos on bodypainting invite to browse through and watch – it's recomendable to invoke the full screen mode. Aside from New York City, further cities in the USA, and – in Europe – Amsterdam, where the Bodypainting Day takes place since years, further cities all over the world, like i.e. Berlin, have joined in for the colourful presentation of natural joie de vivre. On the spot, a Berlin-based manufacturer of theater make-up has used this oppurtunity to promote this as a sponsor, another manufacturer from New York has then joined in, too. In Germany in 2017, further bodypainting events to join in took place: Bodypainting in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz mountains und a BodyArt Performance in the harbour of Münster (Westf.)

Our project 'Multilingualism' proudly presents brochure, postcards etc. in English [1 October 2017]

The translation to English has made an amazing progress. Kudos to Bernard from England and John from Ireland for their voluntarily offered translation work. From now on, the printable brochure, postcards etc. are also available in English.

Brochure in the nudeBrochure in the nude One of six postcards (forefront) One of six postcards (forefront)


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